My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Benny turns 4!!!

The day you came home from the hospital 4 years ago...

Me & you kid. The perfect duo.

The moment I laid eyes on you. 

10 pounds, 1 ounce of perfection. 

(Buddy - I started this back in January but I realize I'm 10 days late in posting... I love you so much I wanted to make this perfect!)

It seems like a breath ago. 
I had a feeling you were going to be our biggest, happiest surprise. 
It was a Wednesday - Layla was in her high chair, a little 10 month old babe. 
And I took a pregnancy test - within seconds it was positive. 
We screamed. We cried. We danced and sang and screamed your name. 
You are the very best shock of our life. 

Weight: Roughly 43-44 pounds.
Height: Roughly 43-44 inches. (Same weight & height, haha!)
Eating: You Love ALL the food. My amazing eater!
Clothes: 5T
Shoe Size: 12

We recently celebrated the new year. You thrive on schedule and routine so I was very nervous about the goal to keep you up until midnight. But you? You were a CHAMP. Happy and dancing and free and silly. You ran around Uncle Matt & Aunt DD's house with all of your cousins and celebrated the New Year of 2017 with such happiness and love. When midnight came, me you & your Dada hugged and danced. It's a moment I'll never forget. You also discovered your love of Phish which is the very best gift you can give your Dada.

How in the world are you 4 YEARS OLD?! Weren't you just learning to crawl? Nursing? Roly and chubby and sleepy in my arms? 

A list of everything I love about you would wrap around the world one million times.
A list of everything funny you say would never end.
A list of the ways I would stop time just to freeze you in this very moment would go on forever.

Below is an update on where we are.

1. On Thursday, January 5 2017 - we started off your birthday celebration by singing Happy Birthday at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pops! On Friday, January 6, 2017 you were Shabbat Boy at school -- we brought in yummy cupcakes and you rocked it. You stood on the stage (with Layla) so proud and happy and full of joy. You picked "the soupy song" to sing and loved when the room sang happy birthday to you. On Sunday, January 8 2017 - we celebrated your birthday party!! We have been talking about it for months so it was so exciting it was finally here. It was at Bounce U - a Star Wars Lego theme. You & Layla wore awesome new shirts (thanks Target!) and we were ready to go. With your hair spiked and your confidence booming, you proudly welcomed all of your friends and family. I think there were 38 kids there ready to celebrate YOU! We bounced and jumped and ran and played. You didn't know who to play with -- mostly you spent your party with your friend Jack from school. So fun! Aunt Kim surprised you with a huge balloon drop - we counted from 10-1 and they dropped 200 balloons from the ceiling. A very cool and fun addition! We ate pizza and chips and ate yummy cake. After the party, we opened all your awesome gifts -- mostly filled with anything Batman and anything lego. You napped after opening your gifts and insisted on sleeping with a few gifts. haha! On your actual birthday, we were in Mexico. I felt SO guilty but you had the best day. Grandma & Grandpa (and the little girls across the street, Maddie & Olivia) took you to Lion Country Safari!! You saw a million animals, fed giraffes and goats, rode a small train. It was all great!! That night they had ice cream cake and presents to open - we got you a glow-in-the-dark car set which you love!! Overall, if I couldn't be with you on your birthday - being in Sunny South Florida was the perfect place!!

2. We are mid-way through your 3rd year of school. You're having a great year, though you've ran into a big of trouble with listening. We're working on it - I imagine that being in the big class with 18 other kids teaches you all new funny things to say and talk about. You love your friends and teachers. Last year, you really gravitated towards playing with the girls -- but this year you seem to be all about the boys. You still love the girls -- but it's clear Brody is your best friend. It's so cute and sweet. Your very good at puzzles and learning songs. You will be switching schools next year - it makes me SO sad to think about leaving behind CSS and everything that comes with it. We are really soaking up all the time we have left!

3. You are FUNNY. Like, really, really funny. You have a complete knack for timing and know how to make an entire room laugh. You love making up voices, songs, dances - anything to make people giggle. It's a beautiful trait and makes everyone around you happy. 

4. Sometimes you are super duper outgoing and other times you are a bit shy. You love, love, love your friends from school (specifically Brody, Austin, Casey, Jack, Hayden, Leighton, Nila and Rian) -- last year you spent a lot of time with the girls (because there were only 2 boys in the class) but this year you're all about the boys! You really love playing with Brody -- the two of you are crazy together and I imagine your friendship growing in the upcoming years. You love playing with your cousins, especially Max. Sometimes you tell me "I'm going to marry Taxi!" which is the cutest thing ever. When I drop you off at school, you hide behind me and insist on me picking you up for hugs and kisses. I wish you'd run into your room excited but I'll admit I loveee the extra lovin' in the morning ;) If your sister is with you, you have tons of confidence and love meeting new kids. You like playing at the gym while I work out and you love seeing our neighbors outside. 

5. If given the chance of playing with toys or watching a movie, most times you'll choose the toys. If you decide to sit and cuddle to watch a movie, you'll almost always want to watch Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast or Lego Batman. In the car, you & your sister take turns picking a movie to watch and you'll usually get hooked on one movie and request it over & over. Lately, it's been Justice League. BUT - your favorite is playing with your "guys." You love them all - Batman, Joker, Spiderman, Peter Pan - you line them up, make them fight, make them jump. You love the Batman castles and pirate ship. You love the matchbox cars we got from someone in the community (for free!). And you love playing games - we play Shopkins Go Shopping, Old Maid, Perfection, Operation and Shopkins Dominos. 

6. You are learning - slowly. Each week at school, you learn a letter and you're starting to catch on as to what words start with which letters. I am going to work on spelling with you - you are great at counting. You love school -- I'm a little worried about how you will react to your new camp/school that you'll be starting in June. It's 2 minutes from the house (as opposed to CSS which is 45 minutes!) - you'll do great and I know Pre-K will be a big time for learning!

7. One of my FAVORITE things you do is dance -- we'll put music on and OFF YOU GO! Handstands, spinning, jumping, wiggling - it's all so good. One you are confident, you look over one shoulder and walk off with your shoulders held high. It's my favorite thing in the world and you always do it after a good dance session. You love dance parties so so much and we love to watch you. 

8. You LOVE TO EAT. I mean, really love to eat. Your favorite foods include Chinese (wonton soup, pork fried rice, spare ribs, white rice, pork lo mein), hamburgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, burritos (with ground beef, beans, rice, onions, black olives) - the list goes on. When you're hungry, you are HUNGRY. I try not to let this happen because you get mean. (ha!)

9. You love to be creative - using play-doh, coloring, painting. If you're in the mood, you'll sit and concentrate on your artwork and won't get up until it's done. You also have a random language you talk in - it's a mixture of Hebrew and Minion and I love it. 

10. If I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you'll tell me a baby doctor or a chicken.

My sweet, sweet Benjamin Sawyer....

You are the best kid of boy. Crazy, loving, cuddly, huge, endearing, hilarious, compassionate, fierce.

You have been ALL 4 lately (we are working on attitude and tantrums) but most times, you can be soothed by a bribery of a trip to Walgreens for candy or a breakfast date to the diner ;)

We love you forever buddy. On Tuesday January 31, you are having your ear tubes removed and your new tubes put in (thanks to some fun lately with ear infections and bloody ears). I hope this helps a bunch. We love you so so so much - always. 


(Here are some pictures from the past literally no order)

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