My little family!

My little family!

Friday, October 4, 2013

30. 30. 30.

And here I am..
Once again, regretting my lack of blogging skills.
Now that I'm an OFFICIAL stay-at-home mama (more on that later...), I hope to greatly increase my blogging skills and write daily!!!

SO much is happening around here. Exciting, fun, new, different.

It's fall - and yet we are running around in dresses and shorts. (Hi, global warming).
Still, we are fully embracing the outdoors and have been to the zoo, playground and assorted other outside goodness. We are going to Sesame Place, pumpkin picking and apple picking soon.

Layla's rocking her first month at school - she's insanely smart and an update will be posted shortly on my little lady.

But let me do a quick recap of my 30th....

After much discussion, we had a small, intimate party at a local billiard shop (owned by my brother's friend).

The truth?

It was a small.
A lot of people couldn't come/cancelled.
And I was sad about it.

And then my best friend (since birth), Melanie, pulled me aside and said that the people that love me most are here to celebrate. And she put together the most beautiful table of food (along with my mama and sister and Josh) and decorated the room ..

And then Josh. My dear, sweet husband...hired a Pink Floyd cover band and they did 2 hours of INCREDIBLE music. I'm not kidding. And the group of us had a private concert. I mean, literally..a private concert with a light show and all.

It was the best way I could have imagined ringing in this decade.

Surrounded by my best friends and family. Dancing. Eating. And getting really buzzed off of 3 beers thanks to a pause in drinking (pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, breastfeeding will do that to you).

I'm so lucky.

A small glimpse in pictures....

My boy & I before bedtime...the last night of my 20's ;) Josh & I had a yummy Mexican date night while my dear friend, Jaime, babysat!

The morning of my 30th! Love them.

The cutest gift - my sister got all of us matching PJs!!

My CAKE! A giant 30 from Heshs.. the 0 is currently in my freezer and I stare at it daily.

My girly and I -- she came to the first 2 hours of the party ;)

My main squeeze.

My sister, mama & I. 

My sissy.

Happy birthdayyyy TO ME!

Best friends since birth!

Jaime & I <3 

The band "Think Pink Floyd"

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