My little family!

My little family!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Benjamin is 11 months!

11 month stats:
Weight: 27 pounds. I am not kidding.
Height: I'd guess roughly 32 inches?
Eating: Lots. Everything. He still gets about 4 bottles a day. Will be switching to organic whole milk soon.
Clothes: 18 month, 18-24 month and yes.. even 2T. Catching up to your sister ;)
Diaper: Size 5 (since the age of 3 months, lol)  

My gorgeous brown-eyed boy....

11 months. SO quick and yet... I can't remember what life was like before you? Or maybe I just don't want to. You fill me with such happiness and love. I am forever kissing your sweet face and giggling along with you. You love to climb in my lap and gently rest your head while sucking your thumb. It's so sweet and innocent.

Your so big -- it's so cute. Your hands and feet are giant - your still chubby but you're continuing to slim down the more you move. And move you do, constantly!! You are very fast and always on the go -- you are amazingly quick when you crawl and you're so good at standing & cruising on furniture. I think you'll be walking soon -- any day, in fact. You have no fear and will try anything so one day, I know you'll take your steps and soon after you'll be running around with Layla.
You have lots of cute tricks -- you are really good at "SO BIG!" and waving bye-bye. You love to yell and scream (LOUD!) and love to laugh and fake laugh. You use anything & everything as a push toy. You love to play with Brian, your favorite stuffed animal. You like when we make castles with blocks so you can knock them down. Your favorite toy is a ball - you can have a catch for a long time. You love the stroller and to take long walks, especially outside. It's a good thing we're in Florida for a while - we've been taking daily walks and you just sit and stare at the birds & trees. You love to point to the sky when we mention there is an airplane!

Your not very into the TV (except for Jacks Big Music Show) -- so opposite of your sister. You LOVE music and always dance if something comes on. So cute!!!

You are a master sleeper. I'm SO proud of you -- I was worried you'd have trouble since we're in Florida for a while, but you've adjusted beautifully!!! You sleep every night roughly 6:30-6:30 (waking earlier here but staying in your crib until 6:30) -- you nap twice a day, 1-2 hours each. I'm so lucky you've turned into a great sleeper!!! Right now, we're using Tylenol because you have your 4th ear infection (had to go to the Florida doctor yesterday) -- poor little thing. But you're a champ!!
You are getting very good at talking!! You say Yeh, Hi, Mama, Dada, Layla, Dog, Cat & Ball.
You're a great eater and will pretty much eat anything we have... I hope this continues!!! Your sister was also a great eater around this time and now she's so picky! Hopefully you'll continue to try new foods and enjoy them all. You don't love fruit (but you love your fruit pouches) -- I think it's a little sour for your taste? You love sweet things and I'm excited to see you eat your first piece of cake at your birthday party!!!
We have been in Florida since the 16th and we're here until the 30th.. so great to spend so much time with your family. This is your 5th trip to Florida, pretty crazy!!! Mama & Dada went to Jamaica last week -- it was the first time we were away from you and we missed you SO much. You did great while we were away and when we got back, your eyes lit up and you SCREAMED in delight!! So sweet and loving. My little boy.
We stopped nursing about 4 weeks ago. The last time was a Sunday morning - it was early and everyone else continue to sleep. You played with my cheeks and brushed my face and it was so gentle and sweet. I really miss nursing you and wish we could have continued -- I loved nursing you so much and will cherish those moments.

We sent the invitations on Monday -- I can't wait for everyone to get them!! We are having a big mustache bash -- it's a music class party and it will be so much fun. We can't wait to celebrate you!!!

We love you so much sweet boy. I'm sorry this entry is so late -- please know how special and amazing you are. I can't believe you will be turning ONE so soon!!!!! We have lots to celebrate and do -- your birthday, your party and then... DISNEY WORLD!!!

Love you Benny Boy,

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