My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 months old!!

Teddy & Benny

oh man, oh man.

Looking outside.

I could bite this face. And sometimes, I do.

Mama.. really?

Are we done…???

10 month stats:
Weight: I'm guessing a bit over 26 pounds? 
Height: I'm guessing around 30-31 inches!  
Eating: 3 meals a day. Snacks in between. Breast milk every 2-4 hours.   
Clothes: 12 months (rarely, too small), 18 months, 18-24 months and 2T.
Diaper: Size 5.

Benjamin Sawyer,
Here we are again. 10 months old. A measly two months until your very first birthday. Another 4 weeks -- and boy are you growing by the second. This month was full of new things - you are constantly discovering, learning,  moving. You are so sweet, so loving, so ADORABLE. I mean your face is just the cutest. 
You are so handsome - and yes, you're still a BIG boy I have to remind everyone you're still a baby. You are still hanging on to your rolls but you are definitely starting to thin out more and more. I hate it! Your big brown eyes take everything in and you stare at everyone so intently. I wonder what you're thinking? Your hands and feet are SO big - my little sports star in the making. 
You have perfected crawling -- and you stand up on anything and everything. You also are now "cruising" along furniture which makes me think walking is in your near future. AHHHH! You don't need to rush it, my little love!! You love to stand up on your Mama, Dada & Layla the most - you think it's so funny. You are pretty good at waving bye-bye. You love to put your hands up to have someone pick you up - and you LOVE to do "SO BIG!" The coolest trick of all is you have learned the sign for "more" - you are so so smart. Baby sign language is amazing. You can also high five! You are quick. Your favorite things to play with are the remote, shoes (yuck) and the cats. You love to torture Shluffy & Rigby -- it's so cute but they get annoyed. 
You LOVE to play -- your favorite toy BY FAR is a ball - of any kind. You can sit and have a serious catch for a long time - I think your favorite ball is the basketball (Go Heat!) -- but of course you want whatever toy Layla is playing with. You guys get along great but she's starting to realize you want to play too - I mostly let you work it out between the two of you. I can see how much you love Layla and she is always asking about you and watching you. She makes sure you have water, food and toys at all times. The cutest. A few times this week, the two of you sat on the floor and shared yogurt bites - it was so simple but you both understood sharing and always made sure the other was happy. You recently took a slight interest in TV.. but the only show that holds your attention is Jacks's Big Music Show (so opposite of your sister who was TV addicted by 10 months). 
We are on a good sleep streak thanks to re-sleep training earlier this month. You go to bed promptly at 6:30 PM and sleep until roughly 6:30 AM every morning. I don't get you out prior to 6:30 AM and you're good at occupying yourself if you wake up before that. You will sometimes wake once in the middle of the night but if I go in to pat your back, you'll go back to sleep. You are a great napper (except for right now, ha!) -- you nap twice a day  - two hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon. You now sleep with two stuffed animals (Teddy and Brian.)
Talking is slow and steady.. right now you say DADA, CA (Cat), MAMA (rarely), YEH and BALL. You are learning and taking it ALL in. 
FOOOOOD you love it ALL - anything I put in front of you, you'll eat. Your breakfast is always oatmeal mixed with prunes. Your lunch is usually yogurt, cheese and a banana. Lately, dinner is whatever I'm eating! Very cool and fun. You can eat a lot and fast -- plus you love water. You drink around 3-4 zippy cups of water a day. You are still nursing but I'm noticing your starting to self-wean. I hate it but I know the time is nearing when we'll switch to bottles (for a bit) then zippy cups. You have snuck your sister's milk cups and made a funny face when you drink it but hopefully you love milk as much as Layla! 
You have 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on the bottom but I think you have at least one more tooth trying to poke through. I know it hurts and I wish it was a much faster process!!
Today was your last day of music class - it was great to watch you participate the past 10 weeks. I know when we do it again in January, you'll be even more involved. It's fun to watch you shake the instruments and you are so in love with the teacher, Miss Sandy - you snuggle with her all class and she adores you. 
The temperatures are starting to really dip but you don't seem to mind at all - you still love it outside so hopefully we'll get to play outside (once we bundle up!). 

We have lots of fun things coming up it never ends!! Your first Thanksgiving, your first Hanukkah  your first New Years, Your 4th trip to Florida (including your 1st time away from me for 5 days, YOUR FIRST BIRTHDAY and your first trip to DISNEY WORLD!!! So much good stuff -- I can't wait to make millions of memories with you. 

Your 1st birthday party is all booked and set - a music class mustache bash!! I have mostly everything ordered and I'll be working on your invitations soon. We love you, we celebrate you, we want nothing more then for you to be happy, healthy and grow!! You are the perfect baby brother, my sweet boy. 

We love you!!!
mama, dada, Layla

creepy and cute.


Your first halloween - the cutest Mickey Mouse around!

The best we could get of the 3 of us <3 

Feed me woman!

Just hanging out in Layla's doll's stroller. 
Looking outside at the cars.

Little man!

Thumb sucker!

Post bath cuteness.

love you.


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