My little family!

My little family!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Layla Jules turns SIX!


Weight: Roughly 45 pounds.

Height: I'd guess 45-47 inches. 

Eating: Skinny Minnie eats the same 7 foods!

Clothes: 6/6X

Shoe Size: 13


In just 6 shorts years, you have taught me the meaning of love and patience and kindness and empathy. 

You've challenged me to look at the world through your eyes and I've discovered things I never knew. 

This morning, you asked me if the dinosaurs live under our grass. 

And for that... and for all the reasons in the world, I love you my girl. Here are 6 (plus 1 for good luck!) updates about you. 

1. You are stunning. The contrast of your light brown hair with your fair skin and bright blue eyes is so lovely. Sometimes I catch myself staring at you and wonder how we created something so, so beautiful. In November of last year, you donated 9 inches of your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. It was such a generous moment -- and you look amazing with your shorter hair! I sometimes miss your long locks but I think you'll grow it out and chop it off again ;) You have not lost a single tooth yet (despite your whole class sporting toothless smiles) - you keep thinking the bottom one is loose but it's not. You are TALL - I have to take a double take when I hold your hand because you are quickly approaching my height. You still LOVE to be held and at school, when I pick you up, you giggle and tell me you're too big to be picked up. BUT -- I'll keep trying until I fall over! 

2. You are BRILLIANT!! What an amazing year you just had... we are wrapping up Kindergarten (graduation on Tuesday!) and I can't believe the strides you made this year. You can now READ (and well!), write (amazing!), color & draw, add, subtract, count money, tell time.. the list goes on!! You shared your class with 11 other girls (just randomly no boys) and it made for a really sweet year. We had some girl drama but we worked our way through it. You LOVE your friends fiercely and without hesitation. You HATED getting in trouble (the few times you were talked to by the teacher) and promptly told me what happened. I hope you always trust that I will listen to you and support you and guide you - even when it's ugly. 

3. You are not a food lover. In school, your teachers created fruit Monday and veggie Wednesday. Every week, we'd bring in a different fruit/veggie to try. Nothing stuck but you did try them all -- so we're making (small) strides!) Everyday for breakfast, you have M&M yogurt or a bagel with butter. While you could live without sweets, your favorites are nutella, chocolate ice cream and brownie bites. You still love pork roll, chicken nuggets, matzah ball soup, refried beans, cheese, strawberries, apples, grapes and bananas. And chips. And french fries! 

4. Your favorite things include: movies (ANY and ALL -- but most recently, you love Horrid Henry, Moana, Storks), TV (ANY and ALL -- but most recently Alvin & the Chipmunks, Loud House), singing (LOUDLY), coloring, reading (chapter books!), Disney World, the zoo, the aquarium, shopkins, emojis, playing with your toys, make-up, running outside, swimming, cuddles with mama, dancing with Dada, wrestling with Benny, playing with your cousins, traveling!

5. On April 6, you got one of your biggest wish. We adopted sweet LONDON!! You've been a great help with feeding him and letting him outside. You love sleeping with the cats. You love your family. You LOVE your friends. You love  your alone time. You love telling me why Benny is crying "Don't worry Mama..he's just tired!" You are SO big and still SO little. I love this age. 

6. You beg me to let you on the show The Voice, you beg me to have another baby, you beg me for another puppy, you beg me for your own cell phone, you beg me to go to overnight camp. You just finished your first year of QuickBall (baseball) and you liked it. You keep asking to do gymnastics or dance again. Today, you are Shabbat Girl. Tomorrow we are going to New York City to see The Lion King on Broadway (your 4th show -- Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella and Aladdin were your others), Sunday is your birthday party (32 kids at Chuck E Cheese plus swimming with your cousins afterwards, Monday you tour your NEW school for the first time and Tuesday you graduate Kindergarten. This is an emotional week for mama but so exciting for you. And next week you start your first REAL summer camp - you're going to love it so much!!

My sweet turkey -- there are no words to describe my love for you. It is endless and ever growing. It is intense and it is real. 

I hope this is your best year yet - I can't wait to see you grow and shine in your new camp & school. I can't wait to see all you will learn and all you will do. 

We love you so much -- I want to freeze time but I want you to keep growing into the extraordinary little lady you are.

All of my love,


(Here are a million pictures of this past year - out of order)

Because this is how I'll always remember you.....

Graduating Pre-K last year!!

ALWAYS collecting rocks....

Last summer..... can't wait to do this again!!

Voting for HRC... maybe you'll be the first woman president <3

You were MOSES!

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