My little family!

My little family!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Layla turns 4.5!!!!

Turning 4 just a mere 6 months ago!!!


Turning 4 was FUN! (but so is 4 1/2)

3 Years Old

3 Years Old

Turning 3 years old!

2 years Old!

Meeting Ariel!

Oh my love. 

I literally want to eat your face. 

Hannukah 2 years ago!

Widdle Waywa. 

A complete joy. 


6 months. 

1 Year old Layla!

Holding your brother for the first time. 

19 months apart. hahahaha


My Baby Girl. 

Another 6 months have come & gone -- you've reached a BIG milestone. You're 4 and a HALF!!! What a big deal in preschool world. You are a complete joy. A complete light in our world. You are kind, curious, sweet, loving and silly. You are everything I could ask for in a daughter. Totally loyal and goofy and GIRLY! 

How you look... You are so, so, so beautiful. Tall and thin and gorgeous. Your hair is LONG - a beautiful shade of brown. It's light, shiny, soft & straight. You are built so cute - LITTLE! Your eyes are still an insanely gorgeous shade of blue with specks of light that bounce around. Your skin is SO fair - it's just lovely. 

Your Schedule....You are awesome. You're at a great age where you listen well and don't need much in the way of direction. You wake up around 6:45 AM almost every morning (still using the green light -- when it turns on you shout I'M AWAKE, MY LIGHT IS GREEN! on repeat). During the week, we go to school - it takes us about 45 minutes to get there but you never complain. After school we play and take bathes and you go to bed between 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM. I love putting you to bed - no matter your mood, you curl right into me every night and whisper I love you Mama. It's perfect. On the weekends, you don't nap but rather have quiet time in your room - usually with an iPad and the cats. It's a nice time for you recharge your batteries. 

Your Likes....You love playing with your brother. You love making videos of yourself teaching others how to do make-up. You love getting your nails done. You love movies (ALL movies, but recently you like Home Alone, Bolt, Book of Life, Bambi, Toy Story, Little Mermaid). You love books. You love princesses (Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, etc). You love My Little Pony & Peppa Pig. You love walks outside. You love Facetiming with your grandparents in Florida. You LOVE playing with your cousins (especially the girls). You love school (Pre-K is going great!! You're getting so good at writing your letters!). You love playing Mom & Sister. You love singing (including your own songs). You love watching random YouTube videos. You love your friends from school. You love Disney World, The Zoo and the Aquarium. You love feeding the cats. You LOVE dance on Fridays! (Ballet & Tap). You love cooking class at School! You love your grandparents. You love Dada. You love me. And we adore you. 

Your Dislikes: You don't like water too hot or too cold. You don't like the top sheet. You don't like tights. You don't like trying new foods (although the other night you ate an ENTIRE hamburger in exchange for a new My Little Pony watch!!!). You don't like when Benny takes your things or pushes you. You don't like the super cold temperatures. You don't like being separated from Benny. 

Your Food: Still quite the picky eater. Favorites include: Pork Roll (all day, everyday if I let you), Matzah Ball Soup from Ben & Irvs, Refried Beans from Las Margaritas, hot dogs from Costco, Kashi Cinnamon Crunch cereal, M&M Yogurt, Bananas, Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, strawberries, apples & grapes. 

Your Thoughts: You are so inquisitive. You are SO smart. You look at each situation and figure out all the aspects. You question everything. You ponder life and love and friends. You are brilliant & wonderfully curious. 

OH my Layla Jules. I could write & write & write about you. You are 4 in every way - learning, dramatic, happy, sad, funny and fun. You are a great friend. You are so SOCIAL - I call you the mayor of school. You've learned everyone's names and make sure to acknowledge everyone you pass. You're always asking people for tours of their house when we go somewhere new. You are always saying the cutest, silliest things. You love making new friends and surrounding yourself with happiness. You are a joy, my girl. I love you.