My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

18 months... happy half birthday, buddy!!!

18 month stats:
Weight: Between 29-30 pounds.
Height: I'd say 34 inches?
Eating: Growing boy = eating constantly.
Clothes: 18-24 months & 24 months, 2T and some 3T
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 6.5 or 7

Benny Boy....

Well, here we are. Your officially 1.5 years old. Half birthday. Another month, a bit skinnier, taller, handsomer -- a regular toddler. I can't believe it. You are the cutest little stinker I ever did see. I find myself literally staring at you because it seems crazy to me that something so beautiful can exist. And best of all, you're mine. 

With the age of 2 fast approaching, I'm astounded at how smart you are becoming. You are discovering your independence and slowly relying less on my presence. This is a good thing, though it makes me slightly sad. You want to walk more then be carried. You want to run more then hold my hand. You want to jump, climb, explore, stomp and wonder while taking in every single thing around you. I'm only beginning to see the true "boy" side to you and it's adorable and a little nerve-racking. You fall constantly but rarely cry. You are tough. You are calm. You will push through. But if you're tired. Needy. Or otherwise in the mood, you're the first to climb into my arms and snuggle like it's your job. And I really, really, really love this about you. 

Now that summer is in full swing (and half way over!?!?) you're feeling good. This may be our longest run as a family without someone being sick. It's amazing what health does -- it allows us to travel, to play, to go long hours in the sun. It's wonderful. You still have tantrums from time to time but with your language exploding, they seem to be getting a little better. 

We have had a lot time this past month outside, especially in the pool. You LOVE the water -- you may be slightly timid in the beginning but you are basically ready to go in the pool from the second you spot it. We've swam in several different pools and it's so much fun -- I know when we move into our next house, we'll get a pool for sure!!! You love to swing, slide, play with bubbles, chalk and balls. 

You can say at least 50 words if I had to guess? And you're getting good with animals and starting to (slightly) recognize colors. You love to read and love to sing. You are a little talking and running machine and it's so much fun to see. 

You love Jack and your love of Sesame Street is beginning to come out -- you really get excited when you see Elmo & Cookie and shout their names LOUD at the TV.. but if you have your choice, you want random music on so you can dance your little bum off!!

You're still in the same sleep schedule. We had a week and a half of early mornings... not so fun for mama but you seemed unfazed ;) You go to sleep between 6:30-7:00 PM and nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours. When you're tired, it's hard to keep you awake so I try to avoid the car when nap time is approaching. On our way home from Florida, you fell asleep in the car, slept in the stroller, slept as I took you out to go through security, slept as we went to our gate and slept for another hour while we waited to board. Pretty amazing!! You flew perfectly this trip which was a huge help -- you were not the biggest fan of flying prior but this time around, you were golden!! If you have Brian with you, you're a happy boy. 

Eating, eating, eating. Your favorite thing to do, by far. You will try anything we are eating and love to snack. If you weren't constantly on the go, I think I'd be a little worried but you seem to be in perfect baby shape :)

With Layla in camp 4 days a week, we have lots of time together - just you & I. I LOVE IT. You are the best little partner in crime. We go to music class, Romp & Roll, errands, lunches, breakfast... we're always busy little bees, even if we are at home just playing. You are obsessed with chasing the cats, feeding the fish and playing with play doh. And of course, you can't get enough time with Layla & Dada!!!

We had so much fun in Florida this month -- you enjoyed all the time with your Florida family, playing outside and more. You're a joy to be around and everyone melts when they hear you're deep giggle. 
Happy half birthday my little man -- love you so very much and can't wait to watch you grow. With 6 months until your next birthday, I think it's time to start planning. I think the theme is going to be... "Have A Ball with Benny" - all things BALL RELATED!! ;) Let the ideas begin!!!
Love you!


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