My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Benjamin Sawyer turns 3.5!

Height - Roughly 41 inches.
Weight - 41 pounds
Hair - Blondish - and it desperate need of a cut ;)
Eyes -Gorgeous brown and shiny
Body - Tall, solid, STRONG!

My Best Little Man -- 

Here we are. Another 6 months, come & gone. While it hasn't been the easiest ride - we are really loving seeing your personality develop and take on new dimension. You are HIGH spirited (as in - you tantrum often) but we are constantly seeing the light at the end of the 3 year old tunnel. You no longer take an hour to get dressed in the morning which is HUGE progress. You'll wear other clothes besides superhero - very exciting! Your language is exploding which is hopefully allowing you to communicate your thoughts and emotions rather then throw yourself on the floor in a fit of rage. Last night, while watching you have an epic meltdown over the choice of water ice flavors, I told Uncle Matt I wish I could see in your brain. Your working purely on emotion rather then logic or thought and it's teaching me to be more patient, more even-tempered and more understanding. You are teaching me buddy - so for that, I thank you. 

While we have our rough moments, the good FAR outweighs the bad. You are such an important part of our little family. You are kind and silly and hilarious. You KNOW you're a comedian and eat up when people laugh at you. You are strong-willed. You are smart. You are athletic (you can hit a baseball HARD and FAR when it's pitched to you!). You love your friends, your cousins, your cats and your sister. You are passionate when talking about anything from food to Captain Hook. 

Your best friend is Layla -- you are her protector and confidant. You also LOVE to wrestle Max, Andrew & Justin. You really love to wrestle anyone that's willing to be there. You love all your friends at school but it's clear you love playing with the girls!! I love hearing that you played with a baby doll one minute and a pirate ship the next. You are friendly and love to share. You are sweet to everyone around you! A true gem in a person. You also love playing with Ava, Abbey, Marley, Remi & Sami! Your cousins are your favorite friends. You love spending time with your uncles, aunts, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Grandma & Grandpa. Too cute. Your favorite friends from camp/school are Brody, Rian, Leighton, Hayden, Nila. SO fun!

We have a surprise trip to Disney coming up for you & your sister... we can't wait!! We are going with your cousins, Aunt Kim & Uncle Michael. Your favorite characters are Uncle Scar (Lion King), Zurg (Toy Story), Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland), Captain Hook (Peter Pan) and King Louie (Jungle Book). I hope we get to see some of them in Disney!! You also LOVE your superhero and continue to play with all of them - especially your little Lego guys (Batman, Joker, Bane, etc). 

You love spending time at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house every Thursday and usually one or two other nights. You immediately ask for chocolate or cookies as soon as you get in the door (uhhh) and you love playing with all of the toys there. We try to visit with Mom-Mom Millie often -- you love seeing the fishtank in her building. You REALLY love when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit - next week Grandma is coming for 10 days - wahoo!!! And when we go to Florida next month, we'll spend lots of time with GG (your great-grandmother!)

We are in the middle of camp and you really love it! You ask every morning to stay home but then we get to camp and you have the best time. You love going in the water! They have a bigger pool at camp then you're not allowed in until your potty trained. I'm HOPING that's the push you need - you are quite stubborn with this whole potty training business (opposite of your sister!) -- I'm trying not to push and I know in time you'll be ready. You'll be starting your 3rd year of school in September -- very exciting!! You'll be in the big room with 17-18 other kids. Lots of fun and lots of learning!! We continue to drive the 40 minutes to get to school because we love it there so much. 

You are the BEST EATER EVER. Seriously, I'm in awe of how much you can eat -- it's quite crazy!! Last night you ate more Chinese Food then everyone else combined. You are constantly eating...and if you're not eating, you're asking for a snack or when your next meal is. Your favorite foods include burritos from Moes, pizza, ribs (the ones your dada makes), italian hoagies, chinese food (wonton food and pork fried rice and spare ribs)...really you'll eat anything and everything you can. Keep growing big boy. Your sister continues to be the pickiest eater and you're constantly trying to get her to eat new foods -- hahaha. 

You love movies, books, playing bad guy, wearing costumes, watching Egg Surprise on the iPad, swimming every single day in the pool (you're SO SO SO good now!!!), going for walks, riding bikes and cuddles. Oh my sweet boy..can you cuddle beautifully. 

Some of the things I love that you say....
"No ANYBODY! No ANYWHERE!" (meaning nobody, nowhere)
"I love to Flew!" (I love to Fly)
"Catatiller" (Caterpillar) 
"Look Mama, I peed on the rock!" 

I love you my sweet, sweet boy. You are the cutest, sweetest, craziest boy and I love watching you grow. And boy oh boy, are you GROWING fast. 
Love forever,

(Here is a bunch of out-of-order pictures from the past 6 months)

With your sister & your first favorite friend, Baby Layla (and Baby Eva)

My handsome boy!!

swimming with Uncle Matt!

Swimming with Dada!

Beach bum

Always a smooch for Mama

Your first Phillies Game with Dada!

Trying out this whole underwear thing :)


Fun at the zoo with the polar bear!


Fun at school :)


OH i love you. 

Your face 25% of the time. HA!

You always bring me the best gifts.

You're SO good at riding your bike!

Me and you forever and ever.



Baby face.

Look at how you grew!!!

fun with Dada!

4th of July!

I love you.

Haircut goodness!!

Fun with Brody at schooL!

Cuddles with Mama


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