My little family!

My little family!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hi everyone!!!!

While the kiddos are playing by themselves (and ever so nice, might at add) - I figured I'd update!!

The past week has been nothing less then extra special.

It all started last Friday -- Layla was Shabbat girl for the first time at school. Every Friday, the kids celebrate Shabbat by saying the prayers, singing songs and eating Challah. Each class selects one kid to be Shabbat boy or girl - and on Friday, 11/22, Layla had her chance. I was a little nervous because at her first (and only) public appearance at school for Purim in April, she had a total meltdown when she saw me. This meltdown resulted in me having to sit on the stage during the Purim Show. Talk about embarrassing... BUT.. I had high hopes because Layla is now TWO.. independent and loves the stage.

I was happily right. She rocked it. My dad, Josh & myself when to see her... she was incredible. She said every single part, said all the prayers, picked her own special Shabbat song (entitled Princess) and was really beautiful to watch. I was so proud of her and ultimately realized she has no fear of public speaking and loves the spotlight. It was great.

On Saturday, 11/23, Josh & I took part in something really amazing. I had been reading about these local BYOB painting facilities. Basically, it's an open art studio - you are free to bring in all you can eat and drink. I set up a private party and about 15 of us went to paint. It was SO much fun I can't begin to explain. I have zero art background and enjoyed every second - it was actually therapeutic. We already scheduled our next private party for 2/15 and I cannot wait!!

On Sunday, I hosted a little "mini-mall" at my house.. I had 5 vendors selling various items! It was a lot of fun - a bunch of women came and Layla was in kiddie heaven. My basement was swarming with kiddies!! We also collected a lot of food for our local food bank - very cool and exciting.

The fun doesn't stop there.

On Wednesday, we started off the holiday but having Layla's Hanukkah show at school. Once again, she was amazing -- singing and clapping on stage! Great performance by the cutest little two year olds you've ever seen. After the show, the school served donuts and latkes. So cute and sweet. My mom and Abbey came to see the show along with Josh so it was really nice.

Wednesday night was the first night of Hanukkah -- we lit the menorah and gave the first night's gifts. I gave Josh a Banksy print, the new Artie Lang book and a new game for his new Xbox 1. He loved it :) I gave Layla a Rapunzel doll and horse (she screamed in excitement) and Benny got this amazing activity box with puzzles and assorted other things. It's great and a really fun first night. Shari & Brian came to have dinner with Josh & I and it was a lovely night with friends, per usual.

Thursday was Benny's first THANKSGIVING!!! We spent the day lazy (besides an early morning work-out, go me!) -- that night, my brother Adam & Heather hosted 30 people for the dinner. It was SO SO SO nice - a perfectly fun night and yummy too. My mom has hosted Thanksgiving for 30+ years so it was weird not being there, but the whole night was a huge success. Layla & Benny both got amazing gifts from Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop and we did the kids swap as well. I had Ava & Abbey - Danielle had Layla & Kim had Benny. The greatest gift we got was an amazing authentic UCF football helmet for Benny - too cute.

Friday, we took Layla to her first ever theatre production. This was her major Hanukkah gift - we saw Beauty & The Beast at Academy of Music. My parents watched Benny for us. On the way downtown, Layla passed out -- we woke her up and hurried inside with 5 minutes to spare. We had 6th row seats -- the show began and Layla was immediately mesmerized. She loved the music, dancing - all of it. Of course, she kept asking where Belle was if not in stage, but who can blame her?! She behaved better then all the children around us and they were all much older. She's incredible! I was so proud of her. I can't wait to take her to NYC to see a Broadway show!!!

Saturday, the fun continued. We went to the movies to see Frozen with my brother Matt & Ava - last night Josh & I snuck away for a date night to see Hunger Games 2... and now, here we are. A lazy Sunday.. everyone is napping. Josh made a lasagna crock pot. My parents are coming for dinner.

Oh, and it's DECEMBER?! Insane.

I'm so sad to see this weekend come to an end.. I love having Josh home with us, Layla takes epic afternoon naps, Benny can't get enough Dada kisses... so much fun. Happy holidays everyone.

Next up... Layla's 2 1/2 on the 6th, Benny is 11 months on the 14th and we're heading to Sunny South Florida soon!

Oh this boy <3

Playing while I cook dinner... those are K-Cups and spatulas ;)

My little lady.

Enjoying snacks after the Hannukah show - Layla & Abbey

Hannukah show - wearing the t-shirt she made!

At the Hannukah show - sitting next to Ariella!

Josh with his gifts.

Benny with his gift.

Layla with her gifts.

Two little butts looking outside.

Turkey fun! lol

4 generations... Mom-Mom Millie, my mama, me & Layla

Passed out on the way to Beauty & The Beast

We made it!

So excited!


Layla's napping?? Great.. I'll bash her baby doll ;) lol

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