My little family!

My little family!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Happy Monday, ya'll!

With the temperatures below freezing and the snow covering everything in sight, it felt only right to cozy up in the corner of my sofa and write a bit.

We had a lovely weekend despite the frigid air. We made our way to Sesame Place on Saturday -- after much confusion (we got there at 11:15 AM and realized the park doesn't open until 1:00 PM... ah!), we were able to squeeze in the last reservation for the lunch with the characters. It was perfect, per usual - Layla loved seeing everyone from Elmo to Telly, even Santa! Benny was completely indifferent - he stared at the characters but didn't smile or cry. Just looked and went back to eating. The kid is amazing.

Yesterday was filled with snow so we spent the day at the gym, followed by playing, napping, eating, playing, outside time and more.

Now it's a new week and I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit -- my beauty regimen.

I always see these on blogs and take notes of new or cool products.

Recently, I've decided to (drastically) change the products I use on both myself and my babies. I'm trying to stay away from chemicals and use lines that are way more organic and body friendly. This isn't easy but I'm heading towards a good routine. It all started after having a fabulous facial & massage at a local spa thanks to Livingsocial -- it's called Eden Organics and I'm completely hooked.

I told the woman doing my facial that I've had horrible skin since 7th grade and pregnancy/nursing hasn't helped. Combined with my current Mirena, my skin is breaking out circa 1995. So she reminded me it's important to use good products that aren't filled with bad chemicals. I also recently discovered Arbonne after my friend Shannon started selling it. It's a great line that is organically made and really good.

Ok, so moving on. My routine. If you have any products you love, please let me know -- I'm learning (at the ripe age of 30) how important skin care is.

Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser is my new (and very nice) face wash. I use it every night. It's soft, smells great and is really good for your skin full of natural products.

Two to three times a week, I use Earth Pure Organics Ultimate Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser. This makes me skin feel incredibly soft and I love it. It can be drying (so I'm told) so I limit the use.

Every morning (and most nights if I remember) I use Earth Pure Organics Sheer Essential Moisture. I was never a nighttime lotion user and I'm learning this was a big mistake!

I currently use Clean & Clear spot acne treatment but I'm searching for an organic spot treatment.

I just got two new eye products from Arbonne - I can't review them because I've literally used them twice but I like them a lot and can't wait to see results!! I'm using the RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Cream at night and the Calm Soothing Eye Gel in the morning. that's that!!! I'm going to switch my make-up too but I'm slowly going to get there. These products aren't cheap but a little goes a long way and I'm happy to take care of myself. I'm also switching the kids shampoos, body wash and diaper creams to more natural.

So.. any products you can share that you love??

(I wasn't paid or asked to write this - all opinions are my own and for fun!)

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  1. I use Everyday Shae for Logan. I get it at Whole Foods and the price is reasonable, I think $8 for a small pump size. There is only like 10 ingredients in it, which makes it "more natural". Just watch that it doesn't get in their eyes bc it doesnt have any numbing chemicals. It is so hard to find a clean body wash, even for babies. We used to use Baby Ganics and California baby but heard bad about those too. There is just no winning, so don't stress too much and try your best to find what works for your family :)