My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


To my left, Layla & Rigby are snuggled up and snoring away.

Benny is upstairs tucked away in the corner of his crib - sucking his thumb and clutching Brian, his stuffed buddy.

It's a snowy, cold, sunny day and for this brief amount of time I have a little window to write.



1. This morning, Josh's mom left after being with us the past week. She flew in and was lucky enough to see Layla as Shabbat Girl, Benny's 1st birthday party and a HUGE snowstorm. She was supposed to leave Tuesday but due to weather we got her an extra couple of days. It was great having an extra set of hands (especially because both kids had viruses and are now on antibiotics) -- plus it doesn't hurt she is always cleaning/doing dishes/willing to read the same story 57 times over again. The kids love having her here and so do we! It was sad to say goodbye but luckily we'll be seeing her next week!

2. Disney World is on my brain -- in 6 days we'll be en route to Sunny Orlando - plans include Disney World, UCF and Drew & Jaime's wedding. It'll be a jam-packed few days but I'm super stoked to see everyone. I literally can't wait to see Layla's face when we have breakfast with all the princesses.

3. Yesterday we finally made our way to the mall and got Benny his first two pairs of shoes. The kid has fat wide feet so it made buying shoes nearly impossible. The lovely lady at Stride Rite made it very easy and he is now the proud owner of size 6.5 W sneakers and brown fancy shoes. Too cute for words! I tried putting them on him this morning and couldn't. I know they fit so it's a matter of figuring out how to get them on while he is curling his toes. Also, Layla (who is now a size 8.5!) got a really cute silver pair of Ariel Light-Up shoes. They're so cheesy but she's so in love. They're meant for Spring/Summer plus their a tad big but we'll bring them to Florida next week. Luckily the Ariel is the size of a dime - I hate character clothes/shoes. If it was up to Layla, she'd wear princess everything. She requests the same pair of Ariel PJs every night.

4. On Friday, 1/17 - one of dear friends & sorority sisters, Sara, lost her sweet boy Monroe to a rare heart defect. I followed their story everyday on Facebook and prayed every night. I talked about Monroe a lot with my family and after a tough 10 weeks, he lost his battle. It's so very sad and heartbreaking and just feels so - unfair. They are amazing parents and I hope they find peace within this station. Their attitude has been so positive thus far and I hope they will continue to laugh and love and remember how amazing Momo was.  I'm going to try really hard to get to see Sara next week while in Orlando. I forget how amazing being a Kappa Kappa Gamma sister really is - I have an entire group of women who love me despite miles and years apart.

5. I'm on a serious mission to lose weight. We gained a lot of weight back in December (Josh & I) thanks to serious eating and being away for 3 weeks. Now that we're back, it's back to business. I'm down about 2.6 pounds and have roughly 23 more to go... I hope to get there by Aruba in March or at least by the summer. I'm really loving my Fitbit Force -- it's keeping me motivated.

6. I want a Nook. I bought The Book Thief on my IPAD but haven't had the chance to read a page of it because Layla's always on the IPAD doing puzzles or it's not charged. I love the idea of reading books on a device (I used to be so anti but I'm coming around) and the Nook may be what's best.

7. I'm thinking about watching Scandal -- I need a new TV show now that the sadness of Breaking Bad ending is over.

8. We had the BEST TIME at Benny's 1st birthday party. I'll blog about it soon with details and pictures but suffice to say, it was a mustache bash success.

9. I hate my iPhone. It dies all the time - the battery stinks. I need to get it fixed asap. Our desktop MAC computer broke last week - it completely zonked out and I'm freaking out because ALL  of our pictures are on there (including my wedding pix which have not yet been made into an album). I'm praying we can retrieve it all and just get a new computer. Uhhhh.

10. I hate winter. The idea of moving to Florida creeps closer and closer to reality with each freezing morning.

A sneak peak of my big boy at his party!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Benjamin's 1 year!

What a stud!!!
My big boy!!

You & your Dada...twins. Except you're a blond. Randomly.

Not in the mood to take pictures but still cute as ever.

A boy and his bear..Teddy.

Cheeks & lips.

Your hands are so big. You will either play football or piano.


I love you!!!

12 month stats:
Weight: About 28 pounds! (7 pounds more then Layla at this age)
Height: 32 inches! (1.5 inches bigger then Layla at this age!)
Eating: 3 Meals a day + Snacks. Working on saying goodbye to formula...currently getting bottles of formula + milk mixed 4-5 times a day.
Clothes: 18 month, 18-24 month and 2T!
Diaper: Size 5 baby!!!!

My sweet, handsome, lovely, gorgeous boy -- 

It was a Wednesday in May. I was sitting in the kitchen feeding Layla. We all just got home from school & work and your Dada insisted I take a pregnancy test. Layla was barely 11 months old (younger then you are now) and I thought there is no way we could be pregnant again. And so I giggled my way into the bathroom, took a pregnancy test and watched as that faint pink line showed up twice. I stared at it. I sat and just looked at this pregnancy test in shock and awe. Could it be? I ran out to the kitchen and showed your Dada who started jumping, skipping and shouting -- we are pregnant!!!! Layla giggled because we were giggling. Then I cried because I was so unprepared for this shocking news -- little did I know it would result in the very best surprise I could ever receive. 

Our journey together while you were in my belly was a scary one - I was sick more often then not. I was tired all the time. And worst of all..we had results that scared me more then I could ever say. We spent an entire day on September 11, 2012 at CHOP testing you while you remained warm in my belly. And at the end of that day of testing, with Mom-Mom by my side, we received the best news ever -- you were healthy and strong. It was a huge relief. 

3 months after that, on a Monday afternoon... I was nervous, excited and ready to see your little face. And after a successful and happy C-Section, you were born. The nurses and doctors shouted "OH MY GOD! HE'S SO BIG!" and I asked over & over if you were okay?! And they shouted "YES! HE'S GREAT! AND HE'S 10 POUNDS, 1 OUNCE!" ... the funniest, warmest feeling came over my body and within a minute they put you on my chest. And there you sat, calm and cool as they finished the surgery. It was a magical moment I will never forget. After that, we were sent to the recovery room - just you & I. Dada came a bit later but for a while, we sat. Just you & I, learning and studying each other. You breastfed for one solid hour and it was a puzzle piece that fit together. It's true what they say... a baby is our heart on the outside of our body. For the next 4 days, we spent time together in the hospital. Those hours spent with just us are an amazing moment in time. Your whole family immediately fell in love with your chubby cheeks and big eyes. 

And now here we are. 12 months later. A walking (sort of), talking, climbing, giggling, eating machine. 

You are so very handsome. You are very tall and strong. You have the biggest brown eyes that are so bright and alive. Your hair seems to be getting blonder and blonder by the day! You are really losing your chubby body and growing into a little toddler by the second. 

Right around December 22nd, you took your first steps in Florida. One day you just got it - and since then, you've taken more & more steps every single day. You are SO proud of yourself and clap with each step you take. We are proud of you too buddy!! You love using your walker to run across the floor - it's so cute. You can stand alone for a long time and love to pick toys up off the floor while standing. Very strong!! You are amazing at having a catch with a ball - your favorite toy. You wave bye-bye, clap, dance like a maniac, give sweet kisses, do SO BIG, and hold up one finger when I ask how old you are turning. You repeat a lot of words I say which is so so cute. You are obsessed with the cats ("DAT!") and love to lay with them and suck on their fur (gross). You are recently obsessed with the steps and can fly up them if I'm behind you. 

Music is your favorite - if you hear a song you like, your little body & head immediately start moving in rhythm. You're not too interested in the TV (opposite of your sister) except for Jacks Big Music Show -- we only have 3 episodes and put them on for you if you're in the mood. You love to dance to the beginning song and when they bark like a dog, you repeat it. 

You are a master sleeper.The past week has been a little tough with your naps but without fail, you sleep 6:30-6:30 every night (sometimes longer) and you nap twice a day, about 1-2 hours each. You love your crib and especially love Brian, your stuffed animal :) You sleep with your bum in the air and it's so sweet. You love your sound machine and a dark room. You don't seem to need the bottle to fall asleep so we're going to put the bottles away very soon. 
A talking machine and learning more everyday. Your FAVORITE word is Dada.. over & over & over in the sweetest little voice. You also say Mama, Ball, All Done, Cat, Dog, Ding-Dong, Layla & Thank You. It's so adorable and I love hearing you chat... you also have THE BEST belly laugh I've ever heard from any baby. It's so loud and infectious, I could listen to it all day long!!!
You are a great eater and love to share whatever I'm eating. You used to have oatmeal every morning but seem to be moving away from that. You love bananas, bread, french fries, macaroni salad, meat, and more... I hope you continue to eat as well as you do now because it's SO hard with your big sister!! I can't wait to see you eat cake at your birthday party (although I'll admit you've had lots of sweets lately..just little tastes here & there never heard anyone!)
We recently started music class again -- this time it's just me & you. I decided to go on a day Layla has school - I know she's sad to miss it but I love the time where I can focus all my attention on you! You love it so much - you sit right by Miss Sandy and dance away. You love the guitar and all the instruments she brings you. I hope to sign us up at Romp & Roll soon - once you start walking full time, we will sign up! 
You are a major traveler. You clearly don't like to fly too much - you're either crying or sleeping on the past few flights :( I hope this gets better with time. You've been to Florida 5 times and in a few weeks, we'll be heading back down South for your very first trip to DISNEY WORLD!!! I think you'll love it and I look forward to many, many more trips to the Magical Kingdom!!
Your big 1st birthday party is coming up quick and I cannot wait to celebrate YOU!!!! It'll be a perfect afternoon filled with love & music. 

I started filling our paperwork for you to start school in September. Can it be? Is my baby boy old enough to start school?? While not quite yet.. the day is coming quick. I've loved these past 12 months. There have been very few days that I've spent away from you. We are so lucky to have spent so much time together. 

I love you so much. I love the way you teach me how to slow down, to enjoy life, to giggle at the little things. I love the way you love Dada & Layla. I love how you crawl over to me and put your head on my lap while sucking your thumb. I love how you cuddle for a second before popping your head up and laughing. I love it all and I can't wait to watch you grow into a handsome, smart, creative little boy. 

Today, on your actual birthday..your big sister was sick with an awful virus. All of our plans got cancelled but you were sung to by a lot of people that called... and we will celebrate this weekend, I promise! Also -- I bought you a big chocolate chip cookie and you loved it so much. I think you forgave me! :)

We love you so much my sweet boy. 
You  were still a little nugget in my belly!

I LOVED our time together in the hospital. 

My favorite. You were ready to go home!

Oh I love you...

Baby in a basket.

Your first bottle of breastmilk - like a champ!


As soon as you were big enough.. the love affair began!



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Helloooo 2014!!!


Here we are. A new day. A new year. A chance to start over and write a new chapter.

A look back on 2013... and I'll be writing tomorrow as I look forward to this new year. 

Favorite trip? We were so lucky to travel to Florida (several times), NYC,'s a toss up of what my favorite trip was. I LOVED heading to South Florida in May with Benny, my sister & Remi. It was a quick girls trip and despite Benny getting sick, it was so lovely to spent time with my sister and see friends & family (while meeting my best friend's new baby boy, Owen) -- this is of course tied with Jamaica. Josh & I recently had the chance to go to Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 5 seconds and I literally loved every second. I'll write more about this later. 

Favorite book? Oh I have no idea.. I can't remember what I read. Most recently I read Artie Lange's book Crash & Burn and really enjoyed it.

Favorite movie? Hmmm.. this is tough again because my memory stinks. Very recently we saw "Inside Llewyn Davis" and it was incredible.

Favorite TV show? EASY -- BREAKING BAD!!!! Wowza. Loved it. Also watched all of Parenthood and reallllly loved it.

Favorite song? Album? I love John Mayer - his song, Train, was my anthem when Mom-Mom Rose became sick and passed away. I love Lorde. And, like any 30-year-old wannabe teen, I love Justin Timberlake, Katy Pery & Miley ;) haha! 

Favorite purchase? For my 30th birthday, Josh bought me my first (and only) Louis Vuitton - it's my pride & joy. 

Favorite meal out? Del Friscos for Josh's 31st birthday. YUM. 

Favorite new recipe? Cheesy Pasta - thanks Pinterest!!!

Favorite day? Hands down, January 14th. The day Benjamin Sawyer was BORN. The days following were so very special. 

Favorite outfit? My green-striped Gap dress. It's cute, comfortable and makes me feel thin. It's the first outfit I wore after having Benny and friends told me I looked like I never had a baby (which was a lie and why I love my friends). 

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving & Hanukkah fell on the same day this year. We were home and celebrated with my entire family. I loved it so very much.

..... so there ya go! That about wraps up my year. It was full of love, tears and fun. I adjusted (slowly) to life of two  under two. I left J&J to become a full-time Mama and I've learned so much from my "bosses". I've worked on our marriage to make it my top priority and fell in love with Josh in a whole new way. 

I can't wait to see what this year brings. It's a time of change. Benny will start school. Last will start her THIRD year of school. We will figure out our next big move... and it may be life changing. 

Cheers to a happy, healthy and love-filled year - 2014!