My little family!

My little family!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Layla: Version 2.5

One day old. Cute as a button. 

My Dearest Layla.... 

It's been 6 months since I last wrote you. After 2 years of monthly letters, it seemed silly to continue the trend. But now I realize these are the precise months I SHOULD be writing you - these days seem to be zooming by and you seem to be changing almost daily. 

You are two

You are discovering, testing, learning, loving, emotional, dramatic and a bit sassy. You are a sponge and soak everything up around you. 

How you look... You are petite. We haven't been to the doctor in a while (knock on wood) but I think you're still hovering around the 25/26 pound mark (same as your brother!). You are just so little - it's so cute. You are tall but seem to be around average for the kids in your class. Your hair is SO long - after a recent haircut I swear it seems longer then ever. It's a beautiful shade of light brown. Your eyes are the most gorgeous shade of blue. Your skin is so fair and I'm careful to not ruin that. 

Your Schedule....Right now, you go to school 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Tuesdays are spent with Benny & I. Thursday are spent at Mom-Mom & Pop-Pops. And the weekends are our favorite... we always plan fun things to do (mainly based around you!) -- you love to play with all of your toys and every weekend day is spent napping with Dada in the afternoon. You LOVE to nap in our bed and it's always 2-3 hours. During the week, I'm lucky if you nap an hour in the crib. At school you nap perfect. At Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop's it's always hit or miss. You go to sleep beautifully between 6:30-7:00 PM every night. We read the Lorax to you in our bed, you put your "red" (it's actually white) sleep sack on and into the crib you go. You still use the sound machine and love a nice, dark room. Your current sleeping buddies are Mr Bear, Kyle, Peter, the frog & Kermit. You also like to sleep with the big Princess blanket we bought you for Hanukkah. You're so cute when you're falling asleep, always one hand by your hand (same as when you drink milk). I'm nervous for the inevitable switch to the big girl bed that's coming soon but for now we're sticking with the crib!j

Your Likes....It's all about princesses. I mean.. they seem to be taking over our lives. Cinderella. Ariel. Rapunzel. Tiana. Jasmine. The list goes on.. you love them all. I can't wait until Disney World in January.. I think your head is going to explode when you meet the princesses in person. You still love to watch movies (we have 51 movies we switch through). You love the read books. You love to do puzzles. You love to color. You love to do puzzles on the iPad. And you REALLY love to watch the most random videos on You Tube. These include (but are not limited to): Play Doh videos, princess videos, Disney World videos, Disney on Ice and random people playing with toys. So strange. You love to play in your kitchen. You love to play in the basement in the ball pit and with your princess castle. You love music and to sing & dance.  You love to brush your teeth, wash your hands, put on "make-up" and look at your clothes. 

Your Dislikes: You don't love the bath (or water on your head, in general). You don't like being away from your mama for too long. You don't like when Benny takes your toys (but otherwise, you're Benny obsessed). Your tantrums are far & few between -- but don't get my wrong, you are two through & through. You love to test your boundaries and want so badly to be a "big girl" sometimes. You're currently in a mama phase -- you want me, quite often. I know this bothers Dada and can be a bit taxing on me when I'm needed elsewhere but of course I secretly love it. 

Your loves: You really love Mama, Dada & Benny (and sometimes smother us in hugs & kisses). You are obsessed with your cousins (all of them). When we're all together, you run from cousin to cousin screaming and yelling "HI ABBEY! HI AVA! HI MARLEY!" -- it's so sweet and genuine. You're in between the ages (the big girls - Ava, Abbey, Marley) and the little girls (Remi, Sami) so you get the best of both worlds. You love your grandparents so very much. We FaceTime daily with Grandma & Grandpa and try to see Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop as often as we can. It's a wonderful connection you've made with them and I love it. You LOVE school - your really in love with your teachers (Miss Jenn, Miss Ashley... and also Miss Lizzie from last year). You talk about all of your "friends" at school. You also really love Isabel, a friend you made at music class. I love her mama so this works beautifully - we've gone to the movies twice with Izzy and you remember both times, talking about them often despite it being a long time ago. Your memory is quite good! You love Disney World and always ask about it. 

Your Food: Whole milk, all day everyday... haha. Still quite a picky eater, you have your few foods that we know you'll always eat. Danimals (yogurt drink), bananas, yogurt, cheese, snacks, pork roll, french fries, matzah ball soup, chicken nuggets. Oh and chocolate, of course. You're sometimes willing to try new foods and you'll randomly shock us by eating a full steak or 3 meatballs. But it's rare. As you're getting older, you're getting better at trying -- also, if you're around a big kid who is eating something, you'll try it. ;)

Your Thoughts: Your speech is incredible -- we have full conversations now. You repeat everything and remember a lot. You are getting really good at your colors. You are good at your letters (but we're working hard to perfect them). You know lots of basic questions (name, city, age, school, teacher's name, mama's name, Dada's name, brother's name). You know the words to a lot of songs and can sing them (somewhat) on key. You are good at your shapes. You're so very observant and soak everything in -- between learning at home & learning at school, you're amazing and so very smart. 

I could go on & on ... my dear girl, my love grows for you every single day. I love when you climb into our bed every morning and snuggle into me while you drink your milk. I love when you ask if I want to sit with you to watch a movie or do a puzzle ("Mama, wanna sit with me on this couch?") I love how you say Hi BENNY, hi BENNY all day, everyday. I love how you just want to play with him all day and always tell him to come near you ("Come here, Benny.. come here!!!"). I love how you ask where Dada is all day and then calmly say "Oh, he's at work Mama!". I love how sweet you are and always ask everyone how they are doing. I love how I ask you if we should have another baby and you always reply with "YES, baby Ellie!" I have no idea where you heard the name Ellie but rest assured, should we have another baby girl, we will need to name her Ellie. You have a very sweet and gentle soul and I am so lucky to call you mine. 

Two & a half is such a special and fun age... I can't wait to see what these next 6 months will hold. Of course your 3rd birthday is already being discussed  and I can't help but think about how fast time is going. I adore you, my sweet girl. You are very special and very loved. 

Happy 2 1/2 birthday!!!!!!

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