My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I'm....

What I'm watching: With the finale of Parenthood causing me a great deal of sadness (more then I'd care to admit) -- and recently finishing up the first season of The Affair (phenomenal), I've now moved on to The Missing (on Starz) - so far, so good. Although I will admit watching it on the treadmill doesn't really work. It's slow and therefore makes the 30+ minutes running/walking feel like 400 hours. I'm also obsessing over The Bachelor & Ellen's Design Show on HGTV (we happen to know one of the contestants, GO CARLEY!)

What I'm reading: Ha! Nothing. I mean, technically I'm still reading Jodi Piccoult's book but it's been weeks since I picked up my kindle. With Punta Cana fast approaching, I know my beach time will allow for lots of reading!

What I'm eating: Too much. I'm doing well with the gym (every other day, sometimes more) but my eating isn't great. I go through spurts - sometimes I'm doing really well and other times all I want to do is drown myself in cereal and coffee with extra cream. 

What I'm working on: My new job is keeping my quite busy. I'm enjoying it (and I think it's good for my brain) but I'll admit it's hard to adjust to my new schedule. My days are basically consisting of gym, school drop-off, work, work, work, errands, work, laundry, work, school pick-up. I'm hoping to start helping my sister-in-law with her photography business which will keep me a bit busier but again, extra money is extra money!

What I'm stressing: The house. The selling. The buying. All of it. We've run into some issues and it's only the beginning. I'm putting my faith in the process and I know that it will all work out. We'll find our perfect house and someone will find our house to be perfect for them. But man, oh man.. it's stressful to say the least. 

What I'm planning: Duh. I'm type A. I'm constantly planning something! I put together Valentines for the kids classes this morning (check!), I planned our 5th anniversary night away to Atlantic City (check!) and now it's time to start planning Layla's 4th (what??) birthday party. 4 months away which means it's time to find all things My Little Pony for my sweet little lady. We also have a deposit down for our new year's eve trip to the Bahamas. Very exciting stuff. 

What I'm excited for: A few fun things on the horizon!! Birthday parties galore (tis the season) including Justin turning 7, Marley turning 6, Abbey turned 8, Ava turning 9 (what???), Andrew turning 5, Remi turning 3 and Sami turning 3.  Plus all the parties from school! Also, Valentine's Day with my babe, Lisa visiting, our upcoming trip to Florida and of course Punta Cana! 

...that's all for now. Back to work I go ;)