My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Benny turns 20 months old!

20 month stats:
Weight: Hovering around 31.5 pounds.
Height: He may be close to 36 inches!
Eating: It's all about food ;)
Clothes: 2T and 3T. I put you in 24 months today and the pants were a bit short. 
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 7

My sweet Benjamin --

Another month - of loving, growing, learning, jumping, singing, dancing, eating. You are an amazing, funny, sensitive and loving little guy and we are so very lucky to call you ours. 

Now that fall is (just about) officially here, I'm hoping the cooler temps will help ease your struggle with school. Today is day your 5th day of school and you're having a VERY hard time. You cry at drop off, you cry at pick-up, you cry throughout the day, you cry & cry & cry until you're back home surrounded by all your things and in the arms of your mama. I feel so very conflicted about sending you to school. I am hoping it would jump start your little brain into a whole new world of playing, learning and meeting new friends. I am hoping it will help you grow a bit more independent but so far all my hopes and dreams for your first year of pre-school are being splattered in baby tears. It breaks my heart so very much but I pray that you will quickly adjust and learn to love school as much as your big sister. You have two amazing teachers (Miss Lizzie & Miss Jen) and they really love you. I never want you to feel alone or sad -- if in the next few months you can't stay happy, I may need to re-think school. You are just my sweet, sensitive little love and I adore you so very much. 

My little silly boy - last night, Pop-Pop saw how funny you really are. You love to run from one side of the room to the next, jumping and playing. You LOVE to dance to music (your favorite tunes are "Happy", "You've Got a Friend In Me", "Elmo's Song" and "Let It Go") - you go into your own little world while dancing. You LOVE to have a catch with a ball (any ball) and you love to build castles. You love to play with play-doh and color. You love going to the library, music class, romp & roll and more. You love going to the zoo, sesame place and generally being outside. You LOVE to play with our neighbors and your cousins. 

With age 2 fast approaching, your tantrums are apparent (including throwing yourself on the floor) but mostly I can distract you. Sometimes, if you get an idea (like going to the basement or going outside) and you don't get your way, you'll scream & scream (point taken buddy!) - I know you're strong willed and determined but I have no doubt that will calm down. Your language is getting better which helps me explain to you certain things ;) 

You still love to watch Planet Earth along with Toy Story & Frozen. You like Sesame Street as well -- but overall, music is your favorite!! Sometimes when Layla is watching a movie, you cuddle up next to her to watch - I don't think you care about the movie one way or another, I think you just want to cuddle with your sister. 

Bedtime and naps became a little rough this past month -- nothing horrible but you seem to going through a bit of an adjustment. We have learned to follow your cues along with Layla and this seems to work. First, you need a little bit of a routine nowadays with sleep. We now read several books and cuddle a lot before sleep. Second, we have moved your bedtime back from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM. This has made a huge difference! You are no longer waking up early and you are sleeping more soundly. Good job buddy!! Plus I love the extra time at night -- you are a complete goof ball. You love to play with my necklaces, giggle and dance before bed. It takes a bit of coaxing to get you to leave our room and head to your for bedtime, but mostly it's not a problem. You still LOVE to nap in your crib and snuggle so sweetly. At school, you're having some trouble napping but getting better!! One day last week, you basically slept the entire school day. I think you used sleep as a defense mechanism (haha) - smart cookie!

My big eater -- I'm trying to find good, healthy, easy recipes to make for you -- you love to eat and I'm going to expand your diet! Both you and your sister aren't fans of veggies but hopefully that changes too!!

September is many things - the Fall, pumpkin picking, Jewish holidays and more!! I hope to spend as much time outside as possible and enjoy it all before the cold winter approaches. I can't wait to see you all dressed up for Halloween (hello Prince Charming!) and of course all the other fun things we have coming up. I love you so much!!!! I think you will be having a Woody & Buzz (Toy Story) party because you're so cute and love them so much!!!!

I love you buddy!!!!!

I just got a text message from your teacher -- you're having a MUCH BETTER day at school! You ate all your lunch and painted with the other kids. Great job buddy!!!!!!!!

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