My little family!

My little family!

Friday, January 9, 2015

The end of 2014....

Hello again. Hi to a new year. A new beginning. A COLD week.
But let me rewind...

The last few weeks are a happy, busy, crazy blur.

First -- Our Surprise trip to Florida for Thanksgiving!!!! And what a magical time it was. With the help of Grandpa (Josh's Dad), we managed to fly to Ft Lauderdale with anyone from Josh's family knowing. Our flight was mega delayed but we managed and made it (albeit very late at night) and completely shocked Grandma (Josh's Mom). It was beautiful and exciting and fun. We had a great week. It was much colder then anticipated but we had a great time. Spent a ton of time outside at the playground. The kids slept like CHAMPS. It was really nice and fun and relaxing.
Check out this playground kiddies!!!

Second -- Hannukah came & went like a swift breeze. It was SO lovely. I think Layla finally understood what was happening and Benny loved all the chocolate. I bought the kids gifts for each night and it was so much fun to light the menorah. We hosted a big Hannukah party for my family (we do a pollaynna for the 10 kids) and it was a great time. We also went to my Aunt Karen & Uncle Brad's house for their annual Hannukah party. It was a great time complete with yummy food.

Sporting matching Hannukah Mickey PJs! 

Third -- The next day, we were again en route to FLORIDA!!! The kids completely rocked the flight. It was awesome - Benny slept almost the entire time and Layla slept a good chunk too! It was relaxing and easy. We had a great time in South Florida -- we were able to see all of our college friends for a yummy dinner at The Office in Delray, we got to see Josh's high school friends one night, we read, we obsessed over Serial (the newest Podcast and completely addicting and fun). And then..Josh & I left for an ADULTS ONLY VACA!!!

Proof that we had a really successful flight down!

I ran every other morning while in South Florida...this was always my view. It was so lovely. 

Fourth -- JAMAICA!! What can I say? On December 28th -- Josh & I along with my 2 brothers, 2 sister in laws, sister & brother in law (so 8 of us all together) flew to Montego Bay. We then all shuttled the 1.5 hours to Negril where were spent an amazing 6 days at Couples Swept Away. It was SO relaxing, SO much fun, so perfect I wish I could re-do it ALL over!!!!!! We played a ton of sand volleyball, I paddled boarded, we ate SO much, we spent New Years Eve at an amazing buffet/party followed by lighting lanterns over the OCEAN. It was so good, all of it. We are already booking the next one.

We watched the sunset EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. So beautiful. 

Matt & I had the best time together :) I learned many things about my brother while in Jamaica. Most of them I wish to forget. 

SELFIE MAGIC!! Only one missing is Heather because she was in the gym!!

Happiness. No filter needed. 

Little drunk lovebirds. 

Check out these Bob Marley shots!

Matt, Danielle, Heather, Adam, Me, Josh, Kim & Michael on NYE!

Fifth -- After Jamaica, we were back in South Florida for ONE day before we were en route to DISNEY WORLD! We woke the kids at 4:30 AM and drove the 3 hours to Orlando where we spent a beautiful/crazy/hot day at Disney World. The kids loved it, we loved it, and despite all the insanity we had a great time. We then spent the night at the Art Of Animation -- the kids loved every second in the hotel and we were really happy to have gone. We left early the next morning and went back to South Florida for packing and playing. We were so ready for HOME!

This was her face when I got home -- the cutest little bean. 

One of the many princesses we met! HELLO ELSA!

Lunch with Tigger! Benny loved it!

End of the day faces hahaha

Love my littles. 

SIXTH -- I can't even begin to explain how awful of a trip we had home. My kids are ROCK STARS. Almost no crying/complaining despite a truly horrible trip. Basically? We leave the house at 9:45 AM. We board the plane at 11:00. We DE-BOARD the plane at 11:10 because of a two hour delay. We wait. We board (again). We fly 2 hours before we found out Philly won't let us land so we circle for 45 minutes. We RUN OUT OF GAS. We land in BALTIMORE. We sit on plane 1.5 hours. AH. We fly to Philly. We meet up with my parents (who waited for us at the airport for hours). We wait an additional 1 HOUR for luggage. We finally get home at 8:00 PM. NIGHTMARE! But we made it.

SEVENTH -- I wore a bikini all over Jamaica!!! I was uncomfortable at first but realized I could do it!!! They were a million girls skinnier then me and a million girls heavier then me and ALL of them looked happy and pretty in their bikinis so I decided to join the fun. I may have gained 47 pounds these past 6 weeks thanks to the holidays but I ran every other day while in Florida and I started back at the gym this morning and I'll get down to my goal weight by the end of this year.


EIGHTH -- I scheduled Benny's tubes for next Tuesday. I'm so done with the ear infections. I'm nervous but excited for him to be a bit healthier and not rely so heavily on antibiotics.


NINTH -- Next Wednesday my little Benny turns TWO!!!! I'm so happy and so sad. I miss a newborn. I miss that little baby smell. But I love this age. He's so smart and independent and crazy. I'll write about him next week -- then next Sunday is his big birthday party! I can't wait!!

Love this little guy. 
TENTH: We are pulling out house off the market and re-listing in the Spring. I'm sad we couldn't sell but happy we love our house & neighbors so much. Our new house awaits us...

So that's the super fast update. Things are good. It's SO SO cold here. We can't sell our house so we pulled it and will re-list in the Spring. I'm signing the kids up for camp & school next year. I'm going to find a job. I'm seriously thinking about adoption but need to convince Josh. I want to move. We are going to Punta Cana in March. I'm planning my next vacation. I'm excited for this year. I hope to smile more, cry less. Give more. Of my time, my money, my brains. I hope to figure out what I want, career wise.

Happy new Year, guys.

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