My little family!

My little family!

Monday, August 4, 2014

August Challenge: Part 2.

First & foremost, thank you all for the love, support and overall kindness towards my last entry. That was far from easy to write (and did I really post bikini pictures of myself?!) but alas I did. I'm not held accountable. And so far, so good!!

The second part of our challenge for August is meal planning.

Josh & I are coming up on 12 years of dating come November. And in that time, I'd venture to say we've gone out to eat approximately 2,190 times. Maybe more. It's our thing - we love new restaurants, we love the same 6 restaurants, we love a quick and easy meal.

When Layla was born, I swore we would cook  more at home. And we did, but we still ordered in and went out way too often because, well, Layla actually love going out to eat. She was the perfect baby in a restaurant!!

Enter Benny into our world and until the age of 10 months? HE SUCKS - unless he was attached to my boob, he cried every time we entered a place for dinner (he was mostly good at breakfast & lunch).

SO back to the cooking board. But now that my baby boy is nearing 19 months and eating everything in sight, a restaurant is our new best friend.

It's enough though. It's enough with the money. The calories. The "what do you want to eat?" "I don't know? What do you want to eat?"  - it's boring and frustrating.

Enter the meal planning challenge.

I took a simple calendar and plotted out our dinners for the month of August. I included a few meals out and a couple of order in nights. I included my parent's house for dinner every Thursday. But mostly it is all about cooking at home - easy, healthy, yummy dinners. Because Layla is beyond picky we end up making her whatever she'll eat but Benny is always more then willing to try what we cook!

We are on day 3 and I'm happy to report SUCCESS!!!

August 1st was Friday -- and I obviously picked us heading to a restaurant that first night (ha!) - we chose Las Margaritas and had amazing Mexican with family.

August 2nd was last night -- we made TACOS! Using Organic low fat meat, we ate healthy and yummy tacos and it was great.

August 3rd is tonight -- and happy to report Josh is cooking! We did substitute what we were supposed to make with his pastatini (think pasta, chicken, garlic, tomatoes, etc) -- but that's fine! We'll switch and make changes and probably get annoyed but the ultimate goal is NOT to stray from the menu plan.

It feels so good to not repeat the "what's for dinner" question every day.

We're on our way to healthier, happier, skinnier Englands baby!!!!

What are your favorite recipes??? 

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