My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy May, sweet friends!!!

Another month has come & gone...and here we are, May 10th!!

It's been a week since we returned from a fabulous trip away to Florida & Mexico. 

On April 23rd, we flew to Ft Lauderdale. The kids have easily flown over 30 times so far so they've become rock star travelers. We were delayed a bunch but they did awesome in the airport. We switched things around a bit and decided to split up. Normally, I have both kids with me in the row (Layla in the window, Benny in the middle, me on the aisle, Josh on the other aisle across from us). This time around, we decided to put Benny & I in one row (him on the window) and Layla & Josh in front of us. It was SO much better... each kid had a window, Benny slept from the second we took off until we landed. Layla had Josh's undivided attention. All in all, perfect flight. 

We landed and the kids immediately began re-discovering all of their "Florida" toys. My in-laws are incredible - they now have more toys down there then at home!! They both also have their own rooms so it's less travel-like and more home-like. It's just comfortable and lovely. I quick escaped so make my way to Laura's house (my college BFF who happens to live 5 min from Josh's parents) and got to meet her sweet new baby boy, Lucas. He's SO SO SO cute and I'm so happy I got to snuggle him. That night we celebrated Passover (the night before we celebrated Passover at my parent's house!). It was great.

That night was a doozy... Benny transitioned to a big boy bed at home a few months back but this was the first time in Florida he was in a bed (instead of his crib). We got him brand new Batman bedding and tried to explain to him how exciting it would be to have his own Florida big boy bed. He went to bed great but woke up at 3:30 AM a little disoriented. Around 4:30 AM, he was still awake and crying.. I went back in his room and I think he was having a night terror? He was screaming, confused and terrified of the popcorn ceiling in his room. He never went back to sleep - it was BAD. I felt so sad for him. Josh & I started off our 6th anniversary arguing over what to do with Benny :( We even debated going to Mexico but my incredible Mother In Law ensured us she's figure it out and.. she was right. He slept perfect the rest of the week despite some intense fear of the popcorn ceiling (he kept saying it looked like bugs- I convinced him they were Florida Stars which seemed to work). 

That day, Josh & I left for Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We booked this trip on a whim after realizing it was cheaper to go to Mexico for 5 days then stay in Miami for 2 days. Go figure! We picked the Platinum Yucatan Princess hotel. It was very pretty, clean and modern. We had a swim-out room and overall enjoyed a great, relaxing 5 days. I have to say the food & drinks were pretty bad and I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone BUT... we had a great time! I don't think Josh & I have ever been SO lazy on a vacation... our days literally consisted of sleeping, napping, eating, swimming and reading. (Side note, I read a really fun book! Elin Hilderbrand - The Matchmaker). It was the perfect way to celebrate 6 years with the love of my life . 

My dearest Josh, I love you with everything in my body. You are the light of my life and there is NO ONE I'd rather take this crazy ride with. Thank you, thank you, thank you for working so hard for this family. I adore you. 

After our trip away, we spent an additional 6 days in Florida... tons of time outside (Benny finally learned to ride his BIKE! with training wheels but SO proud of him), lots of walks and basketball and food and friends. We got to see my dear friends Amy & Jilly and their gorgeous kiddos, we got to spend time with our college loves and their gorgeous kiddos, we got to see family and friends and just relax. It was so nice and relaxing... 

AND now we are back in the swing of things. I've caught up on laundry, I've cleaned, I've started a new round of 21 Day Fix, I've starting meal planning, I've started mediating, I've started applying to jobs, I've decided that I am going to ROCK this summer and enjoy this little life we have. 

We opened our pool, we are ready for summer and we are ready to celebrate Layla turning FIVE.

A quick update, I'll be back sooner rather then later!!

Benny & Layla ready for their Passover show at school!

I was reunited with my friend Maya... we met in Israel in 2007 while she was a soldier and haven't seen each other in 8 years. It was SO nice to see her. 

All the kiddos!! (my two plus my 8 nieces and nephews)

Waiting for our airplane...

And he's OUT!

Fun with Grandpa <3

We made it to Mexico!!

Our balcony :)

Our very pretty room.

My babe

Josh forgot nice shoes... which are required in the restaurants. So we had to buy him new ones. nice are those?? I love them.



Beautiful resort

Our only time on the beach.. the sand was quite rocky and full of seaweed :(

My happy place.



While we were in Mexico, the kids were living the good life with their grandparents in Florida!

SO grateful for FaceTime

The reason I'm up 5 pounds ;)

Lots of swimming!!

6 years :)

my babes & I

Benny Layla & Kole

Amy, Jill & I

Layla & Kole... they may marry one day ;)

Giggles with Dada

Benny & his buddy Owen

Layla did SO awesome in the pool!

My best girl and I

The silly boys

Benny on Josh's old rocking chair :)

Josh took this while we had family pictures taken by the amazing Isla Charm Photography - Deerfield Beach - my baby boy & I

I love him!

Ice cream with grandma and grandpa

Two is better then one :)

Heading back home....

We opened the pool!

Mother's Day fun!