My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's chat birthday parties!!!

It's no secret if given the chance to do anything, I'd be a wedding planner. Putting together our big wedding extravaganza in 2010 was a dream come true. I loved every second of our 18 month engagement and fell into a deep sadness post "I Do" because I loved the idea of putting together a huge party. Fast forward 5 months and finding out we were pregnant with Layla Jules -- and thus began my new favorite job -- planning children's parties!!! While I loved planning Layla's baby naming at our house a few weeks after she was born, the real fun began when the birthday parties began. Below is a list of all the places we have had birthday parties at... I recommend them ALL if you live in the Philadelphia area. If not? Message me - I'm sure we can whip up something together. Maybe one day I'll start an event planning business -- weddings & children's parties & everything in between ;) 

Layla's 1st birthday Party -- Castle Park <-- click for more info. 
We LOVED this party. I had thought long & heard and ultimately decided on renting a pavilion at Castle Park. I always laugh at this because I was hesitant to book at his far this was. We now live about 3 minutes from this park! It was a wonderful day. We were able to rent the pavilion and decorate it to our heart's content. We went with a Sesame Street theme - it was so much fun. The kids all loved playing in the huge playground and massive 3 story wooden castle. Very cool spot. The biggest issue was how much we had to carry to the pavilion -- it took about 10 adults to set everything up. It was hard work but so worth it!

Sign by my extremely talented friend Amy Fowler with JKreations2013 <-- click for info

My best friend Jaime Silverstein made Layla an adorable Cookie Monster cake!

Everyone that came to celebrate Layla's 1st birthday!!

Layla's 2nd birthday Party -- Romp N'Roll Willow Grove <-- Click for more info. 
When Layla was roughly 12 months old, we started classes here & loved them. It's a big (but not huge) indoor playground full of safe, easy and fun things for toddlers to do. She loved going so much that we ended up having her 2nd birthday there - Muppets theme!! It was great. Here is where I learned how much easier it is to have a birthday party at a place that does everything for you (welcomes guests, serves food, cleans up, puts gifts in car). It is worth every penny to have a few sweet girls run the show so you can sit back and enjoy the party!!

I have NO pictures from Layla's 2nd birthday that I can find :( BUT - look at my sweet girl! Thanks Portrait Innovations!

Benny's 1st birthday Party -- Music Class Party <--- Click for more info.  
When Layla turned 6 weeks, I started going to a weekly music class with the incredible Miss Sandy. We loved it SO very much. It was so nice for me to be out of the house, it was great for Layla even as an infant, and it was FUN! We continued going for years (Benny also started going around 2 weeks old!). We have stopped going but you better believe if I have a 3rd baby, music class will start again!! Because we loved it so much, I chatted with Miss Sandy and we put together a private music class! It called it a Mustache Bash - it was so much fun. It required a bit of set-up but overall was easy and fun!! I loved this party!

CHECK OUT THAT CAKE!!! I'm clearly Karolyn's Kakes obsessed! This is truly where my Kake obsession began! <-- click for more info!

SO much fun!!!

Layla's 3rd Birthday Party: -- Little Mermaid Movie Party!! <-- Click for more info!
I found out about the Hiway Theatre from my good friend Sari who made several birthday outfits for my babies (see here!) - she mentioned she was throwing a Frozen party for her daughter and told me all about this fabulous little movie theatre. We were able to bring in all of our own food (it was a Sunday morning so we brought in breakfast foods like bagels, yogurts & yummy pastries!). We had full access of an entire full sized theatre and each kid received popcorn, a drink and the freedom to run around like crazy babies! We served food and played for a while before showing The Little Mermaid! It was so much fun -- no need to be quiet because we were the only people there. I loved this party so much -- it was nice & cool for a hot June morning and I loved it. 

Another Karolyn's Kakes creation -- every bit is edible and seriously delicious. 

I loe this little family of mine. 

Happy 3 year old!!!

Overwhelmed by everyone she loves in one room!!!
Benny's 2nd birthday -- Sesame Street Little Pod Party!! <-- Click for more info!
Back to Sesame Street theme and on to an awesome little place. I was told about The Little Pod and later became FULL obsessed. It's a small venue filled with arcade games, bounce houses, a climbing tower & a FULL sized swing set - all indoors. Perfect for the winter months!! Benny's 2nd birthday fell on an ICY Sunday morning which resulted in more then half of our guests not showing :( Nonetheless, the party went on and it was so much fun!!! They did a great job once again taking care of ALL the details so I could celebrate with my little guy!! The theme choices were limited which is why we went with Sesame Street but they provided ALL the paper goods, food and more. Another Karolyn's Kake incredible creation and lots of fun!!

C"MON with this cake.. incredible, no? Karolyn is amazing.

Check out my big boy!! Shirt from Etsy!

Waiting for his guests.. this room was adorable.


Singing to my boyfriend. 

Layla's 4th Birthday Party -- My Little Pony at Bounce U! <--- Click for more Info!
Upon attending no less then 8 birthday parties here, Layla insisted she have her 4th birthday party at Bounce U. I LOVE THIS PLACE. It's made up of MASSIVE bounce houses (think Adult Style) in a huge warehouse. They do a fabulous job of keeping things safe, moving and fun!!! Layla loved this party because this was her first time really including all of her friends and cousins and people. She loved her other parties but this time she was obsessing over who to invite, who to include and what to decorate with. Bounce U provides everything and all we had to do was decorate a bit and bring another incredible Karolyn's Kake :)

Sign by Etsy, Cake by Karolyn's Kakes, FAMILY!

Turning 4!

I love this girl

Benny's 3rd Party -- Superhero Chuck E Cheese!! <-- Click for more info 

Our most recent party!! Benny insisted he wanted a "Batman, Superman, Spiderman" party -- we ultimately decided on Chuck-E-Cheese and I'm so glad we did! When we were kids in the 80s, Chuck E Cheese got a bad rap and began to decay. As it turns out, it's now INCREDIBLE!!! Clean, good food, fun, easy peezy!!! The kids all loved it as did we. We were able to pick a theme thanks them which included Superhero! They gave Benny a cape, glasses, and fun paper products! They dedicated several tables to us giving us tons and space and room. We had a great time there with the mouse!! 

ALL 3 of Benny's cakes... they are works of art!

Me and my boys!

My Aunt Elaine made me this fun collage!! that's that. ALL the birthday parties. I love them all, individually. You get ONE day a year to celebrate YOU - and I make it a point to let me kiddos know how much they are loved. The next party we are planning is Layla's 5th party (NOOOOOO!!) - she chose a Barbie Luau theme (no, seriously) and it will be a swim party at our house!! I'm a little worried about it not being warm enough (or raining..) so we decided to hire a Barbie to come!! She will play games, do make-overs and cut the cake with the kids!! Layla also decided she wants to have a girls only party... pretty sweet (and much easier). We are up to 22 girls and I know it'll be a blast. I've already started collecting decorations and decided on the menu. Call me crazy, but I LOVE a birthday party :) 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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