My little family!

My little family!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Benny turns 13 months!!!

13 months - handsome as ever!!

I literally bite your cheeks.

Why so serious?

Benny in a nutshell. That's Brian he's clutching :)

Sweet boy.

Benny has a Brian on his head.

Layla couldn't resist a smooch!


13 month stats:
Weight: Somewhere in the 28 pound range?
Height: He's so tall - I'd guess 32 inches? 
Eating: All day, everyday :)  
Clothes: 18-24 month and 2T :)
Diaper: Size 5  

Benny Boy,
13 months??? Didn't you just turn 12 months? 11 months? 10 months? I know, I know. I am like a broken record but it's just insane to me - time is flying by faster then ever and while I'm complaining about early wake-ups and frozen temperatures, I need to remind myself that this precious time will be my most favorite. 

You are so very handsome. There are times I study your sweet face and wonder how something could be so beautiful. Your big, brown eyes light up with wonder & joy at the sight of your sister, the cat, a ball. You are so big but with all of your walking around, you're really starting to lose your baby chub. This slays me as I LOVE baby rolls - but with a little boy constantly on the go, it's no wonder you're losing the baby fat! You just had your 2nd haircut and look handsome as ever. Your hair is a dirty blond - it's so cute I can't take it. 

You are VERY good at walking - I'd say you're 90% walking, 10% crawling at this point. You're fast! You're also very good at climbing - amazing on stairs - and incredible at DANCING!! If you hear music, you immediately start bobbing your head and shaking your whole body. You love to clap your hands and sing songs. You love to wave BYE-BYE and sings songs. You're favorite thing is to play with Layla - most of the time she wants to play too, but you are now "fighting" over toys. It's tough because Layla was so used to you letting her do whatever she wanted. Not anymore! Now you fight back - I'm proud of you buddy. I mostly let the two of you work out your problems and you do a great job. It's clear Layla is your best friend and favorite person (tied with Mama & Dada). 

You're not very interested in the TV except for Jacks Big Music Show. So opposite of Layla - she'd watch the iPad and TV all day if I let her - not you. You'd much rather listen to music and have a catch with a ball. Your favorite toy is a ball - you call it a "DA" and run to the ball any chance given!

You're an excellent sleeper - we went through a little rough patch with napping (I think due to teething or traveling or diaper rash or something else?!) but you're really amazing. You go to sleep 6:30-6:30 (a little earlier today - pass the coffee!) and nap twice a day. It used to be like clock work, every 2 hours you needed a nap. Now it's moving towards 3 hours. So today you woke up around 6 AM but I'll put you in around 9AM for a nap. You LOVE Brian, your stuffed animal and also like Teddy - your little bear. These past couple of months have been really busy traveling and you've adapted so beautifully. 

You're officially transitioned from breast milk to formula to organic whole milk but you're not quite ready to let go of the bottle. I'm not forcing it and I know you'll switch soon. Hopefully by your 14 month birthday! :)

You're an amazing talker and repeat everything I say. Your staple words are Mama, Dada, Cat (Dat), Layla, Ball (Da), Pop-Pop, Elmo, All Done, Hello, Bye-Bye, Pickles, Bagels, Pizza, No-No, Uh Oh, It's Good. Probably more!!! Just like Layla, you're a little chatter box and I love your high-pitched sweet voice so very much. 

You love love love FOOD - anything I'm eating, you want to try. The only food I've found that you DON'T like is strawberries!! Everything else, you'll eat (and a lot). You're a growing boy and I'm so proud of you for trying any and all foods. You love water too -- you drink a lot of it daily. I am trying so very hard to teach you & Layla how important it is to eat a good, balanced diet full of healthy foods. Of course you love dessert like your mama so you get special treats from time to time!!

This winter has been awful - tons of snow, ice and lots of indoor time - you've really loved it and I think your favorite place to be is with mama and your toys. On Mondays, we take Layla to school and then it's your morning!! We drive around while you nap in the car (haha) and then it's music class. You love it SO much - you sit right in front of Miss Sandy and sway to every song. You are always looking back to make sure I'm there but you've become very independent. After class, we have lunch with Pop-Pop. You love eating the pickles, matzah ball soup and assorted other goodies we order. On Wednesdays & Fridays, Layla's also at school and it's so lovely to spend time with my little man. We sure do miss our girly and love to pick her up from school!! You've had an amazing month going to Disney World for the first time. I can't wait to go back in December -- I think you'll love it even more!!!

A couple of quick, funny things I love that you do. First, you always find the shoes scattered around the house and EAT the bottoms. It's so gross and I hate it but you've made a game of it. If you see a shoe, you make your way over and stuff it in your mouth while I scream in horror. You giggle - so weird. Second, you love to SCREAM high pitched while I jump from being scared. It's another game we play and you laugh so hard scaring me! Third, you love to crawl over, put your head on my shoulder, suck your thumb and cuddle. It's the sweetest, most amazing feeling and I hope you do it forever!!!!

With time marching on, it's insane to think you're now officially signed up for school. You'll be starting in September (you'll be 20 months) and I'm so excited for you. I know you'll love it and will learn so much but I'm SO sad to think that I won't be with you everyday. I'm going to go back to work part-time so I can buy you anything you want ;) I love you buddy. You're the cutest, sweetest, most perfect little man and I can't wait to watch you grow into a running toddler!!

Lots of love,

Haircut & your first lollipop!

So handsome!

Literally seconds after waking up from a nap <3

Cool guy!

C'mon. THAT FACE. 

Your favorite place to be. 

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