My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 things on a Thursday.

I just posted Benny's 19 month entry - I was a week late. I'm sorry buddy. To be honest, I had the pictures & post done but it's nearly impossible to get to the basement computer and actually put everything together.

So here goes.

5 things on a Thursday.

1. Josh's mom left this morning - she was here for a week and it was awesome. The kids LOVE when she's here and it is always nice to have an extra set of hands. Yesterday was an amazing day. Layla, my mom, Josh's mom and myself went to NYC for the day. I planned this immediately after we went to NYC last month with my sister, sister in law & nieces to see Aladdin. It was such a blast that I knew I wanted to go again with Lisa. It was a perfect day. Layla was completely spoiled in the best way possible. Her 3 favorite women had her undivided attention and it was great. We took the train in, took a cab (Layla's first!), had lunch at Carnegie Deli (not so good) and saw Cinderella (adorable). It was really a nice day and one I'll never forget.

2. Layla's crib is officially gone - Josh took it apart and put it in the attic (how sad is that?) She has been sleeping in her big girl bed for 4 nights. The first 2 were great. The 3rd she woke up once, cried in the hallway and I took her back to bed. Last night, she begged and cried to sleep in our bed (something she has never done). After some convincing, I managed to get her to sleep on a towel on the floor in her room. Poor thing. She's been sleeping so great so I'm hoping it was a minor setback. We got her a brand new bed from Ikea the other day (she had been sleeping on a full sized mattress on the floor). Once he puts it together, I think she'll love it again. She's also FULLY potty trained! BIG GIRL STATUS! She has trouble pooping (she's gone about 5 times, otherwise waiting until she is in her pull-up for night and naps) but we'll get there. She is doing so great and I'm really proud of her.

3. We are almost done week 1 of 3 weeks off in between camp & school. It's tough and I'm trying to keep everyone busy -- it was really nice to have Lisa here but now I'm on my own! I am making some  plans but these past couple of weeks have been rough with the two kids - they've been a disaster on every shopping trip or restaurant. I have no idea why?! But I literally almost left them at Target the other day (kidding). Hoping to get back on good behavior!!

4. I threw out my back yesterday right before we boarded the train in the morning. I lifted Layla, turned and BOOM - I felt like I broke something. I guess I pulled a muscle? It literally hurt to breath - ibuprofen helped so I'm coping but GEEZ - I am bummed I'm not at the gym right now but I need to get better first.

5. The news is possibly the most depressing it's ever been. Isis in Iraq. Israel/Hamas war. Disaster in Ferguson (an unarmed boy was killed by cops). The list never ends. It's hard to watch. Sometimes you just need to pray for world peace. <3

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