My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Benny is 17 months!

Not picking his nose but rather saying shhhh ;)

Post-Picture taking milk break ;)

17 month stats:
Weight: Flirting with 29 pounds?
Height: I think roughly 33-34 inches?
Eating: All day, every day - luckily still willing to eat everything in sight!
Clothes: 18-24 months & 24 months, 2T and some 3T
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: 6.5 or 7

Mr. Benjamin - 

Another month, come & gone. There are times that I literally can't kiss your face enough. You are a mama's boy through & through and I cherish every second of you climbing into my lap and snuggling on my shoulder. Your bright brown eyes drink in everything around you but you'll always come running back to Mama - for this I am so very thankful. 

You are a gentle giant -- but your temper is starting to come through. The terrible twos are starting to show - it's hard but we are working through it. When I don't understand what you're saying or you don't get your way, you arch your back and scream with such fury but I can usually distract with you food. You are a running, giggling, dancing, singing and funny-face making machine. You mimic everything you hear and see (especially Layla) which makes for some of the funniest moments. 

Now that it's summer, we spend a lot of time outside. This is your favorite. You walk around, blow bubbles, color with chalk and play with the little play car we have. Your favorite is still any & all balls - as long as you have one to throw & kick, you're happy. We went through a rough patch last week - 5 days of you feeling awful and only wanting to live on my hip. I'm not sure if it was teething or a virus but it was terrible. You wouldn't play, you cried all day, everyday, you wouldn't nap. It was just a really tough time - I'm so happy to report you're back to your happy, playing, silly self. We went to the beach last week and you wouldn't swim or play with the sand - it was the pits. I hope to get you back to the beach ASAP so you can really enjoy it. I'm loving the warm weather and hoping to spend tons of time outside with you this summer. 

Your speech is really taking off -- you are now staying some 2-3 word sentences and I'm so proud of you. I've been working on your colors and you're slowly getting it. You love love love to build castles & read books which is really cool. Your favorite is Mr. Brown can Moo! Can You? (Dr Suess) - the other day you picked it up and immediately starting moo'ing - how smart! We are also working on your animal sounds which is adorable (most of the time, you say everything "Ruffs!!!") but you'll get it. 

You still love Jacks Big Music Show & Doc McStuffins -- but overall still not loving TV or movies. You'll watch if Layla's watching in the car but mostly you'd rather have music. 

Now that you're feeling better, we're back to you loving sleep. You go to sleep promptly at 6:30 PM and wake up anywhere from 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM. You nap daily for anywhere from 2-3 hours. Luckily I have you & Layla napping at the same time in the afternoons. You love Brian & Teddy (your bears) more then anything. We have two Brian dolls now and I keep one with me at all times. You immediately calm down and suck your thumb at the sight of him. It's adorable, of course ;) 

I'm really happy that your appetite continues -- you love to try whatever we are eating which is hugely helpful. I have to keep you out of the pantry as you're constantly in there asking for a "nnnnnack" (snack). Your new obsession is Fiber 1 bars, ha!! I have to give you prunes every morning to help things moving but you're pretty good about me giving it. 

I'm trying to drink in every second of these next couple of months with you. Starting next week, Layla will go to camp 4 days a week (plus Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house on Thursdays) so we have ALL summer together. I hope we can do lots of trips to the zoo, aquarium, please touch museum, sesame place & more. I am dreading you starting school in September. I know you'll love it but I feel like it'll be a hard transition (for both of us!)

This next month will include trips everywhere, a vacation over 4th of July to Ft Lauderdale and lots of snuggles with you, my little friend. 

These past 17 months have been the best of my life -- you & your sister are simply the best things that ever happened to me. I often wonder when we will add another little babe into the picture - I know we will, eventually, but for now I am loving our time together as a family of 4. I just love you so much, my babe. 

First time in a booster!

This I ONLY WANT MAMA phase is going on & on... while a little tough, I LOVE it!

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