My little family!

My little family!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Benjamin is 8 months!!!

So I shouldn't eat the sticker...?


All over the place nowadays.

Ready for a haircut!! Dada won't let me ;)

MA, are we done?

Hi. Nice to meet you.

I'm going to get you!

My baby boy.

8 month stats:
Weight: Roughly 24 pounds from your last doctor's appointment (2 weeks ago).
Height: TALL! Off the charts - my big boy!
Eating: Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours. Two meals a day. Going towards three.
Clothes: 12 month. 18 month. And I recently purchased him some new clothes from GAP - Size 18-24 month. Wowza!
Diaper: Size 5 baby!!

My sweets...
8 months old today. I think this past month has brought on the biggest change in you. You are suddenly a toddler-to-be. You learned how to crawl last week and it's been full steam ahead! You can now crawl to anything/anyone you want and quick. You love to explore and figure out how things work. You bang toys together just to hear the sound. You dump things out to watch them fall. You are so curious about everything around you. You see me and move your little body to get to me and then crawl right into my lap. You are very into Mama nowadays and I am loving it (even when I complain that I need to get things done). You cry when I leave the room and often just want to be held. You play so nice by yourself and with Layla but if you're sleepy or bored, you want me and FAST. You have perfected the feel-bad-for-me-i'm-crying-hard cry. My little drama-king ;)
With all the movement, I'm slowly watching your chubby arms and legs fade. I hate this!!! I know it's only days before your rolls will all but disappear. I kiss your chubby cheeks and don't want this sweet time to end. I love this stage!! 
Your favorite toys are shakers and blocks. You like things that make noise. You (of course) love any technology you can get your hands on. You will still sit in mission control and the jumperoo from time to time but your favorite place to be is on the ground surrounded by toys. You love music and are JUST starting to notice the TV. You seem to love sports (this makes your Daddy very  happy) and the show Jacks Big Music Show. 
We had a crazy month with our week long trip to North Carolina and our whirlwind trip to Florida last weekend (accompanied by your first ear infection) so your sleeping through the night came to a slight halt. You are slowly getting back to normal, generally sleeping 6:30 PM - 7:00 AM, sometimes waking once to eat. You are an AMAZING napper... you nap once in the morning and once in the afternoon for about 2 hours each time. It's fantastic. You nap two hours after you wake up in the morning and 2 hours after your wake up from your morning nap. You sometimes fall asleep in the car but sleep best in your crib. It's so great and allows me to get a lot done! 
You are a very good eater and recently were introduced to puffs - Yum! You're very good at feeding yourself and picked it up the first try around. Very smart cookie!! You have oatmeal mixed with prunes for breakfast everyday (finally helping with your belly problems!) and a fruit or veggie for dinner. Today you also had lunch (sweet potatoes) so I'm hopeful you sleep well tonight! You still love to nurse and I love it too. I'll be so sad to end this special time. 

After weeks upon weeks of teething (and miserable nights) you are the proud owner of THREE new teeth!! All on the top! That brings your total teeth count to FIVE!! So cute and sweet. You are still teething but I'm hoping we are on a little break from all the teething nonsense!!

We started music class on Monday and this was the first time you "participated" - we switched to Thursday mornings so Layla can join us. It's a lot of fun and I'm excited to share it with you!! It's a great way to learn and explore music!!! You love when Miss Sandy plays guitar! You liked when Layla ran around with the "big kids" and danced - soon enough you'll be joining them. 

In 4 short months, you'll turn one year old. How can this be?? Where is my squishy newborn? I booked your party (it will be a music class party!) and ordered your cake. Your mustache bash will be fabulously fun and we will spoil you the way you deserve!!

We have so many fun things coming up for Fall... apple picking, your first Halloween, playing outside, painting pumpkins and more. I can't wait to share it with you!! We have Florida in December and Disney World in January. So much fun and so exciting. 

I love watching you play with Layla and I love your big eyes and I love how verbal you've become (Dadada, Mamama, Lalalala, Babababa). I love it all and I love you to the moon, my sweet boy. 


Fun at music class!



Let's go Dolphins!

At the doctor's office, happy as can be...we later found out he had an ear infection!


Ready to fly!

Snuggles with his Great-Grandmother! (GG)

He was doing this for a good hour the first night we were in Florida.. poor little thing. haha.

Playing with Grandma!

Breakfast with Aunt Sydney!

Typical morning on the weekend with Dada.

My man.

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  1. He's adorable! Riley is 8.5 months!! When was Benjamin born? Started a new blog, come follow!