My little family!

My little family!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Layla turns THREE!!!!

Your birthday party - taking it all in! You loved it!

Our little family - check out your cake!!

Ready for your party!!!

The best of friends <3

My 3 year old!!

Shabbat Girl!

I love you girlfriend!!!

Little Mermaid!

Height - Roughly 36 inches.
Weight - Between 29/30 pounds
Hair - LONG, light brown, gorgeous.
Eyes - Brightest Blue I've ever seen.
Body - Tall and SKINNY!!!

My darling, my bunny, my goose.

After months & months of anticipation, your big birthday is finally here. At the mere mention of your birthday, your face lit up and you proudly exclaim "I'm a big girl! I'm going to be three!" -- and it's true. You are a big girl. Our big girl. 

Three years ago, you made me a mother. On a sunny, hot day on June 6, 2011 at 9:13 AM, you entered the world with a loud cry followed by a serious, bright-eyed face. You were so gorgeous with your head of dark hair and in an instant, our world was turned upside down. You made us parents - you showed us that our hearts could in fact love even bigger then we ever imagined. 

And now - with a mixture of supreme sadness and insane joy, we have a 3 year old. You are everything I could have wished for in a daughter. You are kind, considerate, sweet, silly, brilliant and fun. You are so full of love that I can't help but smile while watching you. 

Your relationship with your brother Benny is fascinating. You are protective as though he is yours (isn't he though?) - you come with me every morning to get him out of the crib. Your the first to shout "Good morning Benny! Good morning Boo-Boo! Good morning Buddy! Did you have a good rest? Did you have good dreams? Here's your milk! Here's Brian!" and you make sure he's happy and taken care of. If he's crying or sad, your rub his head and tell him "It's okay buddy, I'm here!" - I have chills just thinking about it. Being 19 months old when Benny was born was hard - you were still a baby yourself. But you've grown to love him so very much I don't think your life would be complete without him. You play together, laugh together and dance together every day. It's clear he's your best friend and I couldn't be prouder.

Your relationship with your cousins & friends is so beautiful and fun to watch. You are now independent and love to play with other kids. I don't think you are a leader nor a follower -- you simply want to be where the other kids are and love to play, play, play. You love to play with kids older then you -- you want to tag along and most times, they let you! You still can't get enough of your girl cousins (Ava, Abbey, Marley, Remi & Sami) and at the same time, you love to play rough or super heroes with your boy cousins (Justin, Max & Andrew). Your school friends are so adorable and these past few months have become a staple in your life. I think your best friends from school are Maya, Avery, Alex & Lily.

I think one of your best qualities is your ability to make friends anywhere we go. Whether it's a playground, park, museum or restaurant, you have an innate want to make new friends. You'll proudly go up to anyone and shout "I'm Layla!" and hopefully they respond (or you'll continue to yell your name until they do). With my approval, you'll happily play with anyone willing. I love this so much - I hope you always have this quality as it's clear people are attracted to you and you attract good people!!

Another one of my favorite things you do -- to anyone that will listen, you talk about Disney World. It's your favorite place on Earth, I do believe. You speak about it as though we were just there (we went in January & we're going again in December) -- if we do end up moving to Florida, I know we'll be getting annual passes so that you can go anytime you want. All adults are subject to hear about your Disney adventures (I saw Ariel! I went on rides!) and most people happily listen ;)

Your grandparents are some of your favorite people -- we are so lucky to see Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop every week (you spend Thursdays with them). You love to play at their house and always ask to go over. Grandpa & Grandma are down in Florida but with great luck we see them often!! Between trips down South and Grandma's monthly trips up, your relationship is just as strong with them. It's so much fun to see your love grow for your grandparents and they are very important to us! You also love your Mom-Mom Millie and ask to visit her often (how sweet) - when we are in Florida, you love to see GG & Goo-Goo - soon we'll be celebrating GG's 90th birthday over 4th of July. We can't wait!!

You are finishing up your 2nd year of school and you really loved it. Miss Jenn & Miss Ashley were perfect teachers and you learned so much. You go three days a week which is a great amount of time. I think it was the best decision to start you in school at 18 months. This summer you'll go to CSS again but as a camper! Lots of pool time, playground time and fun!! Then in September you'll start your 3rd year at school. I feel so lucky to have found a community that loves you as much as we do. I especially love that you are learning the Jewish traditions. Tomorrow for your birthday, you are Shabbat girl! I can't wait to see you!

Your food habits are getting a bit better. Your becoming slightly more adventurous as you get older but still stick with your favorite foods. These include fruit (blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apples), refried beans, pork roll, bagels with cream cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, french fries, snacks (pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks) and of course - whole milk. You like sweets sometimes (but mostly eat a bite or two before moving on to playing or milk). I hope to teach you great eating habits and the importance and running & playing.

You LOVE TV, movies & the iPad -- I limit your time and use it as a reward. You love to go to the movies as well. You have so many favorites and we watch a lot together. You also LOVE to watch random YouTube videos including play-doh, Disney & surprise eggs. Random but funny. You love to read books and we read several a day including a few before bed.

You have a great memory and I love teaching you new things every day. I am going to video you saying all of your tricks tomorrow so everyone can see how smart you are! You love spelling new words, learning about money, colors, shapes and more.

My sweet girl, I could write about you for days. 3 years ago you made me a mother. You have taught me what it means to love. You have showed me attitude and sass and empathy and love and light. You repeat to me "MAMA, I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH" and I melt. You are my everything and my joy and the reason I live.

Continue to love and play and sing and dance. We had the best time at your 3rd birthday celebrating with everything Little Mermaid while at the movies -- you greeted everything with a smile and a hug and it just shows me how social and loving you are.

Simply put, I adore you.

Newborn. 1 year old. 2 years old. 3 years old. 

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