My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Benny turns 15 months!

15 months and cute as pie. 

Curls upon curls -- this was right after a morning bath :)


Watching Layla (sorry for poor quality of pictures bud -- iPhone!)

Thumb Sucking is your fav. 


Oh I love you!

15 month stats:
Weight: I'd guess between 28-30 pounds.
Height: I'd guess around 33 inches.
Eating:  A lot - and everything in sight! I'm so proud of you! Also chugging almond milk & water!
Clothes: Mostly 2T - a bit big but it is so cute!
Diaper: Size 5.
Shoe Size: 6.5 WIDE!

I'm so so sorry this is a day late. No excuse other then gorgeous weather forcing us to spend the day at the zoo & our passover Seder last night -- so here we are, 15 months & 1 day old. Can that seriously be true?! I feel like your 1st birthday party full of mustaches & music was yesterday - or last weekend. But NOPE! You turned 1 a whopping 3 months ago -- and you've been full steam ahead ever since.

You are a running, climbing, jumping, dancing machine -- always on the go and adoring your independence. You've perfected walking -- in fact, the very rare times you choose to crawl are a shock! You even love to walk backwards -- it's hysterical because you inevitably bump into anything behind you. You mostly wear your "dressy" brown shoes but we were lucky enough to get Andrew's old blue crocs which are perfect for all the warmer temps!! You are pretty good at holding hands but when we go for walks outside, you always choose to head straight for the busy street. Adventurous? Crazy? BOY!
You LOVE to play, giggle, hold hands with Layla, play outside, eat, chase the cats, suck your thumb and snuggle with Brian, your stuffed lovie. You are really starting to enjoy being around other kids. You love your cousins (I think Ava is your favorite) -- you always want to be with the other kids but like to explore by yourself. Your favorite toys are balls & blocks -- and you've recently discovered toy trucks -- we may have to get you some! You like to build castles and sit on your chair. You love books (sometimes) and reallllly love to dance.

You're still not very interested in TV. You will watch an episode of Jacks Big Music Show when bored and you love the beginning of Doc McStuffins but that's it. If we're in the car and Layla's watching a movie, you'll glance up. Music is defintely your favorite thing and you'd much prefer listening to some good tunes :)
You've had your 8th (I think) ear infection which STINKS!! I feel so bad because you're usual happy demeanor is always replaced by a sad, tear streaked face. I love antibiotics because they make you feel better but hurt your belly SO bad. We may talk to the doctor about tubes - I really don't want to so we'll see. You're still sleeping excellent -- going to bed around 6:30 PM and waking up around 6:30 AM (sometimes earlier if you hear your sister) -- you are napping twice a day around 9 AM - 10:30 AM and then in the afternoon around 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. I wake you from your morning nap so that you can take a nice afternoon nap. Recently, there's been a couple of days that you didn't nap in the morning. I wonder if you're going to start giving up that nap? I wouldn't mind as it'll allow us to have more fun in the morning!
You are a TALKER!! You can say a lot (although I may be the only one that understands you) and you can repeat everything. You're also very good at understanding & comprehending -- it's amazing how much you know and retain. We're working on animal sounds which you are slowly picking up!
You LOVE food -- It's a huge relief as your sister is a picky eater. Last night, you chowed down on gelfite fish & black olives. You'll basically eat whatever we are eating. You love bananas, pouches & danimals but prefer "mama & dada food!" We gave up cow's milk for almonds milk to help your belly and I think it's making a big difference.
Every Monday we go to music class followed by lunch with Pop-Pop. You LOVE it and dance while playing with instruments. We recently joined Toddler Tunes at Romp & Roll and you're finally starting to love it. The first two weeks were fun but you were very hesitant to try anything new. Now you were running around, climbing and LOVED the bubbles at the end! SO cute. I'm so excited for SPRING - warmer weather equals time outside, playing and running and laughing.
My favorite thing about you is your LOVE for cuddles and hugs. You'll be in the middle of playing and will look at me with your big brown eyes, run up and throw all of your weight on me while sucking your thumb and lay on my shoulder. It's the sweetest moment and the best feeling. I think it's safe to say you're a mama's boy!!!!
I love you so very much - keep growing and running and jumping and dancing and being the curious, sweet boy you are!!!!!

Ready for summer!!!!!

Always intertwined with Layla!

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