My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


A quick update while I have a few minutes.

What I've been...

Watching: Right now, I'm watching the movie "Her." I started it months ago but never finished. Loving it. Also, "House of Cards" which is pretty much blowing my mind.

Reading: I started Lena Dunham's new Book "Not That Kind of Girl." It's funny, enlightening, witty and just GOOD. I'm really loving it.

Eating: Not much. I'm trying hard to lose all this extra baby weight. I'm one pound away from Pre-Benny weight, another 11 pounds from Pre-Layla weight and another 15 pounds from my ideal weight. But on the real tip, I can't give up my Dunkin Donuts Bagels & Coffee. Despite my best effort, it's my downfall.

Stressing: This whole house business. We have officially been listed for two weeks. It's been going well and we have had some interest but no bites yet. We have our first official open house on Sunday and I'm cautiously optimistic. We also decided this past weekend to bid on a home we love but without selling our house first, we are too nervous to proceed forward. I know our perfect house is out there (even more then this one) but it's a bit nerve-racking to be dealing with all of it.

Excited For: SO MUCH!! Just a lot of amazing things happening right now. Just a few? Halloween on Friday (can't wait to see my little Cinderella & Prince Charming!), NYC with my mom & sister, Josh's mom's visit, Frozen on Ice, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Florida, Jamaica, NYE, Disney World & Benny's 2nd birthday!!! (Woo, exhausted just thinking about it all!)

Proud of: The way Layla is learning in school. I'm also seeing so much of her personality come out. She's UBER-SENSITIVE. Like, very much so. She gets sad when her friends at school aren't nice, or don't play well. Or when Benny ignores her. She's so much more complex then I realized. And so smart. The way Benny is LOVING school - no more crying at drop off, no more crying in the corner during play-time. He's become an active participant. I love it. I'm so proud of him. The way Josh is kicking BUTT at work -- he's so passionate and smart and it shows. I love hearing the lovely things people say about him at work.

Buying: Hannukah gifts. Several pairs of boots for Layla (which she tells me she hates, so I continue to try new ones). Mattresses (we now have a new one, woo!). I need new clothes but I'm slowly buying them. As in one piece every other month - one day when I'm 75 I'll have a good wardrobe.

...ok this was boring & silly. A real entry soon. Hopefully ;)

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