My little family!

My little family!

Friday, October 2, 2015

OCTOBER 2, 2015!

it's a new month. 
it's a new season. 
and there's about a gazillion new things going on in our life. 
I'm so mad I haven't keep keeping up with all the things. The good. The bad. The ugly. 
A teeny tiny snippet? 

1. WE BOUGHT OUR DREAM HOUSE! On July 31st, we sold & bought. We left behind out very happy, very loved home and move into this big, beautiful house. If I'm being completely honest, it doesn't quite feel like home yet. We have a lot of work to do -- decorating, unpacking, clowning, organizing, furnishing. It's going to take us a long time but I think we'll be really happy there. We love the neighborhood and everyone has been SO nice. I really miss our old friends/neighbors but I know this will be great for us. My favorite part is the backyard -- we have a POOL! And a HOT TUB! And a big fun SWING SET! It's so nice to spend time outside and I know next summer will be even better. 

2. I GOT A NEW CAR! My lease was almost up and with some help, I was able to get a brand new minivan - the same I had before (Chrysler Town & Country). With approximately 400 miles on it, the car wouldn't start and it spent a bunch of time in the shop -- annoying. But hopefully they fixed the problem and I can ride happily in my new mommy mobile. 

3. WE HAD A PARTY! On September 6th, we had our first big housewarming party. We had around 60-70 people and it was better then expected. Catered by Wegmans, tons of fun, lots of swimming. When we moved in at the end of July, we had people here practically every weekend. It was so so much fun. 

4. WE VACATIONED! At the end of August, we all went to OBX. We rented a house (the 20 of us -my parents, my siblings, their families & us). It was so so so much fun. Lots of beach & swimming & napping & playing. It's hard work but so much fun & I recommend it to anyone. We also just got back from 10 days in Florida. Unfortunately, we lost Josh's grandpa (whom the kids called Goo-Goo) - it is so very sad. He was a gentle, loving, soft-spoken man and I feel lucky to have had him all these years. We switched our flights and were there for the funeral & shabbat. From there, we drove straight to Orlando and spent a couple of days at Disney World! We had the very best time & we're already planning our next time back. We also visiting UCF - there's nothing crazier then seeing your alma mater look 100% different then when you attended. The campus is gorgeous and modern and awesome and I SO WISH I could do another 4 years!!!! 

5. I BINGED ON NETFLIX! I finally took the plunge and watched ALL OF GOSSIP GIRL. It was SO SO SO good. Like, insanely fun and exciting and addictive. I was so sad when it ended but thanks to some fabulous ladies on Facebook, I jumped right into the world of Pretty Little Liars and OMG. It's terrifying and fun and scary. I love it -- I'm in the middle of season 2 with no signs of stopping! 

6. WE CELEBRATED! Josh turned 33, I turned 32. Nothing too exciting but it's always fun to have a birthday - although I'm way more excited for Benny's 3rd birthday (in January - BATMAN PARTY!) and Layla's 5th birthday (in June - LAYLA'S LUAU!) but let's not get ahead of ourselves ;)

7. WE SWITCHED SEASONS! Summer was SO nice and warm and lovely but like a swift kick in the ass, it's now fall. It's been raining & chilly since we got back from Florida with no signs of stopping. I love me some fall but I'm missing the sun something fierce. 

8. CAMP & SCHOOL! The kids had a blast at camp & started a new year of school!! They both adjusted so well to their new rooms. Layla's officially in Pre-K (ahhhh!) and Benny's in the big boy room! (2 1/2 - 3 year olds!). We are still so happy at our school and feel so lucky to have made beautiful friends and have wonderful teachers. The 40 minute drive to school from the new house is slowly driving me insane but I'm working through it and seeing that as a time to listen to  my books on tape. ;)

And lastly...a snippet on all of us. 

Josh -- He's still rocking his job and working SO hard for all of us. I'm constantly proud of him. He now works from home all the time so it's been a big change for us - but the new house has a home office which is a huge improvement over the dining room table he used to work at. He's so handsome & I'm very lucky he's mine. 

Me -- I'm still working at my part-time job but my main position is MAMA! I'm forever learning and growing and trying to enjoy it all, even when it seems impossible. I'm starting a new 21 day fix to drop a bunch of weight and I hope to start the new year smaller and happier then ever :)

Layla -- She's SO smart and SO funny. She asks for everything Elsa & My Little Pony. She only eats pork roll and yogurt. She loves chocolate ice cream. She's easy going and LOVES to make new friends. She starts dance class today. She thinks she's the best singer in the world. She's a performer. She's silly and sassy and wonderfully ours. 

Benny -- He's SO silly and ALL boy. He's so Batman obsessed it scares me. He is impossible to get dressed and only wants to wear Superhero apparel. He loves school and his Uncle Adam and his friends. He's obsessed with fighting & Layla. He still sucks his thumb and can cuddle better then everyone. He's funny and goofy and our little love. 


The list can go & on but I have work to do & Project Runway to watch ;)

I hope I can start writing more - I love looking back at everything we've done... 

My sister in law took pictures of us in OBX - -love this! 



My boys are the cutest!!!

My favorite picture of me & with my little best friend <3




That time my best friend announced to all of us she was pregnant <3 This picture is so very special to me. 

Next month we will have been together for 13 years.. WHAT?!?!?

Disney Day at camp!! Prince Eric & Ariel :) 

Girls day at Sesame Place!

My babe.

Bathing beauty!



This is us. 

Still rocking his glasses -- so proud of him!

Nutella face!!