My little family!

My little family!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Hi & Happy Friday!!

It's raining, it's yucky and there is an Autumn chill in the air.

While Benny naps and the house remains clean..

It's time to write about my new and very big change.

A little background on my professional life and what has led me here to this extremely difficult and exciting new position.

In May, 2005.. I graduated from The University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) with a degree in communicative disorders (speech pathology). My grand plan was to get my masters and work in a school or private practice.

While sitting on my porch in Orlando the summer after I graduated (my last weeks in Sunny Florida), I got a call from my sister that her Father in Law was hiring for positions working in pharmaceuticals, specifically at Wyeth. I knew very little about the pharmaceutical world but I had taken several science classes and felt it could be a good fit (plus the prospect of any job, let alone one that made a good amount of money was extremely exciting).

I came home (with Josh.. although we later broke up for 10 months..but that's another story for another day, haha) and interviewed. I got the job and thus my "career" began. I worked at Wyeth on a special task force for approximately 6 months before finding out the job would be ending. I quickly starting talking with co-workers and found out Merck Pharmaceuticals was hiring. I applied and landed the job working in data processing. I worked there for approximately 9 months and later found out Johnson & Johnson was hiring. This seemed like a perfect fit so I applied... and I landed the job.

I was a contractor for about 18 months before landing a permanent position. I loved my job. I worked on adverse event reporting and really began to learn my field, attempting to become an expert. I worked with some incredibly smart and talented people who taught me so much.

In September 2009 (about 3 years after landing the job at J&J) I got pregnant. In June 2010, I had my dear Layla Jules.

And it all changed.

I didn't want to leave her. The thought of someone else watching my girl seemed so strange and foreign. I was also breastfeeding and hated the idea of pumping. After a discussion with my manager and HR (as well as Josh), I was able to work part-time. Perfect!!! I spent 2 1/2 days with my girl and 2 1/2 days at work. It was a great fit. I looked forward to my time with Layla and equally looked forward to my time at work. I switched teams, learned a lot new line of products and felt confident and comfortable.

Then..surprise of all surprises -- in May 2012, we found out we were pregnant again.

I marched on and in January 2013, Benjamin Sawyer joined out little family. I went on maternity leave and decided we would extend to 16 weeks (rather then 12 weeks).

In the blink of an eye, the 16 weeks went by. There was NO way I was ready to leave Layla & Benny. Layla began school 3 days a week and I loved my days with Benny. I contacted work and asked for an extension of my maternity leave through summer. I was approved and ecstatic. It was mid-way through summer before I realized I couldn't go back yet... I extended again to October.

And then I looked at Josh and we discussed the possibility of me not returning to work. We had bounced this idea around was (is!) a nerve wracking conversation to have. Could we make it work, financially? Will I be okay, emotionally? How will it all work?

And then we just decided... it was the best fit for us. Let's see how it goes!

So I officially gave my notice and last week I officially cleaned out my desk and returned my computer.

And now..

I am an official stay-at-home Mama.

It sounds weird to say it out loud.

I know how lucky I am. My babies will only be small for so long. They will only rely on my heavily for a short time. I have the rest of my life to work. I have the rest of my days to make money. Josh works SO hard to ensure we are okay. We save a lot of money. We don't go out to eat (as much). We don't shop as much. We are making changes.

It's worth it. The days where I am overwhelmed by dirty diapers and a dirtier living room are worth it.

My new job is hard. MUCH harder then any "paid" job I had prior. It's 24 hours a day. I am the one that is teaching my children (daily) how to learn, how to create, manners, love, listening.. all of it.

It's fun and it's exciting and it's terrifying. But I love it. And I am continuing to learn how to make it all work - how to balance my kids life and make sure I have time for myself. How to organize my days and make sure I'm using my time wisely.

Any SAHM ladies out there...any tips? I love reading and learning what I can do.

So here I new job.

Raising my babies.

How lucky am I?


  1. So amazing! Congrats to you. Enjoy every minute of it. Xo

  2. You're right. They are only little once. There will always be time to work.. but our kids grow up too fast. Enjoy your time home! I know it was the best decision for our family.