My little family!

My little family!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The good & the bad....

Hi everyone & happy Friday!!!

I can't believe it's September. The temperature is beginning to dip down (ever so slightly...) and Layla has now finished her first full week of school!

It feels good to be back into a routine. I love summer - the warm air, the outside activity, the lazy days... but it's nice to have a bit of a schedule!!

Last weekend, Benny & I took a quick trip down to Florida for my dear friend Nicole's wedding to her fabulous new hubby, Chris. I was nervous to fly alone but we rocked it - Benny cried a bunch both flights (thanks to a pre-existing ear infection, I think) but while we were there he was perfect and we had so much fun. He's a trooper and his family loved to kiss him all over. Tomorrow he will be the big 8 months so I'll be writing his post then!!

I rarely use this blog to discuss anything but my kiddies but I needed to take this platform to discuss TWO businesses. One I can't stop raving about and one I can't stop ranting about.

Let's start with the bad....


Familiar with them? Well -- if so, don't use them again.

They are a company that allows you to park your car (instead of using long term parking at the Philadelphia airport). We have used them 5-6 times A YEAR since approximately 2005. We have recommended them countless times. Despite minor issues here and there, we never had a complaint and loved the idea of them. You get there 20 minutes before your flight and they drive you (in your car) to the airport and pick you up (in your car) from the airport. Simple, easy, perfect.

Until this past weekend.

Long story short...

Benny & I checked in with Winner Parking on Friday, September 6th 2013. I always noticed they did oil changes (and other car work) as well as detailing. My mini-van was a royal mess so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try out detailing. The man that checked me in simply asked what type of detailing I would like and sent me on my way. Easy. However - he never mentioned any policy regarding car seats.

After arriving back in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 8th 2013 at around 11:00 PM (by myself with an exhausted, crying 7 month old) I called Winner Parking and they arrived at the airport with my car around 25 minutes later. Ready to get home, I opened my mini-van to discover my car seats were NOT in my car. I asked the driver that arrived with my car where my car seats were and he pointed to my trunk. UM.. what? So here I am, with a crying baby in a busy airport at 11:00 PM lost and confused. How am I supposed to get home? Why did they remove my car seats? How do I reinstall my seats?? I called Josh in hysterics.

(Side note.. for those who don't have children. Car seats are the WORST. They are impossible to install and take a long time. Josh is in charge of this and sometimes it takes well over an hour to install one seat).

(Another side note - my oil change indicator light was also still on so I questioned if they ever actually did the oil change -- I later had to speak to Nissan who does the oil changes and they told me it was completed and they forgot to shut off the indicator. Annoying).

Back to the scene... I have to put Benny in the middle of minivan while he is screaming and somehow manage to install Layla's car seat forward facing (Benny is still rear facing) and get us home safe. It was a scary 1 hour drive home and I prayed we'd make it safe -- thank God we did.

This was a huge problem. Josh called Winner Parking that night and was treated EXTREMELY poorly. He was told to call back to speak to a manager the next day.

The next day, I called and spoke to someone, then a manager, and finally the owner of the company. With each frustrating phone call, I was told that I "assumed the car seats wouldn't be removed and it was their policy to remove them and NOT reinstall them". I was told "we are sorry but it's not our fault." I was constantly met with a huge defensive attitude and quite frankly RUDE tone from every person. Despite a steep bill of $240.00, I was never once told I would receive any compensation OR even an "I'm sorry this happened to you and we take responsibility." Instead I was constantly met with a rebuttal. I told the owner after countless attempts at explaining how awful this was that I would never use them again. He told me if this incident causes us not to use them then we are "not their type of customer." I explained that I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars with them. He then told me "money isn't everything." Well..guess what buddy. Money is a lot. And it's what keeps you in business. And I will NEVER use you again and continue to speak to anyone that will listen about how poorly we were treated. You are rude. Ignorant. And as a father of three, I don't understand how you wouldn't treat me with more respect. You told me if your wife was in the same situation, she wouldn't know how to install the seat either -- yet you felt compelled to tell me you'd blame your wife for not telling anyone to not remove the car seats. Seriously man? Get a clue. I was a loyal customer and now I'm gone. I hope my small review of your small business teaches you a lesson in customer service.


Let's end with the good....

RENT THE RUNWAY (Here is the site!)

For Nicole & Chris' wedding, I decided to try out Rent the Runway. I am still not in my size 6 (pre-Benny size) so I determined that this would be a great idea. Why buy a dress that will (hopefully) be too big in the near future? So I stumbled upon this site. I browsed through the countless dresses and found a gorgeous Badgley and Mischka number (Here it is!) and knew it was the one. The dress came beautifully wrapped with complimentary hangers and garment bags. After finding a coupon online, the entire dress cost me $99 including shipping (this dress sells for $850) -- I picked two sizes and ended up wearing the smaller of the two.

Other then some (minor) fit issues up top, it was beautiful. I received many compliments and couldn't have felt better in it. What a fun, exciting idea!! I love how they send you two sizes -- I love how easy they make it. They included a pre-paid UPS package to mail the dresses back in. Early Monday morning, Josh's mom took it to a local UPS store for me and I was done!! No dry cleaning needed, no worries. Just a simple, easy way to get a fun dress for any event.

If the dress didn't fit, you have 24 hours to return it and get credit to use at RTR anytime.

We have another wedding in December for our dear friends Ross & Jaime and I cannot wait to order again!! Maybe this one?

SO..there ya go. I was not compensated from either company - these are my honest opinions!

A HUGE rant and a BIGGER rave!!!!!

Happy Friday the 13th - lots of love until tomorrow! ;)

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