My little family!

My little family!

Monday, June 6, 2016


                                                                    Weight: 40 Pounds 
Height: Just about 43 inches. 
Eating: Picky McPickster ;)  
Clothes: 4T/5T
Shoe Size: 11

"Mama... you don't want me to get bigger, do you? Well I AM -- I'm getting bigger! I'm getting to be FIVE! HA HA HA!" - Layla Jules

Last week, I had a phone conference with your amazing Pre-K teacher. Do you know what she told me? She said there is NOTHING bad she could say about you. She said your heart is so kind, you are sweet and share and you're a great friend and you're not afraid to try new things or say the wrong answer. She said you're determined and lovely and a dream... I'm SO proud of you, my girl.


A mere five years ago, you made me a mama. 

You taught me patience and kindness and to slow down. 

Here are 6 (5 +1 for good luck!) things that I want to remember about you....

1. You are so beautiful. Your super fair skin and striking blue eyes and long legs and teeny waist and long light hair. You have lost any look of "baby" and you're a gorgeous little lady. While I love your sweet face, you are most beautiful in your heart. You are kind and lovely and sweet. You make everyone around you feel happy and comfortable. You make friends everywhere we go and you're never afraid to introduce yourself to new friends. While you do love your best friends, you're also always to play by yourself. You defend your friends and stand by them always. You love your 8 cousins and wish you could be with them every day. By far, your favorite friend is your Benny. The two of you are inseparable and I love watching your friendship grow & grow. You often ask if you can marry Benny because he's your best friend. <3

2. You are SO smart. You did beautiful this year in Pre-K. You have come a long way -- you can read a few words, your writing is clear and sweet. You love to learn and read and write. Your teacher told me you really love school which is so wonderful. I hope your love of learning continues as you'll be starting KINDERGARTEN this fall. I can't believe it!! I'm so relieved you'll be with all of your adorable friends for one more year at school before you start our neighborhood elementary school. 

3. You continue to be the pickiest eater alive. I keep trying ways to introduce foods but alas I have not been successful. You don't need to eat breakfast most days (though usually I can get you to eat some yogurt or strawberries). You don't care much for dessert (except for Hershey's chocolate bars & nutella). You basically live off of pork roll, M&M yogurt, string cheese, fruit (bananas, strawberries, apples, grapes), refried beans & matzah ball soup. You don't like any typical "kids foods" but hopefully you'll start to try new things. 

4. Your favorite things include: Disney World, The Zoo, The Aquarium, Barbie, singing & dancing, wrestling Benny, Hide & Seek, Duck Duck Goose, princesses, My Little Pony, watching random videos on the IPad, painting your nails, watching ALL movies (literally, you'll watch anything.. it's so fun), reading books and art projects. You also love to travel -- South Florida is your favorite!!

5. You love hard. You love your family, your grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. You love your friends, your cats, your fish. You are just so full of life & love. 

6. You call bathing suits "baby soups", you like asking where babies come from (and always ask for a new baby sister and a new dog), you've become a really good swimmer, you recently (yesterday) discovered you love ice skating, you finished your first year of dance school and ROCKED the recital, you love making brownies and you're already planning your 6th birthday.

We love you forever. Continue to grow, shine and be YOU. I wish I could freeze time but I feel so lucky to watch you develop into this beautiful person.

With love always,

(Here are a million pictures of this past year - out of order)