My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Last week, we had the most amazing time traveling.....

First, we flew to Fort Lauderdale to drop off the kiddos with the in-laws.

The next day, Josh & I were back in the airport - this time heading to Cancun, Mexico for 6 days of fun in the (rain!) and sun!

After flying into Cancun, we drove about 1 hour and 20 minutes south to Riviera Maya where we stayed at the Barcelo Maya Beach. We went with my Kim, Michael, Matt & Danielle. We spent the entire time reading, eating, talking, getting massages, swimming with dolphins (!!), playing mini-golf, drinking and relaxing. It was SO SO SO good. 

We got some tough news last week (2 days before leaving) that Josh lost his job. It was a COMPLETE SHOCK (seeing as how he is the main provider and carries our insurance). Luckily, he's brilliant and motivated and has been on countless interviews since - but this trip proved to be the relaxing we needed before it was full speed ahead in interview world. I'm hopeful and confident he'll have a job he loves soon (because let's be honest - he didn't love this past job) - and in the meantime, we're enjoying all the time he's spending at home!

The best part of the trip (and the whole reason we went) -- the band PHISH played 3 nights on the beach. We literally walked out of our room and down to the concert. There's something pretty crazy about listening to a live band under the moon and stars with the ocean 20 feet to your left. I'm not the world's biggest Phish fan so I left the first and second night a little early...but the third night? That was my favorite. The mood of the crowd (5000+ hippies) was electric. And so.. in the middle of a good song - I ran into the ocean. In my dress. And I loved it SO SO much. I did it again during the final song along with Matt & Danielle and I'll really never forget it. 

SO much fun... and already booking our next trip together. We spend all of our money on traveling and I love it. 

Some pictures below :)

Professional traveler!!!

Airplane play-doh for the win.

We had to squeeze in time to see GG!!

92 and fabulous!

Right before we left, he asked me to take this picture. This far away. And I love him. This is in front of Josh's parent's house :)

We made it to Mexico!!!

Facetiming with our buddy on his 4th birthday!!! Felt super guilty we were away from him all day.

On the bus heading to Riviera Maya!

My pretty sister.

The food at the resort was good (not great) - but this starfruit was too cute not to photograph.

The resort had an amazing mini-golf course! Michael :)

My babes.


I loved reading in this hammock.. I read "Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll - super fun. 

My brother & I on the beach - the weather rained off and on the whole time. 

Me, Josh, Matt & Danielle!


This gives a small glimpse into the Phish crowd. 

<3 Box was Josh's nickname in college.



My babe & I

Zoom in close - it appears I have a mustache and beard, hahahaha

the cutest bubs

Phish Phun


All 6 of us!

donut wall - everyday at the buffet. 

Loved this guy - he gave us a spanish lesson. 

We really missed Adam, my other brother. 


This was right after we swam with dolphins - checked off my bucket list!







The trees at the show.

Ready to head back to Fort Lauderdale before coming back home... I love this man. 

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