My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Happy Hump Day!!!

Right now, Benny is napping while Layla & I play/watch Little Mermaid.

Camp is officially over (as of Friday). Layla had a GREAT summer and enjoyed every day she was at camp!!

Now there are 3 weeks in between camp & school. So we are just going with the flow!!

Grandma left last night after a nice long weekend visiting.. we had a lot of fun and the kiddies LOVE when Grandma visits!!!

Yesterday was Benny's 6 month appt (even though he turned 7 months a week ago) -- he did great despite lots of shots. He now weighs a solid 24 pounds and is 28 3/4 inches long. Wowza!! I have to say I'm surprised it wasn't more - I think his weight gain has officially slowed. He was a bit of a crying mess overnight (which equaled two over night feedings...this hasn't happened in weeks) but once he had Tylenol around 2:00 AM, he was much better. He's been off again the past few days.. I hate these poop issues (constipation) he faces and I think his little belly really hurts.


I am excited for....THE OUTER BANKS!!!!  We are days away from our first (of hopefully many, many, many) annual trips to North Carolina for some fun, sun and relaxation (impossible with 10 kids under 7 you say? I agree, ha!). I'm just excited for Layla. She will be in cousin heaven for one week.

I am Honest company diapers, wipes, soap and hand sanitizer. I think the diapers are great and the designs are adorable. The wipes are thick and nice. The hand sanitizer is good and the soap smells yummy. Overall, I will be placing an order again but I'm not convinced I'll switch over completely from Target brand (my favorite diapers). I still love Pampers but at HALF the price, Target is the winner, winner chicken dinner.

I am experiencing...Mirena! I had the IUD placed on Monday. Not going to lie- IT HURT. And since then, slight breakouts, slight headaches, cramping and some spotting (sorry, boys). BUT.. I'm excited. Five years of 99% success of birth control without having to pop a pill every day. Josh & I hope to have a 3rd baby one day but we're not there yet. This is giving me a huge piece of mind - bonus, my insurance covered it.

I am watching...RAY DONOVAN. Hello, new obsession.  It's a new series on Showtime and I highly recommend it!! Liev Schreiber may be the hottest man alive.

I am proud ongoing obsession with the gym. I get there about 4 days a week and I really love it. Not every work out is amazing but I'm averaging 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill) along with some other machines/weights. I am 3 pounds away from Pre-Benny weight and 12 pounds away from Pre-Layla weight and 20 pounds away from college weight. Goal # 1 is 3 pounds away.. slowly but surely!

I am in shock.. that I am a LOUIS VUITTON OWNER!!! On Saturday, while playing at King of Prussia Mall, Josh informed me it was time to pick out my BAG. With the help of Josh, my mother in law (and Layla & Benny), I went with the Totally MM and I am really excited and, shock. It's sitting in the box, in the bag, waiting to be used. I am forever in awe of Josh for working so hard and spoiling me so much. I promise to take care of my bag, babe.

I am equal parts happy/ 30th birthday. One month from today. ONE MONTH. My 20s are literally on their last leg and I will enter this next decade with smile, gratitude and a positive energy.

I am planning....our next big events. Traveling (Ft Lauderdale, Orlando (DISNEY WORLD!), Jamaica (AHHHHH) and Benny's 1st birthday (cake and location set!). We are so lucky and blessed.

I am dreaming next massage and facial. I had them today thanks to a Groupon and I'm excited to visit Eden Organics in Doylestown again. It was fantastic!!

SO much more to write but with double nap time coming to an end... I'll bid you farewell. Happy Hump Day, ya'll!

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