My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Benny turns 19 months!

19 month stats:
Weight: 30 pounds - maybe even 31??
Height: I'd say 35 inches?
Eating: Food is your favorite!
Clothes: 18-24 months & 24 months, 2T and some 3T
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 6.5 or 7

Benjamin Sawyer: 

I literally did a double take on the calendar yesterday (see, I'm a day late!) --- can you be another month older?! Didn't we just celebrate your 18 month celebration. And just like that, when people ask now I need to say you are 19 months. It doesn't seem (too) insane for me to plan your 2nd birthday. The summer is fast ending -- this morning it was actually COOL outside (felt great!) and I realized fall will be here in the blink of an eye. 

You are loving life lately -- still ALL boy. Your favorite thing to do is basketball. We have a small hoop in the basement that you are always playing with (including right now!) -- we also put up our big basketball hoop outside and you LOVE when Dada lifts you up to make baskets! You hold on to the rim and hang there like a regular Michael Jordon! ;) I can't wait to sign you up for sports. I know you'll love it so so much - Layla starts soccer tonight and I wish you could play right along with her! You love to climb things, jump off anything high, use the steps, and throw yourself on the floor. You love when we yell 1-2-3 GO and run back and forth. But most of all? You love Layla -- you ask for her all day and want to snuggle up to her (or chase her) when she gets home. You also love love love the cats. If you're upset, we can quickly change your mood by putting you with Shluffy & Rigby!

You are getting over a little cold but you NEVER seemed bothered by it!! (PHEW!) I was nervous you'd get an ear infection but it never came (PHEW!) -- but I know with your upcoming school adventures comes many germs which equals lots of yucky sickness. I also know it's good for your immune systems so I'm trying not to get too caught up in the grossness of it all. 

You're doing pretty great with tantrums and slowly learning to listen better. You still don't understand time-out but you're put there quite often ;) You hit more then you should and you steal toys and don't share and all the while look adorable. I know school with be a tough lesson in sharing and learning but it'll be great for you. With your language growing by leaps and bounds, I think it helps with your frustration! 

You love to be outside so much - bubbles, pools, chalk, basketball, cars and more. It's so nice to spend time soaking it all in - you stare at the airplanes, birds and grass. You love to sit in the dirt and throw it. 

Your latest obsession is Planet Earth!!! Last weekend, Mama & Mom-Mom went to see Billy Joel in concert so Dada was in charge of bedtime. Both you & Layla begged for Mama so Dada quickly decided a distraction was needed - and thus Planet Earth entered our world! You love it and shout "EARTH! FISHES! ELEPHANT!" You love the animals and the water and it's a great learning tool. You still (rarely) like Sesame Street & Jack. You'll watch the movies in the car and you'll always be up for listening to music. Your favorite song right now is "Happy" by Pharrell. It's so cute to watch you dance!!

Forever happy to report you're still an excellent sleeper. Bedtime is now 6:30-6:45 and you wake up around 6:30-7:00 AM every morning. You nap in the afternoon for roughly 2 hours and happily love to snuggle in your crib with Teddy & Brian! I'm nervous for your naps at school but hopefully you'll adjust to the change well. 

Still willing to try and eat anything -- you are obsessed with black olives. So random and funny. You love noodles and sauce and meatballs.. and a million other things. The list is never ending and so great. Makes it much easier to feed you!!!

Today is Layla's last day of camp which means she's home with us for the next 3 weeks!! I'm so excited (and slightly nervous) to have you guys play. We have lots planned -- Grandma comes tonight for a week, we will do the zoo, Sesame Place, the beach, aquarium and more. I know you'll love having so much Layla time -- and then, school starts!!! I'm so nervous and excited for you. For the past 19 months, we have been together nearly every second of everyday. And soon you'll be with roughly 8 other kids and two great teachers, 3 days a week. I know you will have the very best time. I know it will be a huge adjustment. But know that I love you and I think this is best for you!!! I will forever cherish these months we spent together. The loud, the quiet, the snuggles, the kisses. It was all so special to me. 

You are my sweet boy. My baby. The little love of my life -- I love watching you learn and grow and can't wait for you to experience everything good in life.

With love and laughter,
Your Mama <3

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