My little family!

My little family!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Benny is SEVEN months!!!

7 month stats:
Weight: If I had to guess, roughly 25 pounds?!
Height: He is LONG. Way long. I don't know but if think around 30 inches??
Eating: Breastfeeding every 2-3 hours and two jars of fruit/veggies for dinner. Starting to add lunch in!
Clothes: 12 months. I am buying you 18 months for fall. My big boy!
Diaper: Size 5 - like your sister! ;)

My Benny Boy....

7 months. 7 Months of love, laughter, smiles, kisses.  
You are so sweet. You are so special. You, my little man, are exploring and learning and growing day by day. I'm in awe of you. Lately, you've been teething BAD and it makes me so sad. Your usual happy demeanor is being clouded by tears and crying (about half the time). It's so sad. I wish I could take the pain away. You are also just starting to have separation anxiety -- this is heartbreaking because I can't always be with you and I think that's what you want. Your favorite people are Mama, Dada & Layla..not shocking! 

You sit completely unassisted (with the casual tumble here or there) -- you don't crawl yet but you can make your way around a blanket or your crib. You scoot and stretch to get toys around you. You are FAST -- if I have you on my lap and a plate of food is within reach, watch you - you immediately grab it! You put everything in your mouth and suck your thumb constantly. Your big eyes are so intense - you stare (and rarely blink, haha) and I know you are drinking in every sight and sound. 

You are a sleeping machine... we are on a great streak right now. You go to bed roughly 6:30/7:00 PM and wake up around 8:30 AM every morning. It's crazy! Some times I need to wake you to take Layla to school and I feel so bad -- you love when Layla & I wake you up though - you smile SO big as she smothers you in kisses. You nap twice a day - best in your crib and for about 2 hours each time. We've got a good thing going with your sleep and it's clear you LOVE the crib. Every once in a while, we need to pat your tussy in the middle of the night to put you back to sleep and once this week I had to nurse you around 4 AM - not too shabby!!

You are doing great with foods -- you love all the veggies & fruits I give you!! We had major issues with constipation/hard poops but you're getting better with that, luckily!!! You also LOVE drinking water out of the sippy cup. It's so sweet and funny.  You are eating all organic foods but I have yet to make you batches of your own food but I will!  The one food you don't seem to love is bananas! Go figure...?! 

You have two teeth on the bottom and I suspect more will be popping through soon!! My poor teething monster :( It's making going out to eat hard because you just want to be held. My poor sweet boy. 

You love the bath - this month you are now sitting up in the blow-up tub and you do great!! You don't love when I wash your hair out (just like Layla) but otherwise love to splash!! I give you a Mohawk after the bath when you're hair is still wet and it's so cute. It's your look ;)

You go everywhere with us and really love the stroller. Minus the past few days of fussiness, you're so happy and easy going - love the car! You're officially in a "big boy" car seat and it's great. I can't wait until you're forward facing - a few more months. You still fall asleep a lot in the car - I don't know how with all the noise of your big sister!! 

Your laugh is THE BEST SOUND. I constantly tickle you just to hear it - it's deep and contagious and so sweet. 

We are going on a big family vacation to the outer banks in a couple of weeks - all of your cousins, aunts and uncles plus Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. You'll love it as your cousins simply adore you!!!! After we get back from that, you & I are going back to Florida for a quick weekend -- it'll be nice to spend time just you & I!

Layla goes to camp/school Monday, Wednesdays & Thursdays so we get to spend time together. We go to the gym and you happily play in the kids zone. They always say how you're the best behaved and constantly smile. This is great because it allows Mama to get a quick workout in every other day!!

You are so handsome, so big, so gorgeous.. so special and so happy!!! We love you so much - 7 months already and I can't wait to see you grow!! We are your biggest fans. Layla is so in love with her baby brother - she tells everyone your name is "Benny Boy" -- the cutest!!!

I'm already starting to plan your 1st birthday party. Ideas are swirling!! January will be here before we know it!! As a special treat, you'll be going to Disney World 2 weeks after your birthday.. that's right!! Mickey here we come!!

We love you so much!!!
Mama, Dada & Layla

The kid LOVES food!

A casual date with Layla (our gorgeous neighbor)
Sleeping with his booty in the air!
Typical Shabbat at the Kushners!
1st time in a high chair at Ale House with Mom-Mom!
Always together, always holding hands <3
Causing trouble ;)
One of the big kids! Hanging out with Marley, Layla & Ava!
On a date with Olivia!
A smooch from Aunt Leah!
Costco shopping!
haha I love his rolls!
Nursing shot <3 
Playing on the pool table!
Hanging out with MJ & Andrew!!
Talking to Mom-Mom Millie!!

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