My little family!

My little family!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Benny turns 21 months!

Weight: Hovering around 31 pounds. 
Height: I think around 36 inches??
Eating: All day, everyday. 
Clothes: 18-24 month, 2T & 3T! 
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 7.5

My Baby Boy....

It's Fall - a season of cooler temperatures, new beginnings and another month OLDER!! I'm so proud and love to watch the little boy you are becoming. You are so very loving and kind - adventurous and smart - sweet and silly and undeniably a MAMA'S BOY! There is simply nothing better then the look you give when you see me - you scream "MOMMMMMYYYYY" with a huge grin and rest your head on my shoulder. It's perfection. 

What you've been doing... 
Playing. Jumping. Dancing. Running. Singing. 
You are fast becoming a talking and running little guy (and the days when I can call you my little baby are slowly winding down...) - you love to play with all sorts of toys. You becoming quiet independent. I love that you can sit on the floor and focus on a toy for a long time. Yesterday, you sat attaching and re-attaching markers to each other. A tough task and you sat, serious & determined. It was adorable. You still ask for music to dance to (always "Happy", "Elmo" & "Woody") - you love balls and always want to have a catch. You love the slide and love to figure out new ways to go down (backwards, on your head, upside down, etc) - what a boy! 

What you've been eating....
FOOOOOD! You love to eat and luckily you're not too picky!!! I don't have to worry about carrying food for you if we're heading somewhere - you will try all new foods!! Some of your favorites include ALL snacks (pretzels, pirates booty, goldfish), yogurt, eggs, cheese, pork roll, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, noodles and more. It's fun but crazy how much you can eat - and it's CONSTANT! You'll finish dinner and go to the pantry 5 minutes later asking for more. You love water and you're starting to drink more almond milk "milkies" (yay!)

What you've been saying...
SO many words - I can't keep track!! More & more everyday - besides repeating everything we say, you're also retaining words more and more. We're working on simple questions (what's your name? how old are you? what's your sister's name?) - it's amazing and I love your little voice!! Sometimes you request things and I can't figure out what you want - but when I do, you clap and applaud!! I think it's a relief to know your point is being heard! Some of my favorite recent sayings include...C'mon, Let's go, I did it!, Thank you Welcome, I'm going to get your butt, let's run! and more <3 

We are back on track in the best way possible!! You hit a patch where you cried at every nap and every bedtime -- it was a shock as you were SO good at sleeping for so long! But we're back to normal and you happily go down after getting kisses from Dada & Layla. You like to turn out the lights and then that's it! You go to sleep a little later now (between 6:45-7:00) and wake up around 6:30 every morning (sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later). You nap once a day in the afternoon for roughly 2 hours. 

What you've been reading & watching....
Lots of books in your room - Sesame Street (your favorite), Jack's Big music Show and Toy Story ("WOODY BUZZ!") -- you are also starting to want to watch whatever Layla is watching on the iPad (usually a random YouTube video of a person playing with Play-Doh). It's pretty sweet to watch you two lay there - you always have Brian in one hand and a thumb in your mouth!

We have made it!! You no longer cry your entire day at school - YES!!! Your first few weeks were reaalllly tough but now it's getting better. You still cry a bit at drop-off and always at pick-up (overwhelmed?) but they tell me how you're really participating during the day! Playing, eating, napping and painting along with the other kiddies! So cute!!! 

You're very best friend and favorite person. You literally can't get enough of her - this includes FULL HUGS (borderline tackles). You also fight with her constantly - you hit, pull her hair, take her toys and scream. But in the end? You hold hands and love each other. It's the silliest and cutest little love I've ever seen. 

I could write for the longest time about my love for you. You light up a room when you walk in it - like I always say, you are my gentle giant. My heart is so full of love because of you - your huge brown eyes are the prettiest thing and I love your soft skin and blond hair. 

I can't believe you'll be two in 3 months. Your party is all booked at The Little Pod (Sesame Street theme!) and it will be great. As an added bonus, we're heading to Disney World the week before your birthday -- it'll be so much fun to celebrate!!!!!!

This next month will be wonderful - full of fall fun (more pumpkins!), Halloween (hello Prince Charming) and millions of adventures together. 

Love you "to the moon"- 

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