My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


  • The weather is FINALLY warming up. Hopefully we are saying goodbye to old man winter & hello to spring & summer. It's still quite chilly in the mornings (high of 60 today) but I'm not complaining. It's SO nice to spend time outside going on walks. Even errands are easier -- I'm ready to throw our winter jackets in the closet and never bring them out again ;)
  • Yesterday, I had lunch with 3 of my best girls. Karen, Shari, Melanie & I all decided to have a yummy meal out -- and I took a chance and brought Layla. It was smack in the middle of her usual nap time so I was a little nervous but she rocked it! Karen lives in Virginia so I was really happy she got to spend some quality time with LJE. My favorite part of the afternoon was Layla making friends with the table next to us. There were 4 little girls (ages 4-8) that were playing in the corner. Layla immediately wanted to join them - no fear to make new friends. I let her go play and they were so warm & welcomed her right on, holding her hand and teaching her the game they were playing (an odd version of musical chairs combined with follow the leader). I'm SO proud of her when she does this -- it's not easy to talk to people you don't know and she always does so proudly and with a smile. I tend to make friends easily and I hope she will have the same attitude. It's nice to meet people -- it can be a very lonely world when you are shy -- she is so great at bringing out the best in people. At only 2 years old, she's a rock star. 
  • The move to Florida in 2015 is becoming more & more of a reality. It's very excited and terrifying and awesome and anxiety-ridden. I'll write more on that one day, maybe. 
  • We have big changes coming our way, professionally speaking. In fact, I just updated my resume and I'm thinking about getting back into the working world - just a bit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a stay at home mom and I want that to continue to be priority # 1 - but if I can bring a little extra money in the house, that's not such a bad thing. I asked a recruiter to find me a part-time, stay at home position and he's working on it. Fingers crossed!!!
  • Layla's sweet napping sounds make me swoon. I'm going to go lay next to her and perhaps close my eyes. But most likely I'll be researching houses in South Florida ;) 

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