My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!

It's 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new year. A new time. A new and excited 12 months to make memories and giggle and travel and cry and listen to music and dance and sing and do ALL the things that I love to do with my sweet little family of 4.

We have had quite an exciting few weeks..

a quick recap.

On December 23rd, after an amazing Hanukkah full of sugar & gifts & sweet get togethers, we pack and flew to South Florida. It was so exciting and great to get out of dodge. The weather at that time was randomly incredibly WARM (I think it was 70 degrees in Philly on Christmas?!) but nonetheless, it was nice to feel the warm 85 degree sunshine on our shoulders.

We spent a few days playing, visiting family & friends and enjoying our time together.

On December 28th, Josh & I said bon voyage to the kiddos & his parents while we flew to JAMAICA!! It was our 4th time going (2nd time with my sister, brothers and their spouses) and it was just as incredible as ever. We hit a major delay getting there (4 hours, including 3 hours on the plane) but we eventually made out way to Negril.

We enjoyed 5 nights, 6 days of magical time -- beach volleyball, beach, pool, eating, drinking, eating, drinking, reading, eating, drinking and drinking some more. It was so relaxing and lovely to get time away from everything & everyone. I love vacations SO much -- I am already planning our next one!! We all had the very best time. We love Couples Negril (and Couples Swept Away & Couples Tower Isle) -- I hope to write a travel entry soon!!!

Part of my new years resolution is to blog more!!!

After Jamaica, we were lucky enough to spend a few more days in Florida. We felt bad about leaving the kiddos for so long & over New Years Eve, so we gathered them up along with Grandma (Josh's mom) and did a quick trip to Disney World!!! It was SO SO SO much fun -- albeit extremely crowded & quite chilly (in the 50s), we loved it and can't wait to go back. We stayed at our favorite hotel (World Quest) and it was perfect.

Another quick couple of days in Florida and now we're back home. It's been really nice to get back into the swing of things -- we had a busy weekend seeing family and trying to readjust to normal schedules. The kids are now back in school and I'm trying to get my head on straight.

A few things??

1 - Benny peed on the potty at our hotel in Disney World!! First time ever. I was so proud of him!! He hasn't gone since but assures me he's "potty trained and doesn't need to wear anymore diapers but he'll go on the potty tomorrow!"
2 - One of my very best friends (since middle school) Shari & her sweet husband, Brian, welcomed their gorgeous baby boy on January 4th! His name is Henry Jacob and he's basically the cutest thing I've ever seen. She was shocked (37 weeks delivered) but he is doing great!! I'm so happy for them!!
3 - David Bowie died this morning. This isn't exciting, it's actually quite sad.
4 - I'm ready to read my next book - I finished "Who Do You Love" by Jennifer Weiner in Jamaica (a fun, easy, sad read) and now I'm ready to devour another book. Just need to decide what to read next??
5 - There is too much good TV happening right now, I can't quite keep up!!! Current favorites include The Bachelor, Making a Murderer, Gilmore Girls (I'm like 50 years late to this party) -- plus I'm ready to start watching Billions on Showtime & I'm ready for House of Cards to come back!!!

...this Thursday, my sweet Benny Boy turns THREE!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it.

...this Friday starts my 3rd 21 Day Fix Challenge!!! I'm really excited (and nervous to see the 10 pounds I gained this past month on the scale??) -- I love being a coach. It keeps me accountable and helps me stay focused. If you're interested in joining my challenge, let me know! We start January 15th!!'s cold. Like bitter cold. Winter is here. I'm not complaining but ummm.. is it Spring yet?

... i am vacation obsessed. I'm thinking about Mexico next (never been), specifically Excellence. Any suggestions???

I'll be back on Thursday with Benny's 3rd birthday letter. WAHHHHHH.


Ready for 100000 pictures? OKAY GO!

After the kiddos Hannukah show at school!

Celebrating my mama's 65th birthday at Capital Grille!

My whole family, sans children!

Layla Jules & Benjamin Sawyer, making out like little bandits for Hannukah! 

Mama, my sister & I in NYC -- we took my mom to see Something Rotten for her birthday!

We LOVE when Grandma visits!

Hannukah kisses!

My sissy & I at Peppa Pig Live, hahaha

Random WARM day at the Zoo!

Random warm day at the Zoo!

Part of our family pictures -- LOVE my sister in law & her amazing photography skills!!!

Layla was down for the count... sick for a few days resulting in an ER trip with a ruptured ear drum. NO FUN! 

He asked to be painted like Uncle Scar -- and the adorable girl at the aquarium was happy to oblige!


South Florida playground!! Dada, Benny & Grandpa <3

Kiddies with their grandparents!


4 going on 14....

The night before we left for Jamaica...

10000 hours delayed in Miami airport... but we made it! 

Too pretty not to enjoy.

First night in Jamaica... love this dress, thanks Stitch Fix!

love on a sunny beach. 

5 out 8 :)

He gets annoyed with my picture requests ;)




Our balcony.. our home for the week.


NYE shirts.. too good. 

my babes.

Coffee beans!!

Post massage face. hahahah - best way to start the morning on New Year Day!

Sunset at Ricks Cafe... pretty amazing.

cliffs at Ricks Cafe


So pretty. SO CROWDED. 

Grandma & Layla had a sleepover at the hotel!

Ice cream with Owen!

My girl & I at Disney!

Walks in florida...

Snuggles with baby Henry!!!


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