My little family!

My little family!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Coffee Frap & a few minutes...

Welp. I'm alive and well.
I just keep forgetting to update my blog.
I keep thinking that i'll get an actual diary to keep rather then put it all out for strangers to read, but then I forget to buy one at Target & instead end up with a cart full of random stuff I don't actually need.

We went to Punta & Cana & Florida. We survived Spring Break. We thawed out from winter. And things are good...

Here's a small snippet of our lives, currently.

1. Mr. Benjamin Sawyer. Age, 2 years and 3 months (as of tomorrow). Will only wear dragon rain boots. Refuses to wear certain clothes for no reason (usually it's the first shirt I try, so now I save what I want him to wear for the second round of putting clothes on). Is unbelievably verbal (full sentences - including, but not limited to, "LAYLA TOOK IT FROM ME! LAYLA PUSHED ME! LAYLA, GET UP AND PLAY WITH ME!") Is extremely into hitting, pushing, punching and spitting (we're working on this daily). Has been waking up entirely too early since January. We have been getting better and now I'm not letting him out of his crib until 6:30 AM. We are working on this daily as well. He is a maniac in the very best way. He's constantly on the go -- he's a master runner and jumper. He loves Batman. He loves Egg Surprise videos on YouTube. He loves legos. He loves his friends at school. He's insanely protective of Layla - if someone bothers her, takes her toy or gets too close - he literally SCREAMS in their face "THAT'S LAYLA'S TOY!" He loves hippos. He loves any and all food. He makes me get him sprinkled munchkins or blueberry muffins daily. He wakes up every morning and demands a "PURPLE DANIMALS AND A GREEN JUICE BOX!" He is a cuddling extraordinaire. At the zoo yesterday, he made me carry him the entire day. He is HUGE and doesn't care. He still loves Brian. He still naps 2 hours a day. He now goes to bed around 7:30 PM which is one later then his original 6:30 PM bedtime. He sleeps with no less then 5 blankets and a stack full of books. He knows all of his colors and all the princesses and all the superheroes and all the animals and can count to 10. He's amazing and kind and loving and the very best by there ever was.

2. Miss Layla Jules, age 3 years and 10 months. Only wants to wear My Little Pony or Frozen shirts but will compromise if a dress is involved. However, she's becoming very particular on which dresses she wears. Unless she's in a non-caring mood which is the best kind of mood. She's emotional and sassy at times but is getting better. She refuses to poop on the potty. She tells me when she's "big like Ava and Abbey" she'll poop on the potty and swim with her head under water and get her ears pierced. She's unbelievably excited about her 4th birthday party -- it's a "Rainbow Dash party at Bounce U." She has a love/hate relationship with school - she loves her friends but gets sad when someone is mean to her. She has too many friends to count but is sometimes very content playing alone, which I love. She has trouble learning her letters but we are working daily. She sticks her tongue out and can be very mean to Josh, my dad and Josh's mom but later apologies and says she doesn't mean to be mean. She's smart - really smart. She loves to sing and make up songs. She loves any and all movies and can watch the entire movie from start to finish. She loves the library, the pet store, the mall and Target. She describes everyday as "yesterday" when talking about the past. She remembers anything and everything, sometimes from years back. She's kind and loves to share with Benny and her friends. She's really good at riding her bike. She still hates when I cut her nails but loves to have her nails painted. She's obsessed with her cousins. She loves a good dance party. She's sweet and loving and always wants "one more hug and kiss" and she's my best little friend.

3. Mr Joshua Seth, my hubby and the love of my life, age 32. He's doing fabulous and kicking ass at work. He's smart and kind and next week we celebrate 5 years of marriage. He's my very best friend and the person I love most in this world.

4. Mrs Courtney Brooke - me, age 31. Happy it's warm, still learning my new job, still planning 41 vacations at once, always missing my friends, always wishing my house was cleaner and I was skinnier, working out 3-4 times a week, really wanting to sell my house.

SO - that's my little family. In a 10 minutes update. Maybe I'll actually start writing more. Or maybe I won't. :)

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  1. Love you too. Happy almost 5 years.