My little family!

My little family!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 5!

Top 5 things on my mind....

1. I'm tired. I mean.. what mama of two isn't a little sleep deprived? After months of pretending I could get away without (re) sleeping training Mr. B, it was time to start again. It all began leading up to the Outer Banks.. and since then, Benny's sleep has been less then stellar. Some nights are better then others..but it is exhausting. It's my own fault for constantly nursing him at night to avoid the alternative (a crying, non-sleeping babe at 3 AM) -- so last night began the real deal of sleep training. He woke once around 11:15 and it took a little over and hour (and LOTS of tears) before he fell back asleep. We went in every 15 minutes to console him and eventually he gave in. I'm hoping it gets better as the week goes on and I can get in some long stretches of sleep.

2. Jamaica! In less then 2 months... the 4 of us will be en route to South Florida for our longest stay to date... we'll be with our Florida family for 2 1/2 weeks! Pretty amazing!! While we are there, Josh and I are escaping real life and heading back to Jamaica for 5 days. Plans include SLEEPING, eating, swimming, drinking..and sleeping some more. I'm SO excited but of course SO nervous. That trip will be the first time I leave Benny Boy and the 2nd time I'll leave Layla for more then a night. It also means  I will need to end nursing Benny. We will be a bit shy of a year of nursing (same as Layla) -- except this time, I'm SO SO sad to see it end. With Layla, I was ready to have my boobies back (ha!) but with's different. I am not sure why? SO.. while I'm SO SO SO excited for this trip, I'm a bit sad too.

3. TV. I have ONE more episode of Parenthood to go... then I'm all caught up and able to watch live. This show is fantastic. The writing, characters and overall theme of the show is insanely good. I relate to it and I'm really bummed that I can't watch multiple episodes in a row anymore. On a happy note, it's time to move on to a new show... Breaking Bad! I know I'm late to the game but I'm excited to be in the BB family ;)

4. Money. Last week, I decided to write down a list of ALL of our bills and the total (per month) was insanely high. That amount wasn't including FOOD - whaaaaat? Without my salary, we need to seriously re-evaluate our spending and makes sure we're being smart. I never want to get into a debt situation and I always want to have a big savings for an IN CASE situation. As a side note.. we spend about $280 PER MONTH at Dunkin Donuts. That's insane.

5. Layla. Last night, we had my entire family over for dinner (minus Michael, Abbey & Danielle) -- it was so much fun and yummy (Josh & I made slow-cooker meatballs) -- while everyone was here, I watched Layla playing with her cousins and my heart grew. She gets SO SO SO happy and excited playing with the kiddos and it is so incredible -- we've had lots of play dates recently and I'm so happy and proud of the little girl Layla is growing into. I am teaching her to share, to be kind, to love and to be nice. She is going into time-out about 5 times a day but I think she's starting to learn it's important to be nice ;) Love her so much.

...and with that, I'm going to catch up on cleaning and rest a bit. Lots of love, until tomorrow!

Flashback to Layla ... can't wait for Halloween this year!!!

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