My little family!

My little family!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Here is a quick update of some things I'm thinking about today!!

1. It's snowing. And it appears it will not stop until sometime tomorrow -- wahoo!!! As long as we have power, I'm completely okay with being snowed in with my favorite 3 people. We have enough food and toys to last a lifetime -- feeling lucky and happy to have a warm house. Praying for those that aren't as lucky.

2. Today is my sister's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBS! I'm basically obsessed with her. She's 8 years older then me and I've completely learned I can't live without talking to her 567 times a day.

3. I started a new job!!! I'm a virtual assistant for an awesome company - I started last Wednesday. It's part-time and work from home, completely allowing me the flexibility I need. I'm able to go to the gym every morning, take the kids to and from school all while working!! It's awesome and the extra money we make will go directly into savings...

4. We pulled our house off the market a bit ago. We are regrouping and will be re-listing in a few weeks. I'm feeling confident that we will be able to sell and move into our dream home -- if we can figure out where exactly that is! We have narrowed it down to the neighborhoods we want (basically the first best school districts in the area).

5. Josh won a trip to Punta Cana from work and I'm getting REALLY excited about it -- we are staying at the Hard Rock and I'm so looking forward to lots of quality time with my boy. I went on a girl's trip to Punta Cana a bunch of years back along with Shari & Karen - we had the best time but I didn't love the area we were at. I hope this time is better!! He also won the "president's club" which means we were given TWO extra nights and TWO extra excursions (which means we are literally each getting 3 massages) - I'm freaking out and SO PROUD OF HIM!!! And equally as lucky to have his parents watch our babies again!!!

6. Speaking of babies... it's baby SEASON!!! I have several friends that are due over the next few months (I can think of 7 and I'm probably missing a few...). HELLO BABY FEVER. Josh is no where near ready to discuss a 3rd (which I understand, kind of.. ha!) - I hope by this time next year we can throw around the idea of completing our little family. I'm torn between wanted to adopt or wanting to be pregnant again. Both sound lovely and hard and crazy and fun. I'll write a whole post on this soon.

7. I'm obsessed with "THE AFFAIR" - like legitimately crazy about it. I just finished all 10 episodes (on showtime) and I can't stop thinking about it. Do yourself a favor and watch this (on the treadmill like I did.. it makes your workouts fly by).

8. I'm (very slowly) reading Jodi Piccoult's new book - it's very good but I never have time to read, lol.

9. I am once again booking a trip over NYE with my whole family (sans parents) -- after the amazing success we had this past time, it's no wonder I am immediately booking again!! This time we are heading to Bahamas!!

10. I've had to change Layla's sheets every single morning the past few days. Between pee, poop, and other bodily fluids, it's actually crazy the amount of laundry I've added to the never-ending collection.

... and that's that. Stay warm, friends!!!

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