My little family!

My little family!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Peace out 2016.....


My top resolutions...

1 - ORGANIZE. My house. My closets. My brain.

2 - LOSE. 21 pounds.

3 - GIVE. My time. My money. My energy. To those that need it.

4 - CAPTURE. Pictures. Videos. And then organize those into books and frame them and hang them.

5 - DECORATE. The walls. The floors. ALL of it.

.... I want to read. I want to cook. I want to enjoy. REALLY ENJOY. My kiddos and my hubby.

I want it all.

Cheers to 2017.. may this year be filled with love, light, happiness & health for all.


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Layla turns 5.5

My Darling....

How can it be that you're now 5 and a HALF? Weren't we just planning your big 5th barbie party and now we're ready to (gasp!) plan your SIXTH party??? 

How you look... Oh my sweet... you're a weed, growing taller by the day. You are so beautiful, so full of light, you shine wherever you go. This past weekend, you donated your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths - over 8 inches GONE. When I say you look 5 years older, I'm not exaggerating. You look like a full-blown teenager. And you're so lovely -- you are still tall and thin with big blue eyes that glow. 

Your Schedule....You're a complete rock star. On weekdays, you go to bed between 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM. You love relaxing in our bed watching Alvin & the Chipmunks or random YouTube videos before bed. You sleep until around 7:00 AM every morning, sometimes later. You don't nap anymore but you value your alone "rest time" on the weekends. You'll spend up to two hours, in your room with the cats watching a movie on the iPad and just relaxing. You love keeping busy and knowing what's on the schedule next. 

Your Likes....Now that you are a BIG Kindergarten girl, your likes have changed slightly. You love playing with Benny. You love playing Mom & Sister with anyone (especially your besties at school). You love movies at home and at the theatre. You love NYC. You love traveling to Florida. You love FaceTiming with your grandparents in Florida. You love Thursday nights at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house. You love making brownies with me. You love playing video games with Dada. You love MATH (seriously!) and you LOVE reading - you're getting really amazing at reading short books on your own. You love singing and dancing (and often tell me you're "a really good singer, better then a lot of people.") You love playing with ALL of your cousins, especially Marley. You love artwork, play doh, Disney World, the zoo, Please Touch Museum, the aquarium and walks in our neighborhood. 

Your Dislikes: You hate the top sheet. You hate trying new foods. You hate getting your nails cut (but will do it if it means they will be painted afterwards). You hate dogs that jump, lick or bark (but beg for a dog EVERY SINGLE DAY). You like homework but sometimes struggle with the desire to do it. You hate when people are mean to you. You hate bullies. You hate wedgies. 

Your Food: STILL the picky eater. Favorites include: Pork Roll (all day, everyday if I let you), Matzah Ball Soup from Ben & Irvs, Refried Beans from Las Margaritas, Kashi Cinnamon Crunch cereal, M&M Yogurt, Bananas, Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, strawberries, apples & grapes. AND NUTELLA. ALL THE NUTELLA.

Your Thoughts: Lately, your brain is EXPLODING... you are literally always thinking, guessing, questioning, wondering. Constantly talking and wondering how things work, why things are the way they are, who everyone is, why this happens and that happens. You're brilliant and kind and witty and silly and funny. You are the staple to this family, the glue. You make sure if Benny is in trouble to always defend him. If I'm yelling, you'll call me out and say that I don't need to yell. If you're upset, you'll say "I'm just feeling sad right now but I'll be happy soon." You are emotional and dramatic and amazingly smart. 

Miss Layla. If I could scream it from the sky, I would. You are SO good, so kind, so loving. All your friends adore you and it's no wonder why. You love your friends at school, your new friends you meet everywhere we go, your cousins, your neighbors...anyone and everyone is welcome in your heart. I wish I wrote down all the amazing things you said daily but I will never forget them. At night, you beg for one more hug and kiss. And I'll always give it. Always.

Love you to the moon,

(Here are a few pictures from the past 6 months...)

Because it my head, this is how you'll always look <3

We make brownies at least once a week!

You are the cutest - and you are rocking Kindergarten!!

First and last day of school (Pre-K)

Avery is one of your besties... I'm so sad you'll be separating for new schools next year. But you'll be going to camp together - and chick fil a Mondays!


You love all of your cousins so much - here is you & Sami <3


Dress up day at camp!

Meditating and music!

We had the best time at Disney World!!

You love your Dada so much.

Your first shot at "modeling" for a local hair salon!

We love the playground!


Shabbat girl!

You loved gymnastics - you'll start again in the winter!

Trips to Grandma & Grandpa's house in Florida!


Kinder picture (And benny's 3 year old pic!)

Helping me vote... maybe one day you'll be president!

We love pool days!

Zoo fun with Grandma!

My whole heart. 

You donated your hair!!!!