My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A few things as of late...

HI ya'll.
My grand plans of blogging once a day are surely going to happen one day.
But for now, with warmer temps and summer being HALF-WAY over, I'd gladly be outside over inside on the computer.
So here's a quick little recap of some things going on in our lives.

1. Josh is back at his old job after leaving for a few weeks to try something new. While it didn't pan out, I'm glad he did it. He's rocking it at work and getting back in the groove. I'm so proud of him and he works so hard for the 4 of us. Being a full-time stay-at-home mama may be the toughest job I've ever had, but it also pays NADA. I'm hoping to get back to work this fall. Ideally, I need something part-time that I can work from home. Does that exist? I wish I could plan children's parties full time. Or write a children's book. Or do something I really love -- all the while being home so that I can take care of my babies when school is closed or someone has a fever.

2. Layla is half-way through camp and loving every single second. It's the same as her school but with less structured learning and more FUN! She gets to play outside in various sized pools & go on the "big kid" playground. She goes 4 days a week and is really doing well.  She loves talking about her friends (especially Isabel) -- her teachers (especially Miss Jenn).

3. In other Layla news -- the biggest news of all? She's almost completely POTTY TRAINED!!! After months of peeing on the potty, she finally pooped on the potty for the first time last week. It was so exciting. She did it at my parent's house. So awesome. We gave her the big girl bike I picked up at a thrift store a few weeks back as a gift. She loved it!! I'm really hoping that we can fully give up diapers in the next week (except at naps & bedtime).

4.  In OTHER Layla news, she was selected for an open-casting call with Wilhelmina Modeling. We went to it last weekend - it was a little overwhelming but she rocked it. She had to walk the runway - it was adorable, of course. Prior to her walk, they asked her what her name was in the microphone - she whispered Layla followed by screaming LAYLAAAAAA. They then asked where she was from - her prompt answer was "HOME!" - too cute. The next night, I received the email that she was selected for representation!! This is huge. 5% of the casting was selected. Very awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to work for us but it was an honor to be selected. Maybe one day her modeling career can officially begin!!!!

5. This week is Josh's 32nd birthday -- very exciting stuff. We had an awesome dinner last weekend at Ocean Prime with my sister & brother in law to celebrate. We are so lucky to call you ours, babe.

6. Today I'm finishing up a project I did - it was called 100 Happy Days. I took a picture for 100 days of the little things in my everyday. I really loved it.

7. My two projects for August -- I planned out our dinners for the entire month. It's an effort to save money & eat healthier. I'm excited to not have the "What do you want for dinner???" convo every single day!! My second project? BIKINI READY! We leave for Jamaica in about 5 months. I want to seriously wear a bikini the whole vacation -- so the best way to achieve that? Obviously taking pictures of myself on the 1st of the month while wearing a bikini. It will be a before & after -- no shame. The best part? Josh is doing it with me!!! I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week for over a year. I see very little difference. It's time to get crazy and lose this extra baby weight.

8. I started thinking about our 5th anniversary trip. I want to go to Europe. Bad. But I think we'll end up taking a Caribbean cruise. I'll see Europe one day.

9. Benny news?? HE'S THE COOLEST KID EVER! Even though today, he's tantrum city. He's fun and silly and awesome. He's becoming really adventurous and "boy like" - as in climbing, jumping, dare-devil. I love it. He loves sports so much. I introduced him to tee-ball today. He's the next Babe Ruth baby. He's really amazing. I'm dreading him starting school. I'm going to miss him so much.

10. Israel. It's bad. It's really bad. The war between Israel & Gaza - it's bad and getting worse. It's so sad and so hard and so devastating. I am really putting my love and prayers towards Israel.

11. A plane was shot down - Russia & Ukraine and fighting about who did it & why. What is the world coming to?

12. I want a third baby.

13. I want a new house but I want to take all of our neighbors with us. I'm in love with our street.

14. The show "The Leftovers" is SO SO GOOD. Why aren't you watching it??!!?

15. I'm going to the library tomorrow for the first time in YEARS - I need a new book and don't want to spend the money on buying one. Plus I think Benny will get a kick out of it.

16. I want to get a boob job after my 3rd baby. Don't judge me.

.... I could go but I'll stop at 16. Benny's up. woo!

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