My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Benny, version 2.5

My Dearest Benny.... 

A BIG milestone for my BIG boy!!! You are TWO in every sense of the word. You are exploring, wrestling, wondering, soaking in, learning, running and zooming around the world. You are a free spirit. You are my little boyfriend, the one that keeps us on our toes, the sweetest, most loving little stud. 

How you look... You are a GIANT. I mean this in the most loving way but HOLY COW. You are large and in charge - we laugh hysterically when we see you standing next to your class. You are a full HEAD above the other kids - and you are SOLID. Not my sweet, chubby little toddler - you're now a big kid!! I think you hovering around 34/35 pounds and you're TALL! You have gorgeous blond hair that could probably be cut every 2 weeks. It grows SO fast. You have big, gorgeous, bright brown eyes -- and your newest accessory is your awesome BLUE GLASSES!! You are doing awesome with them. It took about a week for you to get used to them and now you wear them without issue. I didn't think you could be any cuter but these glasses push you over the top!

Your Schedule....Because it's summer, you're now in camp 5 days a week!! You are really loving it -- your bunk is called the "water babies" and you're having lots of fun! You get to swim everyday, do awesome art projects and play with your friends! We love the weekends - we get to spend time doing all sorts of fun things! You go to bed around 7:30 PM every night. You sleep in your crib surrounded by Brian, Teddy, Superman Bear, Batman Bear and a couple of random stuffed animals. You also LOVE to be covered in a million blankets (but I try to limit it to 4). You like a dark room although lately you've asked me to open your shade a bit to let some light in. You use your sound machine. We rock in your chair, read 2-3 books, rock some more and in you go. You ask to be covered, be tickled and for "hugs and kisses, more mama, more!" -- it takes some time to get you snuggled but then you're a great sleeper. You wake up around 7 AM every morning. You are an AWESOME napper - I limit your naps to 2 hours. You do great napping at camp/school too! You won't nap at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's so mostly I'll pick you up and nap you here if needed. 

Your Likes....It's all about the Superheroes. You love Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Joker and more. You love talking about your 3rd birthday party ("Batman party at Chuck-E-Cheese!!!"). You love cars, play-doh, swords, bad guys, wrestling. You love to cook in the play kitchen ("Mama, do you want eggs and meatballs? OKAY!") - you love puzzles, board games and more. You're not a big fan of TV or movies but you'll watch Planet Earth and random cartoons at time. In the car, you love to watch movies (especially Lego Batman, Monster Vs Aliens, Hotel Transylvania and Frozen). 

Your Dislikes: You don't love change. You like things to stay constant. When we were in Florida for vacation last week, you asked almost every single day (all 10 days) to go home. You don't like most of your clothes (you're very particular on what you wear and it's usually a rotation of 4 shirts). You don't like when we can't understand you (although your language skills are amazing). You don't like it when Layla ignores you. You don't like it when you don't get your way. You don't like when we forget Brian at home, when we can't get sprinkled munchkins and when you're bored. 

Your loves: FOOD. Your grandparents. Your cousins. Your Uncle Adam. Layla. Mama. Dada. The cats. BATMAN.

Your Food: The complete opposite of your sister, you're a great eater!!! You love trying new foods. You are a CARNIVORE. You love chicken, meatballs, hot dogs, steaks, ribs, eggs, pork rolls. You love cereal (all different kinds), fruit (bananas, grapes, blueberries, apples, strawberries), bagels with butter, snacks (pretzels, chips, fruit snacks, popcorn). You love chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, cookies, cake. You're a rock star eater and sometimes I'm amazed at how much you can put down. 

Your Thoughts: Your language skills are awesome. You are stringing together LARGE sentences and thoughts. You know your shapes, colors, animals. You repeat everything!! You love talking about your friends and family. You love counting. You LOVE singing (Happy by Pharrell is your favorite) along with Old McDonald, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle and more. 

I could write about you forever and ever. You are SO funny. You are ALL BOY - jumping, running, wrestling, climbing (a ball of energy!!!) but you also randomly will ask to play with barbies, wear a dress and wear Layla's bikini. You are always sucking your thumb (both!). You are OBSESSED with your sister ("Hi Layla! Want to play with me??"). You love to be at home and as soon as we walk in, you make everyone take off their shoes to ensure we are all staying. You hate leaving Mama (one more hug Mama!). You are obsessed with snuggling and laying on me and I love it so very much. I don't want to take one hug for granted because time is zooming by. You are excited to move into our new house (less then 3 weeks to go!) and I hope you adjust well. This age is tough but exciting. You are inspiring and loving and everything I could have asked for. You are my baby, always will be (even if we have another one day - you always ask for a baby girl but you're just repeating your sister!). 

I love you forever buddy!!!!!