My little family!

My little family!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bottle It Up.


(I'm writing this in between episodes of Breaking Bad... do you watch? Holy amazing show. I'm half way through the 2nd season and flying through these episodes in between naps/bedtime)


How is everyone??

It's a lovely, gritty, cool (although a random 70 degree Fall day) and eerie Halloween. This is the first holiday that Layla is truly aware of.. I have to say, it's pretty amazing. I am not sure she fully understands the whole trick-or-treating part, but she loves the idea of yelling HAPPY HALLOWEEN and of course loves the dressing up part. Layla & Benny are Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse this year and if I could, I'd eat them up for dinner while they wear their costumes. So adorable.

I'm starting a new weekly update... titled Bottle It Up. There are so many moments in my life I'd love to bottle up and remember forever -- but with the days flying by and months turning into years, I need to remember the small moments. The every days.

Sometimes this stay-at-home mom gig is tough... I sit on the verge of tears because it's hard. Way harder then any job I've ever had. And it's literally 24 hours. There's no break. Nap time usually means my first chance to sit in quiet - but I'm always cleaning or doing laundry or balancing the checkbook.

But it's perfect, too. There are these small moments in the middle of the day where Benny climbs me like a tree and buries his head in my neck and I smile because if I were at work? I'd miss it. I miss those small, teeny moments.

A few "bottle it up" moments from this week.

1. The other day, while getting ready for school... I asked Layla to put her boots on. Her response?
"Mama... 5 more minutes!"
I almost peed my pants.
Sassy little two year old ;)

2. Benny is getting really, really good at having a catch. His favorite toy by FAR is a ball - any, name it. He will have a catch for a long time and is getting good at throwing & catching. Layla is also pretty amazing but at 9 months, Benny blows me away.

3. Bedtime is a science in our house (that's a post for another day)...and lately, after I get Benny to bed.. Layla asks me (over & over)...
"Mama, wanna read me Lorax?"
It's in the sweetest little voice. And I love it so much. 
Then Josh carries her into bed.. it's just a lovely minute.

4. Layla's obsession with her cousins. I mean.. it's a serious, sweet, adorable addiction to her cousins - specifically Abbey. If she sees Abbey, all bets are off....
Over & Over & Over.

5. Every Monday, my Dad, Benny & I go to lunch. It used to be Layla - now that she's in school, Benny has taken over her spot. When he first started sitting in the high chair at restaurants, he was fairly miserable. Now that he eats real food, he's (usually) a breeze to go out to eat with. This past Monday was one of his finest afternoons ... he stuffed his face with eggs, hash browns, pickles, puffs... anything I put in front of him, he ate. He looked all around at the busy restaurant, people watched and was a perfect gem.
I love my sweet boy.

OF COURSE there were 5867699 million more moments and I can't remember any of them... my goal is to write them down as they happen.

Benny's up. Byebye!!!

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