My little family!

My little family!

Friday, May 8, 2015


Here is a quick snapshot of life lately. It's crazy, it's hectic and it's perfectly imperfect. 

1. We bought a house. Not just a house. OUR DREAM HOUSE. It's 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, open and airy and full of sunlight and life. It snuck up on us and I knew from the second we walked through the front door it was perfect for us. Upon checking out the backyard complete with a SALTWATER POOL, HOT TUB AND GIANT SWINGSET, I told Josh I'd do just about whatever it took to make sure that house was ours. We put a bid in, wrote a letter to the sellers professing our love for their home and BOOM. WE GOT IT. We had inspection last week and besides some minor issues (and high levels of radon which are being mitigated), we are all systems GO! 

2. The problem was said perfect dream house? We have yet to sell ours. We have showings. We have second showings. We have open houses. We lowered the price. Short of selling our souls, I'm not quite positive what to do next? My goal is to tell by May 13th (which is in 5 days) allowing our buyers a full 90 day settlement. I hope it works. I know it will. But this is terrifying. 

3. I'm pinteresting and finding any and all fun decorations I can. I love this. 

4. Layla's 4th birthday is fast approaching and a light has been switched. Her attitude, her sassiness is being replaced by a sweeter, more even-tempered little lady. I'm so proud of her for learning to control her temper. This morning, she woke up and Benny ran in and started moving her stuffed animals around. She calmly looked at me and said "Mama? I need a few minutes please. Can you take Benny with you?" and just like that -- we left and she was about to wake up in peace. So proud. 

5. Benny's had a whirlwind of adventure lately - last week we thought he broke his arm. After a fast ER visit, we learned he dislocated his elbow and somehow popped it back in himself. Gross but true. He also has seasonal allergies. And now? We think he has a lazy eye. I've watched him go cross-eyed his whole life but lately, especially when watching a movie in the car, it's become much worse. I took him to the pediatrician and we were referred to a pediatric optomologist. We're hoping for a quick, painless and easy fix. 

6. We celebrated our 5th anniversary last week. This deserves a post all on it's own but seeing as how I rarely have time to update, I need to just say I LOVE MY HUSBAND. He's amazing and this ride has been extraordinary with him by my side. We celebrated 5 years in Atlantic City (dinner at Bobby Flay, gambling, sleeping and snuggles). It was great and I'm so so lucky to have him by my side. (We called our Punta Cana trip in March our real trip!!) -- HAWAII FOR OUR 10TH???? 

7. This weekend we are heading to NYC to see Fish in the Water and dinner at our fav. Sunday is Mother's Day (YAY!) and the temps are warm and it's nice. Really nice.

Happy Friday, guys :)