My little family!

My little family!

Friday, October 31, 2014

What I'm Loving Lately....

Per usual disclaimer: I was not given money or products for my reviews below. I simply love these companies & want to spread the word!

Lately, I've been really happy with a few companies I thought I would mention. We are given billions of choices when it comes to products and I am always in search of good prices + good customer service + stellar products. 

Low & behold, I've been really happy. Plus, I love supporting small businesses. Most of these are in fact large companies so I'll have to write another post on specific small businesses I enjoy -- these are just a few I jotted down in my phone in between the gym and school drop off!

Ashley Furniture HomeStore:
After 8 years of owning our once lovely king-sized mattress, we discovered we needed a new one. Our warranty was null & void because of a stain on our mattress (BOOOOO) so it was time to invest in one. I took to Facebook, made a list of recommended brands & went shopping. Benny & I narrowed it down to 4 mattresses and then Josh went back to choose one he loved. We settled on a Sealy Memory Foam mattress. Upon delivery, I quickly realized Josh hated it. I was hoping it would get better but in fact it got worse. I called the store expecting to pay a re-stocking fee and a delivery fee and assorted other fees but instead was met by kindness & understanding. They let us switch mattresses, NO more fees, free delivery. Seriously?? Best news ever!! We went with a Stearns & Foster Pillow Top and so far, we both really love it. Hoping it stays that way but I was so impressed by the customer service I received. Cheers to you Ashley Furniture!!!!!

Stitch Fix: 
I'm a mom of two babies - 3 & 1. I'm trying to lose baby weight, sell a house, enjoy my life & make my husband happy. So the thought of browsing at a mall for hours on end in search of a cute outfit is nearly impossible. Enter Stitch Fix (Stitch Fix) <-- click here! I am seriously obsessed. Quick & easy description? It's shopping at an awesome boutique without leaving your house. You sign up, fill out a lengthy form (describing your style, your body, etc) - and BAM. Your done. You pick a date for your first delivery (you can either do one time or monthly) - a personal shopper takes everything you said and sends you 5 items. It's ranging from everything (bags, jewelry, pants, dresses, skirts, shirts etc etc etc) - you choose the price point and what you want. The cost is $20. Then, you get this awesome package -- you try everything on in the comfort of your home. You decide what you want. If nothing, no harm no fail (other then the $20). If you decide on any items, the $20 is deducted from the total. If you decide on all five items? You get 25% off everything. It's amazing. This month, I ALMOST picked all 5 but talked myself out of it and settled on two. For me? All 5 items would have been roughly $250 which is not bad considering the quality of products and the items received. It's free shipping both ways, it's easy and fun. Just try it - you are not obligated by any means and I swear you'll love it. 

Rent the Runway: 
I know I've written about this before but I love this company. It's fun, simple and easy. Have an event coming up? Use them - basically, you can search for any & all dresses (cocktail, black-tie, etc) and they sent it to you in two sizes. You can also get a total second dress for $25 if you're nervous about the first. Honestly? If you're in between sizes, want something super fancy or don't feel like spending a ton of money to wear a dress one, then try them. Click here to check it out! Rent The Runway (<-- click here!)

With the holidays literally sneaking up on us (HAPPY HALLOWEEN BY THE WAY!!), the best & quickest way to shop is online. Everyone is constantly offering a better deal, free shipping, extra products and more. Enter Ebates (<---click here). Prior to visiting ANY website, enter Ebates.Com first. From there, link to thousands of stores/websites. No cost involved. AND in return?? You get a percentage back from products purchased. Example? Today, Bloomingdales is offering 6% back, Expedia is offering 5.2% back and Magazines.Com is offering 40% cash back. AS IN -- you'll receive an ACTUAL CHECK of all cash you receive. There is literally NO reason not to do this - it costs nothing, no strings attached. Ebates & all the companies make money off each other and we reap the benefits!! Try it. You'll love it. 

Ok.. that's my PSA for the day. Time to clean to get ready for our open house & get prepared for HALLOWEEN!!! I'll post some pictures of Cinderella & Prince Charming ASAP! 

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