My little family!

My little family!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Benny Turns 14 months!!

Typical Benny....thumb in the mouth and Brian in the hand :)

I'm 14 months... weeeeeee!

hi there pretty lady ;)


Running away from me!

14 months old!


14 months and handsome...also not in the mood for pictures. 

14 month stats:
Weight: Roughly 28-29 pounds.
Height: Roughly 33 inches?
Eating: Everything & Anything... all the time :)   
Clothes: 18 month (getting small), 24 month, 2T
Diaper: Size 5
Shoe Size: BIG ;) haha...6.5 wide

Benjamin Sawyer -- 

What a month you're having!!! It's been full of changes -- you are 100% a toddler. A walking, running, jumping, singing, dancing, giggling, climbing, cuddling boy. You are unbelievably sweet and loving and a complete JOY to be around. You've all but given up crawling and you are full on walking - you fall (often) but rarely cry and keep on going. 

You are seriously thinning out. I watch you run and I swear the next day you're taller and thinner. It's so sweet and SO sad - luckily you are keeping your chubby cheeks. I love them so much and kiss you constantly. Your hair grows SO fast - I think you're ready for a haircut again and I swear we just went. It's blond and CURLY after a bath but because it's weight, it straightens really fast. 

You are SO smart - Mom-Mom told me I should get you tested for MENSA ;) Seriously, I'm in awe of all you understand and retain. In addition to the adorable things you do (dance, clap, wave, dance, say "no-no", jump and run), you can now follow almost all directions. If I ask you to get something (a ball, your cup, Brian your doll, etc), you immediately understand and get it. You know how to throw things in the trash, you know how to climb the steps, you know a few body parts (tongue, teeth, hair, nose), you know a few animal sounds (sheep, cat, dog) -- I'm blown away by how much you are soaking up and I LOVE watching you learn!!! You love to hold my hand when we walk and REALLY love to hold my hands when we dance. It's so sweet - you'll stand in front of me with your hand out -- basically saying GET UP MA! Your favorite toys are balls, bowls, blocks, musical toys (drums, bells), the piano and books. You have a hard time sitting and reading a whole book but I will continue to read and soon enough you'll be begging for books the way your sister does!

Your love of music continues and your lack of love for TV is the same - the only show you have any interest in is Jacks Big Music Show - we have the DVD for the car and you giggle so hard at the show. It's the sweetest. 

I think we are done with bottles. You have a hard time and are definitely drinking less milk then normal but we are on day 2 of NO bottles so I'm thinking it's time to pack them away. You drink almond milk because the whole milk hurt your belly a bit. You love it and it works! It's not as much fat as cow's milk but you LOVE to eat so it works. Total opposite of your sister!! You eat anything we are having for dinner. For breakfast, you'll usually have yogurt -- for lunch, whatever I'm eating! You don't love whole fruit (oranges, strawberries, blueberries) but you still love to eat the pouches of veggies & fruits so it works. You continue to be a great sleeper -- going to bed at 6:30 and sleeping until 6:30/7:00 AM. You nap twice a day - once in the morning (2-3 hours after you wake up) and again in the afternoon (2-3 hours after waking up from morning nap) - you'll sleep anywhere from 1-2 hours both times. You don't sleep well in the car or at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's house but that's okay - you sleep great at home which is all that matters!

You are certainly a talking machine - you repeat everything we say. Some of your favorite words are Mama, Dada, Layla, Cat, Ball, Banana, Grandma, Socks, Night Night, No-No, Bottle, Popcorn, Dog.. SO many more. It's so awesome and I love hearing you try to communicate. Sometimes you get frustrated and I know it's because you can't say what you are feeling - soon enough buddy!!

I can't believe in just a few short months, you'll be starting school. I love our time together the past 14 months - it's so fun to be with you every single day and I'll miss that. I will enjoy every second of the next 6 months before you start school with your sister!! You'll be going Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays -- it'll be great. We go to music class every Monday together and you love it so very much. You make friends easily and kiss anyone that will get near you :) We are going to start Romp & Roll next week so you can get to climbing and jumping! 

A big and exciting trip to Florida is coming up next week - you're a professional traveler now!! I think this is your 7th trip to Florida?? CRAZY!!! Mama & Dada will be leaving you with Grandma & Grandpa while we go to Aruba - I'll miss you so very much but you'll do great. You adapt well, your sweet, loving and so very fun. You are such a delight and I can't wait to watch you grow, learn and love. 

We adore you little man!!!!!!!

A smooch from your sister

Picnic -- pirate's booty on a blanket!

Your new trick. OY!

Taking a stroll outside :)


Layla (33 months) & Benny (14 months)

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