My little family!

My little family!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bottle It Up!!!

Some recent moments I'd love to bottle up and take with me everywhere. 

1. Benny's New Dance Moves
Recently, Benny learned how to dance. He is SO proud. He rocks his all body back and forth and is pretty good at it! If he's sitting or laying, he'll rock his head back & forth. It's the cutest thing I've ever  seen.  

2. Layla's Cousin Obsession
I'm not kidding when I say Layla has a very strong, very real obsession with her cousins. She loves them all so much but her latest crazy addiction is Abbey. She can't get enough. It's a true love and it's so pure and real. Last night, Abbey came over for dinner and Layla said "HI ABBEY!" about 575867 times throughout the night. 

3. Random Warm Days
For some reason, it's strangely warm. Yesterday, we were able to head to the playground and Layla was in heaven. Benny seemed to really like the swings too (he likes the swings but not nearly as much as Layla) -- while we were there, we ran into my nieces Ava & Marley. I thought Layla's head was going to explode - unplanned play dates with her cousins tops her list of favorite things. 

4. Disney World
Yes, it's Mid-November. Yes, we have a million amazing things between now and the end of January. But every single day, Layla & I talk about Disney World. Multiple times. We discuss the rides, the princesses, the food. She asks questions. She is so excited. She's so curious. It will be so magical and I can't wait. 

5. Monday Lunch
Since Layla was 3 months old, my Dad & I have had lunch every Monday. It all started because music class was Monday mornings. With Layla in school on Mondays, Benny has taken her place. It's so special and fun and I really love it. 

6. Breaking Bad
Ok, I know. It's a show. But I love it - and I wouldn't mind bottling it up and re-watching it over and over.

7. Josh
Sometimes he makes me laugh. Hard. Like, doubled over and stomach hurting. Last night, while laying in bed, we had the most random talk about the Hunger Games movie that only he & I would understand or find funny. And I just laughed until tears were streaming down my face. I love that man.

8. Friends
Saturday night, 10 of us went out to celebrate Shari's 30th birthday. It was so so so nice to be together and just relax while eating yummy food. I am so lucky to have such lovely girlfriends and equally lucky to enjoy their husbands <3 

9. Haircuts
This past Saturday, Benny had his first haircut and Layla had her third. After waiting an hour, the kids were so good and well behaved. During the haircuts, they were perfection. They BOTH sat perfectly still while the stylists worked their magic. They look so cute and stylist ;) 

... OK, that's it for now. Thanksgiving is fast approaching along with Layla's 2 1/2 birthday. DAHHHH!!!

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