My little family!

My little family!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Benjamin is 23 months old!

Weight: 32 Pounds
Height: 36 inches?
Eating: FOOOOD! All of it. 
Clothes: 2T and 3T with a bit of 4T mixed in ;)
Diaper: Size 5-6
Shoe Size: 7.5

Benjamin Sawyer --
This month seriously snuck up on me. Yesterday I looked at my phone (an app called Time Hop) and it showed me your pictures 1 year ago and I realized - AHHHH! You're another month OLDER. You're another month closer to being two. You're another month sillier, funnier, bigger & lovelier. Now that two is approaching, your personality is getting bigger & bigger. You are so sweet and loving and determined and sensitive. You're emotional and angry and crazy. I am smitten with you, my dear. I can't get enough of your big cheeks and brown eyes. Your blond hair and chubby hands. You are the cutest little buddy and I'm so lucky you're mine. 

What you've been doing... 
Playing. Reading. Singing. Dancing. 
You are a BOY - I mean this in the best way possible. You run, spin, fall, climb, dance, move move move. Always on the GO and in the best way possible. You love to play with your new cars - you love to sit and read books to yourself (and especially love when I read to you). You love to play in the kitchen and cook me "chicken & water." You love to tackle your sister. You love to be tickled. You love to hold my phone and dance to music. You love to color. You love building castles. You love taking things out of their drawer (spoons, plates, tupperware). You are a BOY through & through. 

What you've been eating....
Any and all foods - I'm so proud of you for always wanting to try new things. You love lots of soups, meat, pasta, fruit (no veggies except carrots - to pickles count?) - you are a great eater. You love to hold on to things - last night I gave you pudding. You insisted on carrying it (unopened) and playing - 30 minutes later you were ready and sat at the table eating away. SO cute. You love donuts. And cookies. And cakes. And food. 

What you've been saying...
So many words - SO SO many!!! You repeat, you remember, you name, you listen. You can say all your body parts,  you can name all the animals/sounds. You can list all the letters in your name from your book - you can sing songs (Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row, etc). You love to count to 10 (except it goes 1, 2, 7, 9, 7, 9, 11!) You are so smart and wonderful. 

Up until Saturday, you were my perfect sleeper per usual. Suddenly you fought your nap & bedtime on Saturday - my poor buddy. I'm almost positive you have ANOTHER ear infection - you were back to normal last night thanks to Motrin! Doctor appt in the AM and tubes consultation on Thursday!! Your normal routine is bed between 645-700 (bedtime consists of a glass of almond milk & 3 books). Waking up around 6:30-7:00 (5:15 this morning uhhhh). 

What you've been reading & watching....
The same few books (or stealing Layla's books!) -- you love watching Egg Surprise videos on You Tube, Sesame Street and Flushed Away (you call it Mouse) - still not very into TV which is okay by me!

I can't believe we are one month away from your 2nd birthday!!! I'm so excited for the next few weeks - Florida and DISNEY WORLD to celebrate your big day - then Grandma & Grandpa come to visit and it's time for your big birthday party!! We will celebrate you big because you deserve the world.

I love you little guy. Thanks for being you!

Layla is 3 and a HALF!!

Height - Roughly 39 inches.
Weight - 32 pounds
Hair - LONG, light brown, so beautiful.
Eyes - BLUE!
Body - Teeny & Tall

My Best Girl -- 

Yet another 6 months come & gone - Happy HALF birthday to you!! You didn't quite understand why it wasn't your 4th birthday party yet (which you've been planning since the day after your 3rd birthday party - a "Jasmine" party), but you were happy to hear we'd be celebrating! We decided to go to the mall - we rode the carousal, saw the water fountain, saw Santa and had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. On the way home, you sweetly said "Thanks for my party Mama!!"

You are the best thing that's ever happened to me (tied with your Dada & brother). You constantly say "Let's be best girlfriends!!!" and high five me. You are so sweet, strong-willed, silly, funny and kind. Your true personality is beginning to shine and though 3 years old is the most difficult stage thus far, it's also my favorite. You question everything ("what are we doing today? why do we have to go there? what is happening? WHY WHY WHY!!) and while I don't always have the answers, you are always willing to listen. We are working on your emotions and learning that it can't always go your way (despite your best efforts). 

Your best friend is Benny. Without a doubt, he's your favorite person to be around and your relationship grows by the second. You are always making sure he's happy and secure. You're VERY concerned about him getting hurt. If we are crossing the street and he doesn't have my hand, you scream "HOLD HER HAND! WATCH OUT FOR CARS!!" and if you're playing too rough with the cat, you hide your eyes in fear of him getting hurt. You are so sensitive and it's a beautiful thing. You love to wrestle each other and jump on the bed and read and play. You are each other's playmate, confidant and person. I love watching you together. 

You continue to love your cousins more then anyone - they are your best friends and the people you want to spend the most time with. You love your older cousins so much (Ava, Abbey & Marley) and enjoy whatever they enjoy. Equally, you love spending time with your younger cousins (Remi & Sami) and love to spend Thursdays at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's pretending to shop in the kitchen or do puzzles. Not to be left out, your boy cousins are so much fun to you - you're fascinated by the way they play superheroes and wrestle. You'll get right in the middle of Justin, Max & Andrew while they fight. Pretty silly to watch. You also really love your school friends -- too many to name!! (But the one's you talk about most are Isabel, Lydia, Alex, Lily, Avery, Payton, Maya, Craig, Mason & Eli). You have 19 other kids in your class this year and want to invite them all to your birthday party. I hope they can come because you're counting on it!!

Your sweet attitude and willingness to try new things has made it very easy to make friends. Almost everywhere we go, you'll find a new friend to play with (and you'll talk about them for days after!) Just this morning on the way to school, you saw several children getting on a bus. You happily said "Those are my friends Mama! I just haven't met them yet!" - what a beautiful thing to say.

With our Disney World trip coming up in just a few weeks, your princess/Disney obsession continues. You love all princesses (Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Elsa, Anna) and all the different characters. You talked about Disney World for months following our last trip so I'm excited to watch you make new memories this time around!!

You continue to have a great relationship with your grandparents. You go to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house every Thursday and look forward to it. We love going there for dinner and you love asking Mom-Mom for food in a baggie or to "borrow" a toy (which we usually end up keeping). We are so lucky to see Grandma & Grandpa every month despite the 2000 mile space between us! A few weeks go Grandma was here, last week we surprised everyone down in Florida for Thanksgiving and in two weeks we're heading back down South!!! It's awesome that you have your own room there so it feels like a true vacation home. We are going to visit Mom-Mom Millie today and you got to see GG and Goo-Goo a lot last week!! How lucky are we?

We are in your 3rd year of school and it's been a fabulous experience. You are learning a lot and meeting so many new friends. Your teachers (Mrs Reiff, Miss Michelle & Miss Sheryl) are wonderful. You're learning a lot and soaking it all in. You are in a huge class this year and I think next year we'll opt for one of the smaller classes. You're certainly not quiet but I think you're little voice isn't being heard and you'll thrive more in a smaller room. You love school and especially love Shabbat!

My little picky eater -- no new foods to add except hot dogs from Costco (ha!) -- I'm trying to expand your palate but you continue to tell me you'll eat more foods when you turn 4 (I hope that's true!) I'm trying to get more fruits/veggies in and you now take a multivitamin everyday. You don't drink as much milk as you used to but still love a cup of "milky" before bed. I hope you'll learn to try new things because your bother eats EVERYTHING!!!

You still love movies, TV, books, IPAD, music and playing pretend. You will repeat the lines from movies and we'll reenact it. You love playing mommy & baby ("I'll be the mom, you're the daughter. Okay sweetie?") I can't help but giggle at the things you say.

You love learning and we're really working on letters, numbers, new shapes, new colors and all sorts of different ideas. I love explaining things to do and love to answer your questions. I hope you're always as curious, as smart, as interested in life.

I love you babe. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to watch you every single day. You are everything good. 
Love always,

I asked Layla... (3 1/2 version)

This is on video but here are her answers....

How old are you today? 3 and a half. 
What's your favorite color? Pink & purple.
What's your favorite food? Strawberries & pork roll. 
What's your favorite thing to do at school? To do projects. 
What's your favorite song? Little Mermaid
What's your favorite movie? Big Hero 6
What's your favoreite show on TV? Sophia Grace & Rosie. 
What's your favorite number? 3
What's your favorite letter? B
Who's your best girlfriend? Lydia (except she calls her Olivia by accident, ha!)
Who's your best boyfriend? Dada
What's your favorite holiday? Christmas (hahahaha)
What's your favorite place to go? The mall.
What's your favorite thing to buy at the store? Play doh
What's your favorite store? The fishy store (pet store)

She's so edible.