My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Helloooo 2014!!!


Here we are. A new day. A new year. A chance to start over and write a new chapter.

A look back on 2013... and I'll be writing tomorrow as I look forward to this new year. 

Favorite trip? We were so lucky to travel to Florida (several times), NYC,'s a toss up of what my favorite trip was. I LOVED heading to South Florida in May with Benny, my sister & Remi. It was a quick girls trip and despite Benny getting sick, it was so lovely to spent time with my sister and see friends & family (while meeting my best friend's new baby boy, Owen) -- this is of course tied with Jamaica. Josh & I recently had the chance to go to Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 5 seconds and I literally loved every second. I'll write more about this later. 

Favorite book? Oh I have no idea.. I can't remember what I read. Most recently I read Artie Lange's book Crash & Burn and really enjoyed it.

Favorite movie? Hmmm.. this is tough again because my memory stinks. Very recently we saw "Inside Llewyn Davis" and it was incredible.

Favorite TV show? EASY -- BREAKING BAD!!!! Wowza. Loved it. Also watched all of Parenthood and reallllly loved it.

Favorite song? Album? I love John Mayer - his song, Train, was my anthem when Mom-Mom Rose became sick and passed away. I love Lorde. And, like any 30-year-old wannabe teen, I love Justin Timberlake, Katy Pery & Miley ;) haha! 

Favorite purchase? For my 30th birthday, Josh bought me my first (and only) Louis Vuitton - it's my pride & joy. 

Favorite meal out? Del Friscos for Josh's 31st birthday. YUM. 

Favorite new recipe? Cheesy Pasta - thanks Pinterest!!!

Favorite day? Hands down, January 14th. The day Benjamin Sawyer was BORN. The days following were so very special. 

Favorite outfit? My green-striped Gap dress. It's cute, comfortable and makes me feel thin. It's the first outfit I wore after having Benny and friends told me I looked like I never had a baby (which was a lie and why I love my friends). 

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving & Hanukkah fell on the same day this year. We were home and celebrated with my entire family. I loved it so very much.

..... so there ya go! That about wraps up my year. It was full of love, tears and fun. I adjusted (slowly) to life of two  under two. I left J&J to become a full-time Mama and I've learned so much from my "bosses". I've worked on our marriage to make it my top priority and fell in love with Josh in a whole new way. 

I can't wait to see what this year brings. It's a time of change. Benny will start school. Last will start her THIRD year of school. We will figure out our next big move... and it may be life changing. 

Cheers to a happy, healthy and love-filled year - 2014!

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