My little family!

My little family!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 9 - snow day! :)

Happy April 9th, y'all!!

OH, did I mention it's SNOWING outside?? Because it is. Like insanely so. We had a nice few weeks of summerish temps and suddenly Mother Nature got angry and made it cold & windy for the past 14 days or so. To top it off, she blessed us with a random Spring snowy day. So? We're embracing it. We're all currently cuddled on the sofa - Layla watching Curious George, Benny watching random people at Disney World on the iPad and Josh shopping on Amazon. 

It's been an awesome, busy few weeks around these parts. I quit my job with Delegate Solutions (after a nice 15 months!) and have officially started working with my sister FULL time on her brand new adventure. She has started a new company called AMR Nurse Consultants, Inc. -- after learning the ropes of Life Care Planning, she realized she could do it on her own. And I'm proud to be her wing man! We've officially been in business 3 weeks and we are proud to say business is BOOMING! I mean, we're moving & grooving along I'm so proud of her and I have no doubt she'll be highly successful!! We are currently working out of my kitchen so it's been a blast. I love it!!

We are currently in the midst of my least favorite age - the 3's. I love how curious and funny and silly and sweet Benny can be but we are also experiencing tantrums, screaming, crying, hitting and spitting. It's hard and messy and dirty but I know that he doesn't mean it all and he's learning how to deal with his emotions. SO - I wanted to make a few lists of things I don't want to forget...(along with some of the things I wouldn't mind forgetting - such as Benny screaming LEAVE ME ALONE!)

1. If you ask Benny who his favorite characters are today - they are (in no particular order). 
  • Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
  • Zurg (Toy Story)
  • Uncle Scar (Lion King)
  • Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Anger (Inside Out)
2. If you ask Layla what she is most excited about, she would say (in no particular order). 
  • Her 5th birthday Barbie Luau
  • Getting a dog (which will happen within the next 5 years)
  • Having a new baby brother/sister (which may happen within the next 5 years)
  • Opening our pool (which opens May 4th)
  • Going to Florida (which we do the end of this month)
  • Going to Disney World (which we are the end of August but she has NO idea!)
3. When I drop the babies off at the gym's Kids Club, Benny insists on a million hugs and kisses. ONE MORE HUG MAMA! ONE MORE KISS MAMA! It's sweet and beautiful and I hope he does it forever. 

4. For the longest time, Layla was terrified of losing her teeth. The weeks leading up to her 4th birthday, she would cry at night that she didn't want to turn 4 because 4 means your teeth fall out. She even threatened to cancel her own birthday party. My poor bug. WELL - the times have changed! She now sits in the backseat and tries to wiggle every single tooth in the hopes one of them becomes loose. She's SO excited for the tooth fairy and even told me HER tooth fairy brings toys, not money. HA!

5. Benny is seriously in love with a girl in his class named Rian. She's beyond adorable so it's not shocking but he talks about her ALL THE TIME. <3 True Love <3

6. Layla has started drinking milk again. She still asks for "milky in a pink cup" the way she did as a toddler. I literally love it. 

7. Benny is obsessed with fighting his cousin, Max. If you need him to do something, you can definitely bribe him with a "Taxi Fight". Max is 3 years older then Benny but very sweet when it comes to the battles. He'll pretend to fall when Benny pushes him and the way Benny's face lights up as though he won is the sweetest. 

8. Layla is obsessed with all of her cousins, specifically Marley. She now wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up because that's Marley's dream. 

9. Benny's favorite foods are burritos, hoagies, wonton soup, pork-fried rice. 

10. Layla's favorite meal is pork roll sandwiches (that is, pieces of pork roll with M&M yogurt in the middle). It's so gross. 

... so that's it! We are getting excited for Passover, our trip to Florida, our Mama & Daddy only trip to Mexico, Mother's Day and eventually LAYLA'S 5TH BIRTHDAY!!

happy Saturday, friends.

My Layla

Mama & Dada

Benny as Shabbat boy 

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